Hey Charlotte tribe: This is a great adaptation of my Friend Brian Johnson’s 10 Keys of Optimal Living. I have adapted them from my perspective. For more info on Brian Johnson, go http://www.OptimalLiving101.com. He is incredible and his Philosophers Notes are amazing. Highly recommended.

The 10 Principles of Optimal Living

1. Optimism. If we can’t tame that crazy, drunk monkey in our mind and shape the contents of our consciousness, nothing else matters. Period. This requires daily practices that *cultivate* optimism. And do you know what? Your human nervous system is the regulator of that. If its carrying a sack of undigested stress from 1976, try as you might optimism will feel elusive. Clean your life up, clean your body up. Clean your spine up. It makes it so much easier 🙂

2. Purpose. What inspires you? What’s your dharma? Your purpose? Your highest calling? Living an authentically awesome life requires creating an empowering vision and keeping your eye on your Highest Goal without losing yourself on a manic Holy Grail chase. What happens in Network Care is that you get to literally discover, develop, and awaken the most optimized version of yourself. What this really means is that when you find your purpose, its coming from your depth and authenticity. Not what you think it is supposed to be. Not what your culture tells is to be. But what your heart tells you is true. When you do this, you’ll find stores of energy and passion you never thought possible. That is wellness.

3. Self-Awareness. From the Oracle of Delphi and the Buddha to modern science, it’s clear: We’ve gotta know ourselves. How well do you know thyself? Do we have tools that scientifically cultivate presence of mind? Our work at NSA literally changes the architecture of the brain. Your Self-awareness allows you to completely upgrade your brain. To create new neural networks of growth, possibility, compassion, health, vitality, vigor, and joy.

4. Goals. Whether it’s meditating first thing tomorrow morning or starting your business (or family or painting or…), we’ve gotta have goals that inspire us. And what is so cool as that as NSA care progresses you get body mind tools that can help you more in 5 minutes to step up to your goals than an entire weekend seminar on goals. We can all make goals….its the actions to follow that are the tipping point. And this takes energy, focus, courage, and a connection to yourself. Stages 3, 4, 5, 6 of the 12 stages model are like jet fuel for your goals.

5. Action. All that’s nice, but we’ve gotta follow Guru Nike’s advice and *Just Do It!* Are you just doing it or just talking about it? And when we keep dropping our standards, do we have efficient tools to find out what is blocking us? Yes, we do. That is what our work at NWCC is all about.

6. Energy. We’re gonna have a hard time reaching our potential if we have a hard time getting out of bed or getting out of debt. Are you honoring the simple fundamentals of nutrition/exercise/rejuvenation/ money? The 5 energetic intelligences, the triad of change, entrainments, and somato respiratory integration bump your energy BIG TIME. Then we add the use of superfoods to charge you with pure life energy.

7. Wisdom. Wisdom is all about approaching life as our classroom and looking at every moment as another opportunity to live our ideals. Wisdom is practice. Practice. Practice.

8. Courage. The word comes from the Latin word for “heart.” It’s the virtue that pumps blood to all the other virtues. Without it, none of this other stuff matters. How’s your courage pumping?

9. Love. Love, love, love. How’re your relationships? Are you studying love like you’d study a sport or a musical instrument or a language you want to master?

10. en*theos. God/Spirit/The Universe. Whatever you call the Force that beats our hearts and keeps the planets in line, it’s the center and circumference of everything. Connecting to it is a good idea. You plugged in? This is what Awaken care is all about in the advanced versions of our work at NWCC. It is a perfect adjunct to your existing prayer/meditation practices. Whether traditional religion, meditation, yoga, or anything else, Network was shown in a study to increase peoples sense of a “connection to spirit.” When we evolve the brain, we evolve our capacity for greater and greater depth in our spiritual path.

Dr. Matt Lyon, DC Charlotte NC Chiropractor

*Love and respect to my brother Brian Johnson for laying the foundation of this post.

Dr. Matt Lyon is a practitioner of Network Spinal Analysis, A Wellness Coach, and a consultant to over 20 companies.

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