Life is extremely beautiful. Life is powerfully challenging. Life is a gift. Life is the ultimate teacher. Life will throw all kinds of stuff your way to help Bring You Home. It will set up a myriad of experiences, relationships, and challenges to  help you thrive, to grow, to evolve, to adapt, to radiate the Inner Essence of Love that you are. To really live, to really grow, you have to be chock full o’ energy.

This is the second installment of my 4 part series on energy states.

Lets get something straight. You can’t avoid life. Try as we may, we can’t hide from Love’s Sun that shines everywhere. The more we try to shut out and shut down the pain, the hurt, the mistakes, the failures, the heartbreaks, the more we miss joy, the laughter, the love, the realness, the celebration, the bliss, the joy of taking responsibility, the incredible gift of leadership. When you shut out one side of the “bell curve” of energy and emotion, you lose the other side. And we stay right in the middle of the blase humdrum response to life, a fraction of what you are capable of and what you were born for. You are….neutral. We become individually, and culturally, the bell curve. YUCK.

Calling all closet Outliers. You know who you are. You have been hiding, and its killing you. You KNOW there is something brewing in you. You FEEL it percolating. Yet, there seems to be some “invisible” something holding it down. Keep reading. The only thing that holds us back is the energy that we don’t want to embody. NOTHING outside of you has the power to make you into ANYTHING, NOTHING has the power, in the end, to hold you back unless you give it permission to do so.

We think staying neutral, staying safe, buffers us from the stuff that scares us. It doesn’t. At all. It actually drains us to the point that when the inevitability of life comes we don’t have the energy to meet it with strength. We diminish our capacity to push through, ground in, to grow, to meet life with powerful dignity and illumined grace. The focus is still on avoidance. Energy neutral, like energy poor, is still motivated by avoidance.

Remember, there are 4 energy states. Energy Poor is the state we discussed last week. There are three more: Energy Neutral, Energy Rich, and ENERGY SUPER RICH. Each are available to us at all times. Most people don’t know that, but all these states exist as probability amplitudes on the field of energetic possibilities. All. The. Time. Not some of the time. All. The. Time. We have access to incredible energy states, all the time. Even in the face of profound challenges, even in devastation, even in the mundane decisions of life, even in the simplest encounter. Who are we? What message are we living each moment? What message are we sending, each moment. Your life weaves together in a tapestry of soul threads in an incredible cosmic dance, and most of the time, we are tuned out from this. We spend WAY TOO much time on the stuff that does not matter, and WAY TOO little on the stuff that does. And yet, when life comes knocking and everything stops, where is our center? Where is our flow? Where are our roots? On how many likes your last selfie got? On what others think? On your limits? Or on your possibility?

There is a miracle is being birthed every second around you and within you and YET generally we stay lost in our thoughts, beliefs and protecting a sense of self and identity, that in truth, is not really real save the realness we ascribe to it. THAT is energy neutral. Its really boring after a while. Stay with me: Liberation is knocking. Open that door. There is a wind of newness coming your way. Freedom is ringing in the distance. Real life is begging you to put down your not-so-smart phone and experience the Holy Goodness of the moment. Life is begging you to put down your mad search for more answers and fixes and books (most that you’ll never use or read anyway) and actually experience how what has been there all along is probably your best key to set you free. Freedom is generally not in something new, its in what has been there all along. We are addicted to the new thing, the new technique, the new and the next, again and again. Very few people dig deep wells, very few people embody mastery. And the wells that we do have have been clogged with the by products of living in energy neutrality: broken hearts, broken relationships, resentments, myriads of addictions to wine and pornography and significance and accumulation and a belief that we are something. We accumulate a wardrobe of masks, all of which continue to cover the grandeur of your most natural, naked, and Innate self.

Energy neutrality avoids the “work” associated with sowing seeds day after day, week after week, that will eventually yield fruit. Energy neutral is so afraid of failure, it won’t even sow the seeds. It never grows roots. If it does sow the seeds, it might then jump to another field or another crop because it is always judging external results and acceptance as proof of success. It does not have a deep connection to purpose, passion, and the laws of manifestation that are always at work. Meanwhile, the seeds under the ground, are saying: “Really, dude?! Can’t you just trust that we got this figured out? Water us, at just the right time, we’ll pop!” Energy neutral does not have patience. It does not have perseverance. Or, it may embody those qualities but its patient and persevering in the things that don’t work. Or, worse, we are just so patient, we feel we don’t deserve an amazing life. We persevere in our pessimism.

In our culture, we say, “Oh, I am so stressed. There is so much stress.” To some extent I agree and built a career on this question of stress and how to help human beings transform stress. The research on stress is unequivocal. It breaks us down. Its literally killing most people. However, there is a deeper dimension to the discussion. If all we want to do is reduce stress all we’ll get is energy neutrality. That is another way of saying, “I want to predict my life and feel safe.” That is energy neutral at best. Its a whole other animal to transform ourselves into stress eating machines that become whirling dervishes of love on this planet. If you pull back the curtain on stress, its our addictive reactivity and avoidance of actually living that keeps feeding the hungry ghost of your own madness. Stress is a code word for fear, and we build lives around avoiding fear. We spend lifetimes never living. This is energy neutral, at best. It breaks my heart. It fuels me to write this blog, when I could just as easily avoid the pain of someone rejecting my work. Please, stop being neutral boring. Live.

I mentioned one of my earlier “spiritual mentors” last week, Father Thomas Keating. He said that most people live as if God is absent, and in this perceived absence we lose that vigor and vitality of an accountability of our souls that says, “I. AM. HERE. And I WANT to LIVE.”  Now, if you are a materialist reductionist atheist (not so fun at a party), you’ll think what I am saying is total BS. Did you know that there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that this is a random meaningless universe? There is amazing beautiful science to suggest that this universe is far more mysterious, far more connected, and far more meaningful than we ever imagined. We miss it. In our energy neutrality, we miss that. And we discount, again and again, how immensely powerful, beautiful, and influential we actually are.

Energy neutral means that there is enough energy in our system to get by, but its used to maintain the status quo. Its used to maintain our identity, its used to keep life the same. Its all about models and maps and beliefs and practices that maintain security, certainty, and significance. It may help us feel connected to some degree, but it does not produce real love and intimacy. Its a dangerous game, however. In truth, in any living system, we are oscillating back and forth between stability and instability and NOTHING EVER STAYS THE SAME. However, in an Energy Rich, or ENERGY SUPER RICH system (a body, an ecosystem, an economy), we transmute and transform that instability into energy for growth. In energy neutrality, eventually things breakdown. They may stay the “same” superficially, but there is no feeling of flow or fulfillment. Because energy neutral avoids pain and problems, it never gets to actually heal and transform the PATTERN that gave rise to the problem. When you know the game of changing patterns, you know its actually FUN. Its not easy, but living when you know the game is FUN.

Energy neutrality is a poor substitute for life because the only way to be happy, Deeply Happy in your Bone Marrow, is to REALLY love, to truly grow as a person, and to give to something MUCH bigger than you. Energy neutrality’s motto, “I just want to maintain what I have.” Energy neutrality will swap life for safety, confusing the two. In a work or career situation, energy neutral will stay in a dried up and tired job because it keeps you safe, even though your soul is calling for more. Energy neutral will block a creative solution that is just around the corner. Energy rich ALWAYS finds a way through. Energy neutral can’t do that because its focus is in the other direction.  Energy neutral stuffs your voice under the carpet so you don’t have to stand out too much. Energy neutral makes lame excuses for not living. The fact is, you MAY need to keep that job to pay your bills and support your kids, however, don’t postpone your happiness by making that your excuse to not live! Bring your passions alive! Dance. Live. Serve the homeless. Find a vocation that serves your soul. Energy neutral is perfectionistic. Perfectionism is a culturally acceptable form of cowardice, where we live in stories about how we are supposed to magically be perfect before we step forward in life.

Energy neutral seeks to fit in and be culturally acceptable, and we can see this everywhere. Its a flatland where we put political correctness and broad-based acceptance ahead of being who we really are. Chiropractors know this all too well. In health care, we will seek, and practice, modalities, that seek to help people stay the same or avoid pain rather than actually breaking through into a whole new version of who they are that makes the “issue” obsolete. Incredible techniques (hello chiropractors) will dumb themselves down to be acceptable to the medical middle ground. Stop that! In energy neutrality, We want to return to a prior state where we did not have an uncomfortable or disruptive symptom or situation. In energy rich we say, OK – here I am. What an I meant to learn? How can I use this for good? How can I create a whole new set of possibilities. Change the question, change the energy field. Listen, there is NOTHING wrong with healing pain and uncomfortable symptoms. HOWEVER, if we don’t go a step further and actually change who we are, if you don’t get the lesson and grow, its all energy neutral. If someone is ill with a catastrophic illness by all means pursue wise and prudent care. At the same time, realize that all life situations, even the ones that can hurt the most, can call us into massive energy resources so we can recreate a new meaning for life and in the process wake us, and a whole lot of other people, UP. Consider this, if everything is working FOR YOU, how could this situation be used for your highest good? That is the difference. If you were not scared, what would you do? When we are energy rich, we INCLUDE smart and practical choices, we just transcend the limitations of the situation to embody NEW resources that set us free as people.

If you look at the most important change agents in history, none of them followed the rule book. They re-wrote the rule book. In an energy neutral consciousness, we, generally, like to kill people like that. Or, we just sit there and become critics. Here is a great energy neutral practice: become a critic. Of people. Of things. Of books. Of blogs. And, then, don’t do anything to create what you want to see. Just criticize others who dare to step into the arena and get their faces dirty. Hide behind political affiliation, religious orientation, class, caste, and belief. Don’t actually step up yourself. Being a critic is so easy, and it defines energy neutrality. Its spineless and most assuredly NOT sexy. I may not agree with everyone, but I totally celebrate the courage it takes to step up, take a lead, and speak your voice. I used to be a critic. Ironically 3 of the most important people in my life I criticized and picked apart so I did not actually have to be vulnerable. I was really smart, and I had a sharp edged with that can pick apart anything and sound right. Then, in my loneliness (being right all the time is lonely), Life, took a loving foot and kicked my butt. Donny Epstein. Tony Robbins. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I bow to you all. God has a sense of humor. Energy rich has a code of honor whose behavior does not need to protect. Its vulnerability is its strength.

It takes a lot of energy, and a lot of heart to throw down your truth. Let me break something to you: when you do that you are going to help others. You are going to start fires of passion. Its going to feel exciting and alive. And critics will attack you. They will say things about you directly or indirectly. When you are energy rich or better, that actually fuels you. Its nothing to be afraid of. You take that energy in, and convert it into useable clean burning fuel and it deepens your yearning and hunger and desire to Give All for Love’s Sake. In that state, you feel this incredible passion and compassion to love the critics, to shine so bright, their smart defenses melt in the transfigured Face of Love. Every day to be alive is beautiful. If you are afraid of critics, or of disappointing others, you’ll put a big fat rubber stopper on your life and it will, eventually, hurt. It will not work. Worse, you are simply lowering the bar on what’s possible for all of us as you buy into people who are energy neutral at best anyway. If you are reading this, and this pings something in you, its time to step up. I may be a bit crazy, but I’ll be right there with you.

Energy neutrality abhores decisions and commitments. It avoids them. You want a tool to shift out of neutrality? Commit. Decide. Resolve. Break the chains to the cycles of emotions that hold you back. When that energy of being sick and tired of how we have been living hits its end stage, it cries, “Enough of THIS! I Deserve so much more! This World deserves so much more! I take my PASSION, COURAGE, VOICE, BODY, and HEART BACK!” Our hearts crack open and the light pours in (and out). Then, I promise, you’ll find a way. If you are willing to then walk past all those old voices, all those tired old stories, all the static of that chatterbox, something seemingly magical will happen. You’ll find the energy of RESOLVE that seems to come from somewhere else. You’ll know what David felt as he faced Goliath. You’ll know a flow of energy you did not know you had. Your soul will cry, if you’ll take the plunge past energy neutral, “I AM SO READY! BRING IT ON!” Then, and only then, will you finally ACCEPT all of yourself. Then and only then can you truly, in your cells, resolve all that garbage you thought was the problem. A shocking discovery floods your awareness, and you realize none of it was garbage. It was your fertilizer. It was your fuel. You just needed the energy to shift your meaning, your focus, and your physiology. Everything is different now. You are illumined with the fire of the sacred warrior kings and queens….galloping on the Horse of Love. The sky opens. There is so much space, there is so much possibility. Things start manifesting….effortlessly. Coincidence. Synchroncity. “So, THAT’s what they were talking about”, you’ll one day say. “Woah. It WAS REAL! Love is REAL.” Your heart will cry with tears of joy. Serendipity will pave your path. The jukebox of old tired stories and non-stop chatter gets recycled, and the orchestra of your heart, that has been dying to play your whole life, kicks on. The conductor of your Soul steps up on her podium and starts creating magic. You find your tribe, you’ll find your peeps. You’ll never walk alone.

For you NWCC practice members and anyone else who practices SRI, you’ll pick up that I just described the transition from Stage 3 into 4, 5, 6, 7, and into 8. What the genius of SRI does is to allow us to have an incredible tool kit to actually experience this and a map to follow so that we know the pitfalls and potentials of this amazing path of life.

There was a beautiful article I once read by a nurse who helped the dying transition. She made a beautiful observation, over the years as she tracked what those on the threshold of this world and the Next. None of them talked about wishing they had worked more. None of them talked about feel secure and safe. The universal themes were: I wish I had spent more time with my children. I wish I had forgiven. I wish I had followed my passion more. I wish I had celebrated more. They were not saying: God, I am so glad I followed the rules. I am so played I played it safe. I am so glad I worked 70 hours a week in a job that sucked my soul, at least my kids got to go to “good schools” because God knows I was not there. No one, at the end of their life, is grateful that they lived energy neutral.

Join me in this triumphant march past and through energy neutral right into your Energy Rich awesomeness. I vision an energy rich world, and I know its possible. I personally feel its our destiny if we step up. Will you step up with me? Come. Lets do this. Find the resources you need, and take action, commit, resolve. Join me at NWCC, if that is your calling. If not, that is fine, too, as there are other beautiful ways.

If you are a practice member, join me at our next Immersion Day Long Retreat – Feb 21st. Its all about shifting from energy neutral to energy rich, and you’ll have a clear map, path, and tools to make it happen. Best part is the community you’ll be part of. We extended our early bird pricing until February 17, my birthday. See you there!

Another great opportunity to step into energy rich is to join Donny Epstein and his staff at the “Transformational Gate” in Denver Colorado this month. “Gates” as they are affectionately called are powerful, immense events that have always been life transforming for me and my family. Donny is a living master, and I encourage you to spend time with people like him. for more info.

Listen, I love each of you dearly, regardless of the form our relationship takes. Love knows no bounds! I pray for you all daily, and we are always connected in a web of Grace.


Dr. Matt



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