All is well….More well than can be imagined.

Dr. Matt Lyon Charlotte, NC Chiropractor and Coach

When I was a college student, I went through a period of deep depression. During this time in my life, and it was not the first time I had encountered profound darkness, I also experienced a lot of anxiety. Sometimes, it would get so intense I would have the horrible feeling a full-blown panic attack. My heart would race, my body would flush with heat, and my thoughts would run like a 1,000 wild horses. In the midst of this pain, I reached out to several helpers – one was a therapist, one was a Network Chiropractor, and one was a naturopath. They were all amazing. In fact, they were blessed catalysts inspiring me to do the work I do today. To tell this story to you now. If I had never hit rock bottom, I never would have met them, and I would not be writing this today. Sometimes the darkest night is the most tender of all mercies.


There was so much pain, trauma, abuse, and hurt to unravel at that time in my life. I never thought I would get through it. Yet, the panic and anxiety was the message from the Divine that I had to get real and to do some deep healing work. At that time, I had also begun formally studying the ancient tradition of Zen meditation. I remember I asked the teacher once how we arrive at a place of “enlightenment” and she said two things: the first was “practice, practice, practice”. That advice probably saved my life. It forever unhooked me from the trap of quick fixes and pseudo-spiritual magical thinking. The other was “Go about your process of enlightenment like a man whose hair is on fire looking for a pond.” These two starkly practical statements inspired me to give everything I had to waking up, to healing, and to getting real. That was about 23 years ago.


The story I want to tell you is this: “All is well.” During this period of deep work, my therapist, a beautiful soul, said to me, “Matt, there are two things I want you to understand: First, nothing is as it appears; Second, All is well.” I can’t say I totally grasped the immensity of what he shared in that moment. After two plus decades of deep practice I can say this: I wholeheartedly agree with him on both counts. Nothing is as it seems. When we really stay with life and we inquire deeply, we’ll see that all is, indeed, well. Love has never died. Love is alive and always will be. Each fractal of your life is a window into an Eternal Wholeness that says, “You are simply beautiful, kid. More gorgeous than you could ever know.”


Years later, I was practicing with a very special teacher whom I love very much and in the middle of a discourse he said, “All is well. More well than we can ever imagine.” That statement, and the truth it is pointing to, has never left me. This is not some pop-psychology, positive affirmation, or new-age aphorism meant to paint over the paradox, challenge, and pain of life. Rather, it points to a deep current of truth and Love that flows through you, through me, and through every situation we could ever encounter. All the truly realized mystics and sages have said the same thing. I look back and see it flowing through my deepest depression, through my worst panic attack, through my sister’s death, through being wholly abandoned as a kid, through immense physical pain, through spiritual dark nights that I thought would never end. It’s been there in luminous awakenings and experiences of wild grace that literally defy laws of physics. All is well, more well than could ever be imagined.


I hesitated to even write this blog as I think this kind of deep, perennial, and powerful wisdom can get confused with a lot of the new-age junk and pop-psychology fluff that floats out there in the “spiritual marketplace.” It is deep, healing wisdom and I want to speak its love and truth into your heart this morning. Its not meant to placate or medicate. Its not meant to cover up or paint over your deepest reality. It’s meant to help weave it together in an Epic Love Story. A love story that resounds with truth borne of experience.


All is well. All is more well than can ever be imagined. St. Theresa of Avila, one of my favorite teachers (with whom I had a direct encounter with in 1996) said that she felt she was floating in this River, and that the River went on for Eternity. There is a profound current of life that is ever present and ever flowing. We do NOT need to make that river flow. What we are called to do is to PARTICIPATE and surrender fully into its vast, wise, and loving flow. My direct, deep, and abiding experience is just this: each moment is a window into an Eternal Presence. At each moment when I wholeheartedly and nakedly encounter this Presence, I know beyond all shadow of doubt that “All is Well, more well than my mind could ever imagine.” In fact, we are all Emissaries of This Presence. We are shimmering manifestations of this Presence. There is nowhere this Presence is not.


There is this incalculable and ineffable Wisdom that weaves us together, and all of our life experiences. Nothing has ever been by mistake. Someone reading this will say, “Yeah, well you don’t know my life. You don’t know what I have lost.” Actually, I do know. And all I can share is my deepest and most real experience: All is well. More well than can ever be imagined. I want speak this into your heart, into the heart of this very world that seems to have forgotten. I want to whisper this into every heart that is struggling with spiritual amnesia, to those that left Home and don’t know how to get back. The truth is, from my vantage point, you can never leave, and there is no “back”. Just turn into the warmth of Love that never left. All is well. Don’t take my word for it. Test it and find out for yourself. Practice deeply and live wisely. Find out yourself. Truth is a buffet where everyone can eat.


All is well. When he doesn’t call. When she doesn’t text. When the lawsuit is looming. When the IRS is calling. When you are broke. When you feel alone. When you feel overwhelmed. When confusion wraps you in her woolly blanket. When you get fired. When you get demoted. When the marriage seems like it’s falling apart. When you hurt, when the pain in your body won’t heal. When you get the diagnosis you feared the most. When you can’t conceive. When you did conceive and you feel immense guilt because you ended the pregnancy. My deep and abiding experience as that at every moment you have been swimming in a sea of love that you simply don’t have the eyes to see or the ears to hear. Hold on. And let go. Into the flow. Then, you’ll know. When we know all is well, then we can actually deal with life. Truly. Honestly. With amazing Grace.


Last blog I wrote about pain and her tough and illusion-busting love. And today I whisper of a truth equally as true: in the midst of it all, all is well. More well than can be imagined. Right now, you are being breathed. Right now, you are more supported than you could ever know. Something bigger than you can comprehend is “Living” you. What is even aware of this blog? What is actually aware of your feelings? Its so close, Its been looking out through “you” your whole life. You have never been alone. You are held up. All is well, more well than you can imagine. This remembrance of Love’s place in your journey is your bridge over troubled water.


This truth is not a quick fix, this is not magical thinking. You too can know this truth. It costs you nothing, but it will ask for everything. What it asks from us is to give up our mad dreams of aloneness, isolation, resentment, fear, and separation. It asks us to get real, nitty-gritty real, and come with open hands about what is really on our hearts. Someone will read this and hope there is an easier, softer way. This is the easier softer way. This is the awakening of the everlasting Light that has been burning like a pilot light in your heart. Now is the time to unleash it and shine. Don’t wait. Really shine. Now. Everyone can shine. Personally, I think the most beautiful people are those that have been to hell, kept going, and show up to tell their stories.


“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” So says Pierre Tielhard de Chardin. When that Fire comes to burn we know that All is Well, more Well than Can Ever Be Imagined. When the veil on the circumstances of our life is pulled back, we see things as they are: Infinite. Your life is composed of a Love beyond measure.


From this place, an unshakeable fearlessness arises in the heart that can then respond with tremendous power in the world. Love is the strongest power in the Universe. It does not shy away from pain, from injustice, from loss, from the tough stuff that happens. Love shows up, again and again. Love can inspire wisdom and action sufficient to heal your life and heart. Love can engender true Intelligence and compassion sufficient to turn this hurting and mad world around. We have to have a home base we can come back to: a home base that helps us remember in the deepest experience, all is well, more well than can possible be imagined. We have to attune to the Timeless Lighthouse that brings our ships home amidst the fog and waves and rocks.


Be encouraged, and then go live with great courage.


If you are reading this, and if your heart is hurting, please let me tell you this: All is well. If you feel you are beyond repair and too far gone, I assure you, you are not too far-gone and that all is well. If you have traded yourself and given your heart to things that never satisfied your soul, just come back home. All is well. If you have experienced deep loss, know that Love is with you and holds your pain and caresses your cheek as tears fall. All is well. Amidst the unspeakable loss and injustice that we can see, when there are no easy answers, all is well, more well than we can imagine. In that deepest wellness, we can stay present, alive, naked, and in love with Life. We may hurt, we may be ripped to shreds, but love will make a majestic divine Poem of our resurrection. Our broken threads will be re-weaved into the most exquisite tapestry that can bring warmth and comfort to those that hurt and suffer. You’ll pass your candle of awakening onto others and if you stay True, and really dig your feet in to Love, your candle will spread for generations, creating a lasting legacy of Light and love.


The priesthood of your heart is ordained through fire, through courage, through pain, love, grace, patience and through absolute surrender into the Life. The last thing you need are more answers, we need to question all our thoughts that keep us locked out of a deep and real encounter with Life. Beyond that mirage of your tiny world of “stinking thinking” is a profound knowing – “all is well, more well than you can ever imagine.” There is more Help around you than you could ever know. Ask. Receive. Know. Everyone is welcome at this table of Infinite Inclusion. No one is excluded. Ever.


If you would like a chance to speak with me in person and look at the possibility of working deeply with me, now is a great time. If you’ve read this blog and are moved and want to see if my work, an intuitive, energetic, and scientific approach to healing using chiropractic and breath work, is right for you, let us know. Normally 2 initial sessions cost $250. If you call our office at 704-909-7130 and mention this blog “all is well” your investment is only $99. Better yet, ALL the proceeds will be donated to the Missionaries of the Poor to help them continue to do their work of serving the poorest of the poor around the world. Our 2 visits consists of: 1) 45 minutes of getting to know you and your story and where you are seeking healing; 2) Advanced biofeedback and neurological testing to see how your nervous system and physical posture is adapting to stress; 3) and 30-45 minutes with me on the follow up visit where I share all of my insights, observations, intuitions, and recommendations to become the best version of yourself possible. Just let us know. There is never any pressure or push in our office. We are here to serve with open hearts and lots of love.


Sending you all love,


Dr. Matt Lyon





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