I just got out of bed to write this post. As I was meditating on the wonderful day I just had, I had to share this.

So many people told us Charlotte wasn’t the right town. They told us Charlotte was too old school and that we were better off in Seattle or LA or Asheville. They told us Charlotte was dead. They told us people were closed here.  They said Charlotte might not be ready for our unique brand of wellness and healing. “They” could not have been more wrong. Charlotte is filled with leaders and movers and shakers and change agents, and we are psyched to be among them. People are open, receptive, and ready. Charlotte is on the verge of a massive shift – towards integral and holistic thinking, towards sustainability and towards truly connected communities. It is on the verge of a new wave of wellness.

I just spent this afternoon at Yoga for Life’s grand opening. Karen Williams, the new owner is a great example of a local leader who IS the shift. After 21 years as an attorney with the Bank of America she is creating the structure that will help transform Charlotte by taking Yoga for Life (www.yogaforlifecharlotte.com/) forward in a massive way. At her grand opening I met so many amazing and inspirational leaders. People like life coach Karen McMillan (www.kdcmcmillan.com) who is leading the charge in exploring consciousness in business, health, and society through social media and a successful life coaching practice. Phenomenal. I am inspired, excited, and charged with energy. The tribe is emerging and coalescing.

So how does a leading edge chiropractic wellness clinic fit into all of this? My unique approach to chiropractic and healing here in Charlotte, NC helps get rid of headaches, backaches, neck aches, hip aches, and all kind of aches.  It helps people heal from stress related problems like digestive disorders. It helps give you more energy and feel more flexible. But there is LOTS more. Our work has been scientifically shown to dramatically improve the quality of life and life enjoyment. Further, according to research conducted at the University of Irvine medical college, our specific healing applications helps people feel more connected, more in touch with their inner wisdom, and more connected to Spirit. “Wow, I had no idea!”So, what does this all mean for Charlotte? Keep reading….

We brought our work here to not only help Charlotteans heal from pain, stress, and trauma – we came to be part of this growing tribe of leaders creating real change in the community. Change in business. Change in urban planning. Change in food consumption and production. Change in social service. Change in environmental sustainability. Change in awareness. Change in healing. We came to bring tools that would help Charlotte heal from pain, and perhaps more importantly, find the tools and inner wisdom to live a life without limits, with a feeling of empowerment, passion, connection, and inspiration. Studies show that our work triples the benefit of other wellness activities such as yoga, exercise, diet changes, and other wellness activities.

We came to Charlotte to bring our unique Network Chiropractic so that the Queen City can become all it can. We came so that we might help Charlotteans experience powerful wellness care at its best AND to have tools to experience conscious embodied awakening. And its totally possible. In fact its happening right now.

Join us. I am filled with gratitude and light over the abundance of great people, powerful minds, and loving souls here.

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