Hi everyone:

Let me just start by stating how grateful I am that I get to write this. Let me also say that I am extremely grateful for whatever way I am connected to each of you reading this. Some close, some far, some I know, some I dont *yet* know, and yet we are all connected in a myriad of ways, seen and unseen. Its really quite wonderful.

What I share in this video are life lessons that have shattered my heart open. I am excited to share. This is an excerpt of a workshop I gave at a consciousness conference here in Charlotte, NC.

I hope you enjoy the attached video. A quick warning – there is a bit of adult language in this video splice. Oftentimes, certain “shock value” words convey an energy that awakens us from our trance of thinking and our pattern of numbness. I happen to believe that is true and have been mentored by some folks who do that extremely well, so there you have it. I have a brief synopsis of the main points below that will help bring it all together.

The video speaks for itself. The core points are simple yet profound when we really let it sink in:

1) When we are in total integrity and coherence and harmony in energy, body, emotion, thought, and spirit, we are powerful tuning forks of a Universal Intelligence. This “tuning fork” is the most powerful manifestation tool a human being can posses. When we are in harmony with this Natural Law we can express radiant health, vitality, and creativity. These, then, become the vehicles through which we have the creativity and energy to be immensely powerful agents of positive change and contribution in the world. These are the ingredients of real happiness. 

2) This video blurb begins to hint at what is to come in future videos: Your nervous system is the mainline channel of energy and consciousness in your body. When it is aligned and coherent and radiant with energy your life is aligned and coherent and radiant with energy. Then, based on the choices me make, the actions we take, the thoughts we consciously think, and the level of our committed authenticity we can soar as high as we can dream and as far as we feel called.

3) You are made of star-stuff. I know, that sounds totally weird and this is NOT new age fluff – your body is made of atoms and molecules that are 14 B years old – and it is the same stuff that makes up the stars! WOW!!! So, ACT YOUR AGE. Honor the wisdom and timelessness that you are and do whatever it takes to get into integrity and coherence of your True and Natural Essence. When we act out of accordance with this, we suffer.

4) That energy builds within us and we naturally grow and expand. We can become great ambassadors of LIFE. In this video I use the example of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years  – and NEVER GAVE UP. He became the leader of a country that had been oppressed by apartheid and MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I also used the example of Rosa Parks, who made a courageous and very counter-cultural decision and she became a tipping point in the human rights movement here in America. We are all capable of the same MOJO. As Jesus said, “All these things and MORE.” So, its within us. Its already there. And, paradoxically, it has to be cultivated. Awesome. Think of the people who inspire you most, and I can assure you they are driven to serve and love in a way that is WAY BIGGER than themselves. Lets be real – living fully, really leading with our hearts is not easy. Following your dreams, speaking your truth, is not easy. If it was EVERYONE would do it.  So, we need all the energy we can muster to do it. We need steady ships that are not batted around by every wind storm and rogue wave that hits us. We need gumption, guts, grit, humor, playfulness, humility, and surrender. All of this requires being in an energy rich state.

5) Life is so so so precious. We are so easily distracted by the routine of our lives and by the negative “stink-think” that pervades most mental activity. That distraction lulls away from the magic and miracle of every day and into this boring survival mode of melancholic monotony. We are so connected, we are all so weaved into the great Infinite Tapestry of life. When we begin to look at that tapestry and see its myriad of miracles, we are transfigured in the realization of how blessed we are. That stress reaction to life pulls us from the True and the Beautiful. I am 100% convinced that all of us are, at our core, are 100% True and Beautiful. I know we may not always remember that way or act that way, but that is what we ARE.

So that is that! Life is precious. You are an infinite being. Your body and nervous system are precious gifts that you must care for with exquisite tenderness and mindfulness. Through your body, this precious human birth, we have every opportunity to wake up, serve, and live really extraordinary lives – rich and illumined with radiant simplicity. In that space, our capacity to do good, real good, is simply unlimited.

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I’ll end with some simple words of encouragement for all of us, as I need to hear this as much as you do. We rest in the arms of angels and we are never given more than what we can handle. All of our dreams and deep heart desires arise because we are also pre-loaded with all of the mojo, energy, and intelligence to bring it to fruition. In the process of bringing these dreams to fruition, we are pruned like gorgeous rose bushes – softening our rough edges and prickly thorns – so that we can BE the fragrance of goodness, healing, life, compassion, and of hope for others. That fragrance needs no words and no special titles. It does not require fame, beauty, power, wealth, or the “idea that will change the world”. It simply needs your little willingness, one day at a time, to show up, say YES, and give your all.

Rest well friends, for indeed you are held in an ocean of Grace that so very real. Just like fish in the ocean dont know they are in water until they are not, you reside in an Ocean of grace that you may simply have forgotten and overlooked because it is there ALL THE TIME. . Your value on planet earth is how you can remember that for yourself while giving the priceless gift of remembering to others.

Love always,

Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte, NC Chiropractor

Network Spinal Analysis

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