The video and summary blog below is meant to help you get real information that can have powerful, real, and massive positive impact on your life. At the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte, our mission and purpose is to help catalyze miracles of healing on every level for every body. Enjoy, take it in, and be sure to read the summary. I’ve included a few questions so you can journal about what you have learned and really make it work for you.

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Here is the video: Being Present, the Vibrational Power of Thought, The Purpose of Pain, and The Goal of Life 

Big Take Aways:

  1. You think, according to the research about 80,000 thoughts per day. Of those about 70% or more are negative and 90% or more are the same as yesterday. Even the bible said it, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” Our thoughts and emotions create a vibrational inner reality that, from my clinical vantage point, is the greatest determinant of health, happiness, healing, energy, and vitality. You owe it to yourself to begin to create peace and health within.
  2. When we are “lost in thought” with 80,000 thoughts per day, we are never really present in the Here and Now. All healing and happiness is to be found in the Precious Now. Stress, pain, unresolved trauma, and inner conflict habitually take us out of the now. Living out of the Now triggers a whole body stress response that can block the body’s natural healing ability. This is a greater contributor to pain than the so-called “structural abnormalities” of degeneration, disk pathology, and “misalignment”. 
  3. All of our stressful experiences that we could not fully resolve, be with, safely experience, heal or integrate remain buried and hidden in our “subconscious” and “unconscious” minds. The body, thus, stores these experiences as tension, vibration, and tightness. Our “conscious” mind remains blind to the real causes of our pain. Nothing can change in the darkness of ignorance. From the perspective of many doctors, including myself and the famed researcher Candace Pert (author of the Molecules of Emotion), the body, and the spine especially, are the dumping grounds for unresolved and unconscious stress. When we then add the personality traits of perfectionism, “goodism”, previous trauma and the day-to day stresses of life this becomes a seething volcano of stress that often explodes in: neck pain, headaches, nerve pain, back pain, sciatica, digestive problems, skin issues, anxiety, depression, auto immune challenges, and a sense of despair and desolation. Healing requires a way to bring the unconscious safely into conscious acceptance.
  4. Pain is, most often, not something to be feared. Of course, as any good doctor should do, if you are experiencing symptoms you need to do due diligence to rule out serious pathology. In my experience, especially with back pain, neck pain, and headaches, the cause is unresolved stress and unconscious guilt, rage, trauma, and sadness. Pain serves as a distraction away from the unresolved emotional debris, traumatic experiences, and stress residing in the unconscious. Pain helps us keep the lid on Pandora’s box. As Dr. Sarno, the famed pain doctor in New York City has astutely pointed out in his books, pain becomes the way we avoid dealing with buried rage, guilt, hurt, sadness and the stressors of life that feel overwhelming. The great news is by simply learning this fact, many people can heal themselves of chronic pain. Some require extra help (I was one who needed extra help). We are here for you whatever you need.
  5. If you have had pain and been to a doctor (Physician, Chiropractor, Physical therapist) and you were told that your pain is caused by some structural fault (herniated disk, degeneration, etc) as demonstrated on an MRI or X-ray, and have not gotten better or did not feel that you trusted their process, take heart, there is likely a better, safer, and more holistic way to heal. There is a good chance that a MindBody approach can help you heal your body and life.  In our estimation, and according to GREAT research, the vast majority of disk abnormalities, degeneration, and other such structural biases have very little to do with pain. In fact, most of them are as normal as wrinkles or grey hair. The abnormalities modern medicine and chiropractic have attributed to pain are actually normal and are NOT causes of pain or dysfunction. For most cases of pain, underlying stress is the main driver of our experience of pain. Only a trained doctor can help make this distinction, but making this distinction can help you heal and get free. If you are suffering pain that is not from a physical source, the pain is still very real. However, the pain is generally not caused by some structural problem. The pain is “in your brain”, and by healing stress and upgrading your nervous system we can heal pain at the source AND help you live a better life. The answer is in healing the whole person and thus healing the abnormal autonomic functioning (decreased oxygen and blood flow) to your areas of pain.

Questions for reflection:

  1. How do I react when I learn that I think 80,000 thoughts per day and 70% are negative?
  2. How might 95% of my thoughts being the same as yesterday (and the day before) affect my mood, happiness, and health?
  3. Have I been struggling with recurrent physical problems that have not gone away on their own or with traditional help?
  4. If I had a magic wand, and could heal these problems, how would my life be different?
  5. Do I tend to be perfectionistic, overly worried about everyone else, driven to achievement, and overly busy?
  6. What stresses me out in my day to day life?
  7. Have I ever had an illness or pain that felt like it was caused by stress? What were the circumstances?
  8. Do I ever feel like I can’t slow my mind down and, as a result, miss the “now”?
  9. How often do I feel rushed, stress and out of touch with the present moment?

Simply answering these questions can begin to transform our energy.

If you feel you need a trusting and compassionate healer that merges intuition with the best of MindBody science, we are here for you.


Dr. Matt Lyon

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