Dear Beautiful NWCC Tribe:

I am THRILLED, excited, exhilarated, happy, and so grateful to announce the fruition of a dream of mine. The dream was to create a soulful healing celebration like you have never experienced, right here in Charlotte. The dream was to create an experience where you can remember how beautiful you are and where you can have permission to dance fully and rise up into your richest life again. To create a night of living AND giving where we can bring life and hope to others.
I want to wholeheartedly invite each of you to participate. Your participation will create several things: 
1) A profound experience of healing of body, mind, and soul.
2) A luminous experience of community, celebration, and fun.
3) An advancement of your “Network Strategies” that directly benefits your inner sense of well-being, vitality, and vibrance.
4) Assisting the construction of a school in India that was destroyed by flooding
5) Assisting the Missionaries of the Poor to continue serving the poorest of the poor in Kingston Jamaica.
6) A night you will never forget and that will bring a smile to your face years to come.
7) Empowerment to step into your life, cloaked in joy, trust, passion, and abundance.
So, what the heck is it?
Its Network Nocturna, and its a new creative way in which we are delivering a “Clear Day” retreat. There are some exciting and powerful differences that are worth highlighting:
The event starts at 6:30pm and ends about 12:30am on June 13. As part of our typical retreat program, we’ll lead you into an amazing experience while creating a powerful and loving group energy. Then, we’ll transition into a powerful and super-charged Network “entrainment” session as a group. The difference this time is so very cool: I’ll be joined by an enlightened electronic music DJ whose whole mission is using music and sound for healing, spiritual awareness and energetic coherence. Wow.
This is not a “dance party”. This is a powerful group healing encounter that will encourage and pull you into joyous expression of your Soul Signature. This is a Life celebration, a chance to rise again, a chance to create new friends and deepen existing connections. Its a chance to feel Life’s Resurrection alive within you, and all around you.
Our venue is outstanding: Be Yoga Carmel.
This is for everyone, no one is left out from our Life Celebration. The best part is this: your participation is making a direct and measurable POSITIVE impact on the world, amplified by the powerful energy field we will create.
After our entrainment session, we’ll share a truly life-transforming process and then we will practice Somato Respiratory Integration together. Following that we’ll get a message from a world famous mystic and teacher, helping us all embody Grace more fully so that we can translate our Soul Signature into a more joyful life and more full service to the world.
Once that is complete, we’ll have time to celebrate as long as we’d like, as Rumi stated, we’ll be drunk on the Wine of Divine Love. Its a conscious party, without any mood altering substances – just the power of 40 people sharing powerful coherent energy, unified intent, and the mystical Juice of Grace.
We’ll have living Raw Juices to support your energy, amazing friends, and a completely safe and loving environment. You don’t need to be anything but yourself. Lay aside any fear, and come to the altar of celebration.
Part of the reason I created this, aside from being extremely fun and impactful for everyone, was to create the very community that I was thirsting for. Really, when you think about it, where do we get the chance in our culture to come together like this and Celebrate Life, celebrate each other – all without an agenda except Love? Where do we get the chance to grow and emerge as the beautiful souls that we are without having to be anything, without wearing any mask? Generally speaking, we don’t. I’d like to create that with you, and I am asking for your help and participation with this.
Don’t be intimidated by the time factor. Remember, a good portion of your ticket fee goes to veritable charities and you have already made a huge impact just by showing up.
Lets make a huge difference in each others’ lives and on this beautiful, crazy world of ours.
We have made our registration simple and easier than ever. The event is live an open for registration online at This event contribution is $179 Until May 15, then it goes to $250. This event is open to anyone who has had Network Care. 
Spaces for this event will sell out quickly, so mark your calendars and get on it! My last 6 month coaching program sold out in just a few days!
Yours in healing and love,
Dr. Matt Lyon
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