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Dr. Matthew Lyon offers Chiropractic Treatment and a new paradigm of natural and holistic mind-body integrating technologies. *clear away the damage of stress (physical, emotional, and nutritional) *create new healthy patterns of living, moving, thinking, and eating *heal destructive tendencies of emotional and mental stress Very gentle with no cracking or popping. 

Network Spinal AnalysisSomato Respiratory Integration

Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is a leading edge and evidence BodyMind technology that changes lives and catalyzes healing, transformation, and hope. It is a dynamic system of healing that has been proven to help the human nervous system work at its optimal, so that you can heal, transform, and thrive. NSA is a gift: It is a tool to heal pain, transform stress and chronic illness, get energy, develop mindfulness, find flow, and build resilience for life. It is a gentle “inside-out” method that simply unleashes the healing life-force within you through the spine. For real and personal stories of healing with Dr. Matt, look at our testimonials.

Network Spinal Analysis

Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI)

Somato Respiratory Integration™ (SRI) is a system that facilitates the experience of greater wholeness, connection and self-awareness within the vessel of the body.

Somato Respiratory Integration

Dr. Matthew Lyon

Our Vision is to create a happier, healthier, more connected, and more evolved humanity through the delivery of a personalized vitalistic wellness care.

About Our Practice

Dr. Matthew Lyon offers Chiropractic Treatment and a new paradigm of natural and holistic mind-body integrating technologies.

Network Spinal Analysis

“Wellness is that state in which you are relatively invincible, nothing can ruin your day, you feel alive, vital and confident, and experience a high state of well-being.” -Dr. Donny Epstein

Somato Respiratory Integration

Imagine a “quantum” tool kit of simple, easy to practice exercises that helped you heal pain, transform stress, get “in the zone”, feel great, and have more energy than you thought possible!

Life Coach

We merge the best of applied ancient spiritual teachings, modern neuroscience, old school philosophy, personal development, strategic intervention, and sound leadership cultivation to help you flourish and rock out a masterpiece life.


Our Blog

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Miracle at Chipotle, Or, You Get What you Expect

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The Posture of Happiness

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3:59:59, 11:59 with 1 Second Left, and Telescopes

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A better year? Better you. Better world? Better you.

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REACH, or, Swimming Zen

REACH, or, Swimming Zen   Reach. Let go. Reach, pull, push, release. Reach, catch, feel, flow.   Let go.   Repeat.   Reach. Release, Repeat. Press, Push, Surrender Give in. Be pulled. Be carried.   Reach. Relax. Press. Push. Let Go. Flow.... read more


Dr. Matt changed my life. I had back pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I can’t explain what he did, but it was miraculous and magical. I am pain free now and majoring in dance in college. My dreams are coming true because of his help.

Jazzlyn M.

Wilmington, NC

Came in for Neck Pain – and Found a More Flexible Body + Mind + Spirit! Network Wellness Charlotte has changed my life. I am more flexible in body and spirit. Network Wellness focuses on the whole person not just the spine. I am grateful Network Wellness established their practice in Charlotte. What a gift.


Charlotte NC

I have no words for how exercise feels after an entrainment! I just biked 9 miles and barely broke a sweat. My muscles feel stronger, my lungs work better, and overall that makes me feel more joyful! I love network care!!!!

Angela M.

Charlotte NC

Anyone wishing to take their life to the next level may well consider exploring NSA work with Dr. Lyon. He is guided moment by moment to what each individual needs and proceeds in a professional, caring manner. The warm, friendly atmosphere, the meaningful artistic environment, and the carefully chosen music contribute to the healing climate of Dr. Lyon’s work, as well as his sincere intention for the healing of our world. Thank you, Dr. Lyon!

Virginia Gross

Roscoe, IL

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