Dearest Clients and Practice Members:


I hope this note finds you well, happy, inspired, and empowered!


I am writing to let you know of some big changes I am making at NWCC. These will have a direct impact on most of our clients.


First, I want to thank you, each of you, for being such profoundly beautiful teachers and human beings. It has been an incredible honor, privilege and humbling opportunity to get to walk with you guys through the different stages of your healing journey. From my heart of hearts, THANK YOU. We are so grateful to the Charlotte community for having taken us in its arms and allowed us to share our gifts. In return, we have received so much more. And those blessings will keep flowing, on and on as each of you lives as the highest, truest, and most beautiful version of yourselves.


Again and again in life, if we really listen, we can see that nothing stays the same. Everything changes. And as we listen in full presence, we are called to pay deep attention as we arrive at new stages at life. For me, I am being called to be an even more authentic version of myself. The last year has been a profound journey of self-discovery, transformation, and awakening.


NWCC will be changing profoundly. I will be slimming my hours quite a bit so that I may honor this deep passage of transition and my desire to serve committed clients with even more energy, heart, and love. In addition, I want to bring more focus and attention into the coaching work I am providing for individuals, to the retreats I am leading, and to the immersion Academy I am currently teaching.


Demand for my work now exceeds the supply by a good bit, so in order to stay with us as we transition, you’ll have to be proactive with our staff to make sure you get your place in my new schedule.


At the end of this email is a new schedule with the subsequent changes. We understand that my new hours may not work for you. If that is the case and you are no longer able to continue, we wholly understand and support you. You may conclude your care with us at any time.


We also understand that there will now be limited space. There are many more people that want to come in than I have space for. Our open slots will be available on a first come first serve basis. For those of you that are already scheduled in times that have not changed you have nothing to worry about. There is no real easy way to do this. For those of you whose regular times will no longer exist, we apologize and just encourage you to be proactive and get scheduled out for the duration of your plan.


To also support the practice, our cancellation and late arrival policies and fee schedule are changing. Due to my limited schedule and the very high demands on my time, we will have to be much more firm with late arrivals and same day cancellations. We have always sought to be as liberal and generous as possible with our time for latecomers, however it has come at a cost to our staff and myself. Over time, this is no longer sustainable for us. You must be ON TIME (arriving 5 minutes before your appointment). If you arrive more than 5 minutes late, we will do everything we can to fit you in at a later time. If we cannot fit you in, you will be charged for your visit and Dr. Matt will be unable to see you that day.


Same day cancellations – by email or phone – will be charged unless it is reschedule that week. We are unable to make further exceptions on this, unless there is a true emergency or life challenge on your end. Plan your plan, stick to your plan, and PLAN on amazing results.


Although it is not easy to do, if you are someone who has been or is consistently late or cancels often, you may be asked to find another office that can support your schedule and flow.


In addition, my “pay-per-visit” (meaning you pay every time you come in and are NOT on a wellness service agreement plan) fees will be increasing to $75 to more accurately reflect the immense and deep reaching value of the care in your life, the expertise of the delivery, and the normal market rate for Dr. Matt’s services. If you are on a “wellness plan” currently, do not worry; your fees are grandfathered in. Should you wish to continue after your plan is complete, there have been only very slight fee increases to our “wellness plans” to support the shift.


Our fees for people starting on plans will also be slightly increasing by 20%. If you are currently on a plan, you need not worry as you are “grandfathered” in at your current wellness agreement rate. Should you wish to continue after your plan is complete, the 20% fee increase will apply to you at that time.



Main Take Aways:


  1. In order to create a more supportive, energetic, healing, and loving environment for our entire community, I am making some big changes.
  2. Our schedule is slimming and as a result we will have fewer spots to see you.
  1. If you would like to continue, get on the schedule and schedule out to ensure your spots
  2. Our late and no show policy has to be enforced with greater consistency due to the high demands on Dr. Matt’s time and on the need for each of us to be accountable and thoughtful of others.
  3. Our fees are increasing slightly. If you are on a plan, you are grandfathered in at your current rate and as you continue your care, the fees have gone up slightly ~20%
  4. If you have been paying per visit, your fee will increase to $75. The best results from NSA care come from practice, patience, and persistence over a time frame of 7-12 months. We welcome folks who simply cannot schedule that or commit to that and the rate for that is now $75. There are dramatic savings by joining a risk-free wellness plan.
  5. This is a great time to refer GREAT people who want to fully participate in their own healing in. I am also going to be seeing less new clients and we anticipate my waiting list to get very long (6-12 months). 



The Top 3 benefits for YOU:


  1. A higher energy, more positive, more attuned, and more awesome environment
  2. A super energy rich and revitalized Dr. Matt to work even more intimately and deeply with you
  3. A more intimate practice with greater opportunity to join retreats, leadership classes, and Somato Respiratory Integration Classes, or perhaps even coach one on one with Dr. Matt to take your life/business/dreams to a whole new level.


New Schedule:


Day Morning Evening
Monday Closed 4-6:30
Tuesday Closed 4-6:30
Wednesday 9-1:00 Closed
Thursday 9-1:00 Closed
Friday Closed Closed



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