Headaches. Having headaches IS a headache. And I know personally how awful chronic headaches can be. I used to get them DAILY. That is right DAILY. And I was supposed to know everything about health and wellness. Oops.

Its funny, when we were in school learning about all the different types of headaches – sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraine headaches, cerebral vascular accident headaches…and all of this is valid. And, in my clinical experience the vast majority of headaches have NOTHING to do with your head.

That’s right, most headaches don’t have a lot to do with your head. Sure, your head hurts, your muscles in your jaw and at the base of your skull are tense, but the causes are farther upstream. In my estimation, aside from the scary boogey-men of headaches (tumors, strokes, etc), 80-90% of headaches are stress related. In fact, one recent study stated that 90% of most doctor visits are stress related.

So, no we are swimming a bit upstream – stress. Stress goes into the nervous system and creates a tension loop that leads to poor posture, muscle tension, strain on the spinal cord, heightened pain sensitivity, decreaed ability to handle stress, and an imbalanced immune system. All of these factors play into headaches.

For all of you smart folks who are wondering about chemical senitivities – you are RIGHT! Chemical stress, pollution, allergies – these are also forms of stress! Much of it we can’t get away from, but we sure can improve the water we drink the food we eat, and the environment of our home and car. And, the lowest common denominator of help heal the effects of chronic chemical stress is still addressing the spine.

I won’t belabor the point. Just remember what Hippocrates said (he was the Founder of modern Medicine) “Look first to the spine in health and disease.” Wow, you would have thought Hippocrates was a chiropractor! Or, perhaps, he knew what we know and that the master controller of everything is your brain and nervous system and that stress creates interference to this system which creates things like headaches.

One more thing – people with headaches RARELY just have headaches. They often also feel spacey, brain fogged, dull, they might feel some memory problems, have trouble with sleeping, have seasonal allergies, snoring problems, ringing in the ears, and itchy eyes. How is that? These are the other “symptoms” that show up when we have interference in the upper cervical spine due to unresolved stress.

Big picture – Heal the stress that is causing your defense posture and heal your pain while creating an amazing life with more energy, clarity, focus, joy, and happiness.

Love and wellness,

Dr. Matt

PS – Here is what one very happy practice member just shared with us: “Network Spinal Analysis care is gentle yet deep, working not only my physical body, but my mental and spiritual body as well. Something I noticed the first couple of weeks of care was that my headaches had gone from 3-4 a week to maybe once a week and with much less intensity. Headaches were so much a part of my life, that I truly didn’t think anything would really work to make them go away for good. I’m happy to say I’ve worked with Dr. Lyon for about 4 months now, and can’t recall my last headache. Now that’s a miracle!! Thank you Dr. Lyon and Lynn!!‎”

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