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Join the tribe and be part of the wellness revolution here in Charlotte, NC at one of our events!

Discover Wellness
Straight up mojo on what healing really is, how to access it inside yourself, and how to rock out an incredible and extraordinary life. IN 60 minutes.

The liberating truth when we drop the baggage of a broken medical system and the new-age myths that surround much of “holistic” healing.

What would it be like to be introduced to yourself again, for the first time, only to find:

1) The real meaning of pain and how to heal it
2) You are completely equipped for TRUE happiness and bliss
3) How to really have a blissful life. Really. Learn what happy people know. There is a recipe.
4) How to have your body become a powerful, light-filled, healing machine – down to every cell of your body.
5) Create true integration and alignment of body, mind, and spirit

All workshops begin at 6:30pm and end at 8:00pm. They are always on Thursdays. These are FREE!

Taking The Journey Deeper Workshops
These are great to deepen your own growth and healing as you progress through your Network care and your Re-Organizational healing. See the calendar above for the various workshops and their dates.

Level II Workshop: 
A dynamic presentation on the importance of The SomatoPsychic wave and how to leverage all of the momentum you have built in the first few months of your care. Anyone at any point in there care can attend. We will also integrate the SRI exercises that are integral to intermediate NSA care. Workshop is free.

Level III Workshop
Network care has profound effects after 6-9 months. People’s lives begin to shift in massive ways and are often accompanied by a deepening sense of openness, connection, peace, gratitude, and a profound expansion of one’s heart. This is a powerful, interactive evening where we help you integrate and understand all these changes and how to best use these gifts to further your own healing and your own contribution in the community. Anyone at any point in there care can attend. Workshop is free.

The 5 Energetic Intelligences
Energetic Intelligences refer to the inner-states of consciousness associated with your body’s “subtle energy” systems. There is extensive scientific evidence to support the existence of energy within and around the human body, and mystics, yogis, healers, and shamans have observed multiple levels of energies around the body for ages.

Reorganizational Healing (ROH) acknowledges the existence of your body’s subtle energy system and takes into account that you are comprised of at least five complex fields of energy and information, each related to different levels of life-expression and consciousness.

Dr. Lyon utilizes these in his work at every session. As you better understand them, you can open new doorways of resourcefulness and healing in your own life. Workshop is $25.

The 5 “Phases” of Tension: The Archetypes of Human Stress. 
Many healing approaches have noticed different patterns of stress that distort our bodies, our minds, and our emotions. These patterns of tension may also block our capacity to live at our full human potential. As you learn the 5 different patterns, you begin to gain deep self-knowledge, expanded self-awareness, and you begin to learn the tools to stop re-creating problems in your life. As you learn the 5 patterns, you can also begin to see with great compassion how others may create suffering for themselves and others.

When the spinal cord tissues are tractioned they behave similar to an elongated rubber band and oscillate at a higher frequency, called a “phase”. That frequency is then distributed throughout the body’s 75-100 trillion cells via an elaborate nerve network.

During and NSA session we evaluate your spine and nervous system with the NSA protocol and check for the presence of one of five different possible phases of spinal cord tension. Then, instead of twisting, cracking or popping your spine, we use precise touch to specific areas near the ends of your spine with just a few ounces of pressure to create what’s called “spinal entrainment”, a spontaneous wave-movement that travels through your body changing the frequency of the phase and releasing the tension.

The 4 Sacred Seasons of Healing:
The Seasons of Well Being refer to distinct periods or rhythms in life that influence the way you perceive and act in the world. These periods, which appear to be universal in human experience, have predictable perceptions, actions, and developmental levels associated with them.

In this workshop, we not only understand and see the “map” of human experience, but we help you integrate the tools you are learning at NWCC with entrainments and SRI exercises to take the journey much deeper. This is important because it allows you to continue your healing journey and learn the very important tools so that we can create an extraordinary life of health and well-being on every level of our lives.

Living Arete: The Embodied Awakening for the Modern Seeker
What would it be like to come to an end of your seeking? What would it be like to finally live your Heart’s passion? Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist who studied Self-Actualization stated – “What you can be, you MUST be!” Our journey to Being who we really are is inevitable. If you are reading this you are likely a serious student who is ready to stop seeking and to begin embracing an undiluted embodied awakening. Arete is a Greek word that means to live your highest potential, moment to moment to moment. Not so into it? Cool – there is a life of numbness, anxiety, disconnection and distraction readily available to you. Ready for your best life? Are you ready to truly feel into and experience the immense greatness of your Being? It’s time to stop seeking, and to start Being. The best part of this is that it is real, practical, embodied and scientific. We are not into ethereal conceptual models that make you feel good for a day or two. We are into giving you the keys to your own Kingdom – into the Authorship of your own life. A 2 hour workshop with Dr. Matt Lyon and Lynn Lyon, LCSW – local Charlotte wellness experts who guide people to awaken to their highest potential. Their in-demand retreats are sold out within days and they have taught across the United States and Europe. Together they bring 30 years of clinical + practical experience to the authentic embodied awakening process.

Holistic Time Management for Busy People: One of the biggest challenges that people talk to me about is, “Doc, I just don’t have enough time!” or “You know, I just don’t know how to manage my life well!”. This is a remarkable 3 hour long seminar that brings the latest science and research on Time Management right to you. And we take it a step further – we will help you combine visualization, breathing, heart-centered purpose + value driven planning, and a group support system to help you take the amazing healing and growth you are experiencing in Network Care and apply it to every area of your life so you can FLOURISH ON EVERY LEVEL.

BodyMind Mastery
Whether you are a master yogi, martial artist, elite athlete or healing from lifelong tension and pain, or simply beginning your journey “on the table” with Dr. Lyon, this workshop will liberate you from self-created hurdles and illuminate your journey. We will work together in this experiential workshop to re-awaken the radiant and clear BodyMind master that dwells in your heart. We will provide a clear map, backed by decades of personal experience and thousands of years of perennial wisdom that, when practiced leads to a less stressful life, a dramatically more flexible body, a wide open heart, and a samurai clear mind. Living this map cultivates more meaningful approach to your relationships, your body, your yoga and fitness practices, while providing the tools for deep healing of physical, emotional, and mental challenges. You can unlock so much more energy from your body, mind, and yoga and practice and take your life to the next level. This is a 3 hour workshop. Bring a journal!

You will learn:
1) To open the body and spine to deeper flexibility in more profound ways – learn the secrets of stretching not only the muscles but the deeper and more subtle connective tissues of the nervous system.
2) Practices to cultivate lifetime vigor and vitality
3) Practices to soften into great power and presence rather than struggling with trying to force everything in your life
4) How to end the fear of failure
5) How to end cycles of bad habits
6) To cultivate powerful life purpose through the 100 Question Exercise
7) Awaken the Diamond of the Heart: the modern science and practice “Getting in the Gap”
8) An introduction to a modern + powerful approach to Pranayama breathing exercises integrated with Somato Respiratory Integration exercises.

Didgeridoo Meditations
Dr. Lyon leads “didgeridoo meditations” throughout the Charlotte area. Join Dr. Matt Lyon as he leads you on a guided meditation into your deepest core – into a place of deep rest, creativity, and profound connection. Dr. Lyon will use the ancient didgeridoo along with guided meditations to lead you into a place of deep, primordial peace. Dr. Lyon has been guiding people into effortless meditation since he was 16 years old and has over 20 years experience.

The Didgeridoo is powerful for meditation as it effortlessly brings our brain and nervous system into a state of deep rest deeper than sleep – into the brain waves associated with deep meditation and profound regeneration.

This is for you if:
You want a deep experience of meditation
You are an experienced meditator and want to go into a deeper, more embodied experience
You are brand new to meditation and want a safe, easy, and fun way to experience it
You find meditation difficult because “you can’t slow your mind” or “feel too restless”
You want to improve your health naturally
You want to feel more spontaneous joy, gratitude, connection, and peace

Didgeridoo Yoga Classes
I often accompany great yoga teachers playing didgeridoo. It is an incredible experience to practice yoga while allowing the powerful vibrations of the didgeridoo to wash over you.

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