One time, 20 years ago, I was in a dark, scary place.

I struggled with intense anxiety attacks, sometimes panic attacks, and more often than not felt like a fish out of water, sizzling in a frying pan.

I felt burdened, clueless, unqualified, and confused.

Sound familiar?

I had very little money – in fact I had negative cash. I knew, though, across the veil of my fear was a life of strength, courage, healing, and endless possibility. I just knew that in my soul. I knew that no matter what my life circumstances had been to that point, I would never let my past be my destiny. I had a deep and profound trust in a Power greater than me. I did not, however, think I had a way to get there. I asked for help. I trusted that the means would be provided and registered for a big “spiritual living” workshop in California.

I lived in Vermont at the time.

I was walking the streets of my hometown and went into a bookstore. A book leaped off the shelves at me. It was called, “I am with You Always”. It was a book about people’s first hand encounters with Jesus. I have never been to excited by churches or doctrine, but I have always loved Jesus. The book was so powerful. I could not afford it. I left the store.

For the next 5-6 days, the book cover kept coming to me. I’d see it in my mind. I’d hear the title in the quiet whispers in my mind. I think I mowed some lawns (landscaping saved my life) and had an extra $20. I went and got that book.

There’s always an angel whispering over your shoulder.

Back to that spiritual conference. I had to get there. It was in Southern California, I was in Vermont. I decided to make it an epic journey of healing. My father and I had a terrible relationship – in fact we had no real relationship. At the time, he was in a bad way and needed to go to 12 Step meetings. I innately knew, in my soul, that I would never fly free as a man unless I did my best to clear “my side of the street” with him and go and consciously manifest some healing between us. It was more about me and the courageous step I needed to take. Honestly, he was not ready or capable of doing any real work at that time. As scary and heartbreaking as the situation was, I made my way to his house for a week or so prior to my conference. I drove him to 12 step meetings, and man did I pray. I just prayed for healing on every level.

For me, it began the process of unshackling me from a linneage of painful, traumatic, and tortured generations of men in my family that knew how to numb, run, and fight, but had forgotten how to step up, stand in, and steady on for their family.

There is always an angel on your shoulder. Whispering.

“I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land. Tonight I am not worrying about anything, I am not fearing any man, for my eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord.” That’s Martin Luther King. There is always an angel on your shoulder. Showing you the glory of Love. Just listen. Even when its dark and you feel alone, Love is there. Don’t take my word for it – ask for it and go at it with everything you got. Gumption will bust the barriers to grace.

One day at my father’s house, I felt like total crap. I started having that sickening feeling of anxiety and heaviness, that for me at the time could spin into a full blown panic attack where I’d be up all night. There was a good reason for that given what I had been through growing up and the energy in that house. And yet, I was done with it. I knew I had to grow and the only way up and out was through love, growth and giving. That family story would never be mine and it would never define me. Your past only equals your future if you let it.

At the end of the day, one of those days that felt way bigger than me, one of those days I felt wholly unqualified for, I did one thing I knew would help. I prayed. I asked for direct guidance, to be in the direct flow of wisdom and knowledge. I prayed to be shown a message or sign that would confirm I was on the “right track”. Childishly, yet beautifully, I said, “God, I just need a sign I am on the right track and that some how I’ll be OK.” Whew. Can you relate?

I got in bed and cracked that book open. There is always an angel over your shoulder.

I read a passage in the book that felt so potent, so alive, and so personally meaningful that it took my breath away. I instinctively knew that it was meant for me in a powerful way. I thought to myself, “Wow, I need to remember that.” The content is not so important, it was a message of pure love.

I slept like a baby.

Next day I headed to California. I had a lay over in Denver. There is always and angel over your shoulder. I walked into a healthy type place to eat. I love to eat healthy. I got a clear message in my heart, “Don’t eat here.” I listened. I kept walking.

I came across a burger joint. Sorry yogi vegan pals. God even works with us Omnivore heathen. I got the clear, “yes”.

I stood in line not knowing why I was there. What I am about to tell you is an absolutely true story. This is not memoir embellishment. A man walked in to the burger joint. He had long flowing hair and the most striking blue eyes. I’ll never forget those eyes. More light than eyes. From across the place, he looked right into my eyes and winked. He came and stood behind me. I tear up instantly recalling this story.

I felt profound energy from him. I turned around, and like I was talking to an old friend, we just struck up a conversation. I sensed he had a very “spiritual” energy to him, so I asked if he was also going to this spiritual conference in California. He said he knew exactly what it was, but he was doing different things. I asked him if hew would have lunch for me. When you feel the pull, ask. When Spirit leads you, take the leap. Don’t wait until you feel good enough. Spirit takes brokenness and makes the most exquisite mosaics.

We sat down and chatted for a few minutes and then there was a profound shift in energy and feeling.

I asked him what he did for a living. He said that he travelled around the world teaching people about their soul. No kidding.

At at that moment, it was as if some mystical, scintillating energy descended upon us and into the space. A natural mystic. He looked me right in the eyes and began to speak: “You are going to be OK. You are on the right track. And here is what I came to tell you today,” He spoke with complete certainty and total flow. He was DIRECTLY answering my prayer I had spoken in the quiet of the night by myself the night before. There was no hesitation, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY HE COULD HAVE KNOWN WHAT I READ THE NIGHT BEFORE.

Continuing, energy increasing, he said “what I came to tell you today is that ___________________________” He proceeded to recount VERBATIM the passage I had read the night before. There is simply no natural law to explain what happened. It was a purely supernatural experience. It was love, love right there in the flesh, speaking new life and energy and momentum into me. It completely changed my life. I was healed on a deep level that day. That encounter is a major reason why I am here writing to you today. Mysteriously he took my hand, told me that we would meet again

There is ALWAYS an angel on your shoulder. Speaking in quiet tones, leading you home. Even in the most mundane events and needs, the angelic realm is always present to you. Whatever you think of angels, just think of them as beams of loving light from the Divine Source. They are thoughts of God. And in the quantum view of things, it makes perfect sense to me that highly intelligent energy can morph and take any form that it needs to get a job done. Supernatural.

For months after that encounter, people would come up to me and comment about the light coming off of me. I don’t tell you that to impress you, I tell you that to impress upon you that the deepest transformation, the real healing, is always the transformation of the human heart from fear to love. There is real help available, in real time, always and all ways for you.

When we are wrapped in anxiety, when we are feeling alone and overwhelmed, its so easy to get stuck in fear. However, fear puts big ear muffs on your heart that block out the still small voice leading you to your own burger joint.

There is ALWAYS an angel on your shoulder.

I’m teaching this Friday from 12-1 on Stage 2 of the 12 Stages of healing. Its all about clearing up and integrating all that junk of fear in your body, mind, and spirit that blocks the truth. Join me.

The class this month is completely free for anyone and everyone that wants to join. For practice members, the workshops will continue to be no charge. FOr anyone else, from anywhere in the world that wants to join us, you can join in for $49.99 per month.

Call information:
This Friday 12:00 noon
Dial in # 712-775-7031
Access Code 529-699
Come ready to rock, practice and manifest miracles.

If not, come get entrained. Turn on, tune in, and fire up. We love you. Awaken. Change the world, it starts with you.

As always, sending waves of love to you all.

Dr. Matt Lyon

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