Life Changing Retreats

Retreats with Dr. Matt Lyon, DC and Lynn Lyon, LICSW are a deep, ancient journey into your own Body, Heart and Soul. On these retreats participants are able to experience profound healing and integration of mind, body, and spirit. In the process of the retreats, deep and soulful relationships are built that last a lifetime.

For the last 26 years, Dr. Matt has travelled deep within his own process of healing, soul-work, awakening, and embodiment. Dr. Matt has had the great fortune to be close with and mentored by some amazing renowned masters from around the globe from various traditions. From this deep and embodied place, the retreats at NWCC offer tried and True “best practices” that create on one level deep transformation, healing, and profound life-change. On a whole other level, however, our goal is not to make a better “you”, our intent is to help you reconnect with your Heart and Soul – the real “you” that we often trade out early in life. The deepest happiness is coming back “home” to dwell in your own heart.

These are NOT self-improvement or self-development retreats. We will not teach you to manifest a mercedes, we will not take you down spiritual cul-de-sacs, and we will not provide anything that will serve to distract you from your True Purpose: the Return to Love, to complete a journey without distance to a Home  you never left. From that place of deep embodied soulfulness, passion, and radical authenticity life takes on a degree of vitality, vibrance, and well-being that is beyond your wildest dreams. At the same time, when you arrive at your own door and stand firmly in your own shoes, on your own ground, it feels like the most Natural thing you have ever experienced. We have taken hundreds of people through our unique experience and the miracles, turn-arounds, transformations, and awakenings are beyond anything we could ever put words to.

These are generally open only to members of our practice or those that have had at least 3 months of Network Care. Due to the deep and engaged nature of the retreat, a proper initiation and preparation is required. We find that 3-6 months of Network Care and SRI work is a decent preparation.

There are several *key* ingredients that are part of our process: 1) Deep authenticity – to get to what you Really are requires a total commitment to realness and authenticity. An immensely safe environment is created to allow for this to happen in a space of Grace; 2) Immersion – In order to really make a massive shift in your life with anything, you need to immerse yourself in deep teachings with embodied teachers and guides; 3) Transmission – Its one thing to talk the talk and provide you processes and practices to open you up. Its a whole other thing to actually sense and receive the Transmission of a powerful lineage of Wisdom, love, energy, and transformative MoJo that has been entrusted to NWCC facilitators; 4) Community – the deepest healing happens when our wounds and our soul greatness can be witnessed and held in sacred community by others. At NWCC retreats, you will make Soul Friends for life; 5) Radical Soul-fulness – NWCC retreats won’t take you up and away somewhere into the land of Transcendence – they will bring you right into the center of your own Heart, your own Body, and your own Soul. For millennia, across many cultures,  the process of Soul recovery has been radically central to many healing processes because most of us have lost our Soul at some stage of our lives. Coming home to that Soulfulness is a critical aspect of deep, lasting, and profound awakening ; 6) Unconditional love – in this safe container of palpable Love, your own personal and spiritual evolution picks up tremendous momentum; 7) 35 years of collective clinical experience, training, and embodiment.

Generally speaking, we always incorporate Network Care and Somato Respiratory Integration as they are tools that are simply unmatched (in our experience and opinion) in their ability to help “prepare the vessel” of the human body for the deep work of transformation, soulfulness, and awakening. After decades of retreats and workshops, Dr. Matt was amazed at how Network Care and SRI facilitated a much more profound and easeful transformation in participants. Generally, we also include “strategic intervention” in groups and one-on-one. That is a fancy way of describing how we create a perfect environment for you to face your limiting beliefs, old stories, blueprints, and shadow in a safe way so that you can re-write your Life script based on your Heart’s terms. Embodiment practices such as dance, yoga, and movement are often part of our work. Depending on other teachers we work with, we often vary our methods. The intent, and outcome, is meant to simply give you the tools to take your own life and Soul back and to live the incredible Soul Journey you are destined for.


Next Retreats:

One Love, One Heart: May 20-25, 2015  in Walker’s Wood, Jamaica. A 5 day healing immersion with Dr. Matt and Lynn. Prerequisites: At least 6 months of NSA care and at least one Immersion Retreat with Dr. Matt and Lynn. Investment is $1600. Includes room, food, transportation, and Jamaican excursions. Fee does NOT include airfare. THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT AND HAS A WAITLIST. 

Network Nocturna: June 13 in Charlotte NC. An evening celebration and immersion retreat with live DJ, entrainments, SRI, and incredible community. Portion of proceeds will go to Support Andrew Harvey’s Kashmir Charity. Location: Be Yoga Carmel. 6:30pm-12:30am. $179 before May 15. $250 After May 15. 

Clear Day Immersion: July 11, 2015 in Charlotte, NC.  Location TBD. One day immersion retreat. Investment $350. Register at office. 

Clear Day Immersion: October 3, 2015 in Charlotte, NC. Location TBD. One day immersion retreat. Investment $350. Register at office. 

Clear Day Immersion: December 12, 2015 in Charlotte, NC. Location TBD. One day immersion retreat. Investment $350. Register at office. 


Here is what others have said:

In the past 2 1/2 years that I have been a member of the Network Wellness Center family – I have attended all but one clear day.  There aren’t words in the english language to full express how I feel about the Jamaica clear day.  It was – you know that feeling in your heart when you here wonderful news – the feeling that builds so quickly that it spills out as tears of joy?  That is what the entire trip felt like.  The paradise was beautiful, the entrainements were deeper than ever.  The company was so sweet and loving.  Dr. Matt and Lynn did an excellent job making sure the entire experience was amazing.  The day trips to the private river and beach were breath taking.  The food was healthy and scrumptious.  I weep when I look back on the total experience. Susan, Charlotte, NC

Jamaica Group | Life Coaching Retreats

From “journeying to eden” I have found myself in a place, especially in my practice, where there is more flow, grace, love, focus, intention, and more awareness of the bigger picture of the intent of every single action I take. Both personally and professionally I have a much deeper awareness of “my stuff”, and a realization that the changing of it, the transforming through and with and beyond “my stuff” may not feel so good at times, but it is what I want and I am willing to go there and do what it takes… I am feeling so much the impact that those very decisions have as a ripple effect through my whole life, past and present, and through my lifetimes. And it now feels time to dig deeper… and let me tell you I’ve been in the trenches! Feeling dirty and gross (literally) at times, and also loving many parts of it. So there you have it, so far. On this unwinding and unspiralling journey of life. Thank you so much to you and Lyn for creating “Eden” and showing up so much for all of us! Tammy R, St. Thomas, USVI

Life Coaching Retreats | Charlotte Chiropractor

Our Jamaica trip was amazing on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin. Bromley Retreat Center is fantastic, creating a perfect setting and home base. Our two day trips to the White River and private beach complete with coral reef were perfect delights. I felt privileged to be treated so well. What a great trip! But then there was the incredible experience of melting into the vast ocean of Oneness and Love that formed around us. Living in that reality for a few days seemed like a month. It revealed a new path in my heart and I’m sure now is a huge piece of the answer to my deepest goal. I’m so grateful for the guidance and healing you have brought to my life! I know what I’m saying is true from the comments that keep coming from friends and loved ones.

Life Changing Retreats | Charlotte NC Chiropractor

I can barely begin to put into words how grateful and blessed I feel to have gone on this journey with you both and with all those other amazing “angels” who came to Jamaica. What a special group of people to have together to experience one of the most unbelievable times of my life!  I feel so much gratitude, love and connection to everyone and everything, it leaves me in awe.  I feel so awake and alive, and I was able to move to a whole other level of my Self that I did not even realize existed, thanks to the beautiful environment and support surrounding me.  The retreat center was so perfect, inviting, and filled with loving people.  This is one experience I will always remember – if only everyone on this earth could experience something like this just once, the world would be a much better place. Carrie H.,  Charlotte NC

If one day can transform your life, it would be Clear Day. There’s something about the combination of entrainments, SRI, and the connections that you form with others who are present that can be almost mind-blowing. During Clear Day I’m able to be so much more connected to me, to my Self. I can literally feel the energy coursing through my body. I can feel my connection to all things. At the end of the Day, we all leave as members of the same family. On Clear Day, we all allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We come together in love. We look into each others’ eyes and contemplate whether we would accept that other person as God. Then we realize that they are God. We are God. We are all One.
Jessica C. Charlotte NC

Wellness Retreat | Charlotte Chiropractor

In the early spring I attended Clear Day with Dr. Matt and Lynn. It was an amazingly peaceful day. As we moved through the day my personal goals came up and were strengthened. At the time I was working heavily on loving the world, loving my neighbor and loving myself. Each discussion we had, SRI we worked through and each of the beautiful soulful entrainments easily and simply locked peace and love into my heart.

I did not understand the magnitude of clear day until recently, at the time I was heavily involved in planning my long awaited wedding. Now I realize that clear day had perfect timing. As all girls do – I had dreamed of my wedding day for many years. Planning was going well but I was becoming very overwhelmed. After clear day – all of the planning clicked into place perfectly. My wedding day was beautiful, everyone was calm and happy including me. I still look back and am amazed at the amount of peace I carried through what could have been a very stressful time.

I am grateful for the divine timing of Clear Day. I am grateful for Dr. Matt and Lynn. Most of all I am grateful for my every growing tribe…….My beautiful loving tribe.
Soaring With Love –
Susan Sisk Reynolds

Healing Yourself | Charlotte Chiropractor

Each time I came to the office the amount of love that was showed to me was something that I was so eager to receive…my soul had been wanting community love for years and after feeling like a total outcast my whole life, it was so nice to come to Network and focus on all the things that really matter in life and not the things like sex, drugs, abuse and my body weirdness that I so associated with my everyday lifestyle. As I realized what Network Wellness was all about, my entrainments got just that much more serious. As expected, I was ready now for Clear Day.

Clear Day was like throwing 6 months of care into one day with a full community to share and bond with. This was something that I was yet to experience and so longed for. As we went through the 3 seasons of healing that day, I began to really see what my biggest issues were and began to deal with them in ways that allowed me to release the emotions stored because of those issues. Three main things came up, which were my father, the loss of my son and the loss of my arm. All 3 were huge to me and halted my progress in life. As the season of discover ended, I was able to see past these issues and allowed myself to explore me without those emotions pulling me back. This self power enabled me to dig deep and allow for the transformation that my mind/body/spirit so desired. The middle portion of Clear Day was geared towards this step in the journey. After we felt prepared to be awakened, then we embarked on the 3rd season of healing, Awakening…this season was the one that truly changed everything for me. After years of searching for the awakened state, however my searching always lead me down paths that did nothing but dull my senses, I was so ready to take it to the next level in this style of environment. As I crossed over this barrier, it felt as if the gates to my soul had finally been opened & I was now ready to become the true spirit that I am destined to be. To realize this was a great accomplishment for me and left me feeling whole, true and complete inside. I could finally see my true path and how I was to follow it. Clear Day came to an end, however these newly found feelings of love and community did not. I was able to take these feelings back to my home environment and use them as the basis of my next level of growth into my true self.
Anonymous, Charlotte NC

Lifelong friendships, Heartfelt Connections

I have learned ‘where I go’ when times get tough, and through Network Care, specifically the Clear Day intensive, I have developed newer, healthier pathways for my body, mind and heart to draw upon. Though the demands of my life have not changed, my response to them has. I am more calm, with MUCH better focus, and am rarely overwhelmed. Physically, my hips and shoulder have opened and are pain free, my natural posture aligned, and I sleep like a bear.Finally, old regrets and grief have faded, and I no longer feel haunted by tragic events in my past, I can honestly say I feel whole and at peace. I appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly understand your patients, and in drawing us together for Clear Day, empowering us to heal ourselves and each other. It was simply fantastic.Keep up the good work, thank you so much for everything you do.
Susan A. Charlotte NC

A Day that Can Change Your Life

Not only did my blood pressure go down from 140/95 to 124/80, but I experienced some other powerful changes – I was able to express myself more, which has always been a goal of mine, I handle stress so much better and I don’t eat as much sugar. Being a part of the Clear Day workshop just accelerated all of these changes and allowed me to connect to my soul and feel what I truly want in life. I have even brought my 10-month old son to see Dr. Lyon so that I could give him a naturally healthy start.
Amy – Charlotte Mom and Sacred Activist

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