When I was a boy about 12 years old, my back hurt. I distinctly remember a whisper inside telling me to go see a chiropractor. Given that my father was a well-known Neuroscientist and Medical School Professor, I was certainly not exposed to natural healing or anything outside of the relative world of scientific materialism. There wasn’t a rational reason why that thought would have occurred. To me, it was that Innate Intelligence that we all share, that beautiful spark of Life shining through your eyes, speaking through the educated mind. In my case, Innate has often had to speak and work in spite of my educated mind.

I grew up reading my dad’s anatomy books and watching him write neuroanatomy textbooks. I’ll never forget When my father was teaching neurology at the Medical College at Northwestern University in Chicago. He came home with a tupperware cannister filled with a human brain. I was in kindergarten at the time. We dissected that brain, part by part, as he explained to me the marvels of the human nervous system. I also distinctly remember having to memorize all of the lobes of the brain that very day. A small fire had been lit – a deep connection to this thing called a nervous system. As a boy I also loved nature – its wisdom and perfection lured me. Its fantastic form pointed to an ineffable experience of the Formless. And a marriage between form and formless was brewing in my small boyish heart.

As I sat in that chiropractors office as a boy, I was deeply touched by the magic of it all. No shots, no needles, no medicines save the love emanating from that doctor of chiropractic and the power of Life coursing through every fiber of my being. There was no expansive and confusing jargon, no sexy pharmaceutical rep, and no grumpy and underpaid medical assistant. There was, however, a palpable field of healing. There was a fire, a crackle of connection to the natural rhythms of life. There was the unspoken ancient wisdom that Nature heals, that the Force that created the body, would heal the body, and that we were all part of this Field. Get this – The very intelligence that pulsated forth from the Big Bang was coursing through the very structure my dad had taught me about. This field was, and is, so immense, its actually hard to write about it. Its hard to talk about. It is the very Something staring out through my eyes and guiding my tapping fingers on this keyboard. It is the Essence of Life.

In that office, no kids were being drugged because they were different. They were not being put on mental Novacaine because they could not sit still, or probably because their parents were incapable of sitting with their own feelings. No endless antibiotics just because it was the thing to do. No vaccines just because junk science says so. Just Life. Served up over easy with a cup of bliss on the side.

This brain, this very spine of mine, this wild and fantastic nervous system was the conduit of Life, of Consciousness Itself, and I got to watch the dance in action. I got to dance the dance. I AM the dance. AND I knew at that moment my life was meant to dance this dance and to teach others the steps. That is why I am here. This is what I do. This is who I am. This is the eternal Mandala of my being.

There was an unwritten contract in that office that stated, “Your body is a powerful path to awakening. Listen to her. Take care of her. She will take you Home. You have everything you need.” The magic was happening through a pair of hands and a loving heart. My love for the human nervous system took a quantum leap that day and I knew without a doubt I had found my dharmic path on this planet.

In a deepest sense, in the most profound way, all of the True chiropractors I have had the great honor to work with have simply opened and prepared this vessel of the body for its fullest experience of Life, God, and the Kosmos. And in this magical instant is the most profound healing you could imagine. In in this moment of genesis, dis-ease is erased and Life proliferates. A lifetime of anchors rooted in stress, pain, and reactivity are severed and the magic of the Eternal now can shine through this beautiful nervous system. Woah, this beats pushing Ely Lily’s latest drug.

I am blessed. I truly believe that when we peel away the veil of events and circumstances, a clear and interconnected Divine Plan can be seen. The mystery of incarnation is not so difficult to see if “we have eyes to see and ears to hear.” I got the first glimpse of my unveiled Reality in that chiropractors office. Thanks, doc. Thank you, back pain.

When I was at that office, he had a plaque on his wall. On this plaque were the words of BJ Palmer – the son of the founder of Chiropratic DD Palmer. Its words resonate such timeless Truth. They completely blew me away when i was 12 years old reading them, and they blow me away right now as I post them here. I share them with great gratitude that I get to share in the great lineage of healers and wizards who are changing the world, one spine at a time.

Keep the fires burning. Burn ’em bright. And people will come from miles away to see you burn and to be lit. Like a sweeping pandemic, let wellness ring from on high.

“I am a Chiropractor working with the sciences of the universe by turning on the life in man thru the art of adjustment.

I do not prescribe, treat or diagnose conditions. I use only my hands. I work with that ‘mysterious something’ which created my body from two cells. At a time prescribed aeons ago I was set in this body to experience. That cosmic power which created me, which also moves the seas, rotates the earth, directs the heavens, gives life, takes it away, is everything. And that power which set the universe in motion and created me did not abandon me when I became free of security of my earthly mothers’ womb. It is still with me and protects me as it moves all forms toward their final predestined goal; It is not mine to educatedly ask ‘why’ or ‘where’, but to innately live; and live to help my fellow creatures.

And with this Chiropractic adjustment I use all the power and energies moving this universe, to allow my fellow creatures the chance to live, free of disease. I wish nothing in return, only the chance to GIVE. I give with the only thing I have, LOVE. And I love all by removing that which interferes with 100% LIFE. I do not look to others for direction, I look within. I am a perfect expression of God living 24 hours each day for others – I am a PRINCIPLED CHIROPRACTOR.

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