Let me say before I get too far into this that I don’t really like the idea of supplementation. Think about the word – “supplement”. Ideally, we would not have to “supplement” anything because everything we need would come from food. And yet, for 90% of people, this is not gonna happen – no way, no how.

There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal that summarized a scientific journal article that came out – its title said it all: “The Case against Vitamins.” This upset a lot of people. Including me. Because we all had a story that was challenged. That story was that vitamins MUST be good for you. Heck, they are vitamins, right? Kinda. Its not so simple. Or, its actually really simple and we missed it all along. And just like big Pharma, big nutrition companies and different health care providers had a vested interested in making you believe you needed loads of supplements to be healthy and turn back the aging clock. Its not true. At all.

So, what is the scoop. Well, I can only share my perspective, yet this perspective is pretty darn logical if I do say so myself.

First, in that polemic article that got everyone up in arms about how big bad medical doctors were trying to squash alternative medicine (which was not true at all), basically said that if you really look at the years of data on supplement use, you don’t necessarily live longer. IN other words, high dose vitamins don’t lower mortality (death) or morbidity (getting sick). Ouch!

Here is the rub, this “meta-analysis” looked at studies of synthetic, massive dose vitamins.

Here is a link to a copy of the article: http://www.essentialdayspa.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=11449 (BTW, I have no idea where this place is, but its a reprint of the article. I have zero relationship to them nor do I care or support what any of the blog posts below the article share).

But wait, we are not getting the best form our food either – soil is depleted yielding lower vitamin and mineral yields in veggies + fruits, many foods are loaded with pesticides and chemicals and factory farming creates, literally, sick meats (not to mention one of the most offensive carbon footprints you can imagine).
And yet, studies show that changing diet DOES have a direct effect on helping us live longer, healthier, happier, and with less disease.

Hippocrates wrote – Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. He had it. And you know what, when people ask me which “diet” or nutrition approach works best I usually say, “YES!”. I won’t get into my basic nutritional philosophy a-la what to eat here, but I will say in general I love the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time you eat consciously – fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole grains – clean food that grew from planet earth and has not really been processed at all. Eat lots of colors and try to balance the macronutrients – protein, fat, and carbs. Its actually really simple. The back and forth debate between the vegans, the lacto-vegetarians, the Paleo camp, and others gets old because they all have partial truths. I espouse an integral approach which takes the best from every nutritional tradition while dropping the bunk. For more on this, come to one of my nutrition workshops.

So, lets get back to supplements. I do think most of us are completely devoid of a healthy diet, even when we try really well. So, we gotta add some things in to pick up the slack. I do not recommend “supplements per se”.

I’ll cut to the chase here in a moment, but suffice it to say, I supplement with “foods”. Huh? Stay with me –

1. SuperFoods. These are nature’s super foods that are literally chok full-o-nutrients in just the right ratios with all the right co-factors and enzymes (In other words, your body has no idea what to mega dose of synthetic Vitamin C or Vitamin B and thus it turns into expensive urine). Said another way, eat the foods Nature has given us which are loaded with all ofthe core nutrients we need AND that tend to be slim in foods.

Here are my favorite Super foods:

1. Cacao
2. Gojii Berries
3. Blue Green Algae
4. Raw Biofermented Rice Protein
5. Chlorella
6. Hemp Seeds (THC Free)
7. Raw Greens
8. Medicinal Mushrooms (e.g. Reishi mushrooms).
9. Green Tea – the good stuff 🙂 (no Lipton here).

Here are my favorite Herbal Remedies to supercharge the body

1. Ashwaganda – a super charged ayurvedic herb that can balance any system and help us transform stress
2. Maca – a Peruvian root which does an amazing job at promoting vitality and balancing hormones

Here are my favorite raw food, organic, vegan “supplements”

1. Vitamin D – plant based from Innate Response Formulas
2. Mens/Womens one daily – small doses of plant based vitamins and minerals. Basically a bowl o’ salad in a bowl. Awesome stuff.
3. Udo’s oil – a plant based omega 3-6-9 balanced oil
4. Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil. Mmm Mmm good – filled with Vitamin A, D, and good amounts of DHA (great for the brain).

So, even when using “supplements” we are really just using food like it was meant to be used. All of what I mentioned needs to be raw, organic, and super bioavailable.

If you have more questions, we carry all of these in our practice and I am happy to speak with you about them.

I use superoods daily and in combo with Network Entrainments, daily Somato Respiratory Integration practice, regular exercise, meditation, having fun, playing the didgeridoo, and living my values and virtues moment by moment, I can sustain high levels of energy all day, every day. And have a blast doing it. Unless I feel grumpy, and that is OK, too. I am with that and that turns into more energy, too 🙂

Of yeah, I used to take SICK amounts of supplements and am so happy to be free from that model. All health comes from within. The body is so amazing.

PS – you don’t by any means need to take all of what I write about here. For most people a combo of one, two or three of these can fill the bill quite well. And it will help you feel great AND totally support your personal evolution a-la Network Spinal Analysis.

PPS – the folks I like best in the medical community should you want to dig deep with nutrition are Naturopaths – at least ones that remember that they are a vitalistic profession. They get this pretty well. In Charlotte I like Dr. Jon Ritz and Dr. Mike Smith. Great guys. Super sharp.

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