The great philosopher Ayn Rand presented the following idea that, to me, is the foundation of all health: whenever our life is incongruent on any level, we face some proportionate level of destruction. Life is dynamic – its an evolutionary system that is either growing forward and making progress or it is moving backwards. Nothing stays the same.

In wellness, we have to first work with a master who can help us see where in our life behaviors, structures, and perceptions we are incongruent. Any and all change requires a behavior shift, a perceptual shift and a structural shift. Everything is connected and everything matters. When our life choices are out of harmony with our deeper values , we experience pain, dis-ease and breakdown.

The latest research into sustained change and healing points to the fact that we need to bring all aspects of this triad of change into harmony – structure, perception, and behavior. Further, when we focus on our strengths and have the right coaching, guidance, and practices we can absolutely heal ourselves on every level. There is no doubt about this.

As a doctor of chiropractic and expert acupuncture practitioner here in Charlotte NC, I am driven by a deep burning desire to help you heal on every level. If all I did was take away your headaches, yet we didn’t learn what was beneath them, would I have really helped you? If all we accomplish is short term band aid and sacrifice your deep long term healing and personal growth, we have missed a golden opportunity to potentially “save your life”. There are lots of ways to save lives – my personal approach to this is healing on every level so you can maximize your internal well being, your internal resourcefulness and your ability to contribute to life. You can save your own life by making it a masterpiece. Master congruency in your life and you cannot help but have a masterpiece life – AND experience deep and lasting healing of your headaches, back pain, neck pain, and chronic fatigue.

We practice Re-Organizational Healing – meaning we honor the inherent need we all have to not only heal our symptoms but to learn from them and adapt and evolve as needed. Every pain, every challenge, every obstacle is instructive and adaptive. We live in a quick fix commercialized culture where we are lead to believe that health is the absence of symptoms. This is completely false. Health is the presence of life, awareness, vitality, self-regulation, congruence and is the optimal expression of this Health in physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of our life.

Why settle for anything less? Its your life. There is nothing more precious than your health and wellness. Nothing.

Too many people die at age 40, and are not buried until they are 85!

What I love is that moving towards health, healing, and optimal human performance can be simple, affordable, and fun. I know, I practice this daily.

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Dr. Matt

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