If you have ever woken up to the teary eyes of your child screaming in pain from an ear infection, then keep reading. Or, perhaps you keep waking up to see your kids beautiful eyes filled with tears again because they have another ear infection….again.

Watch the video here if you are interested in safe, gentle, and drug and surgery free ways to not only help your child stop having ear infections but you would also like to boost their immune system so they are stronger, more resilient, miss less time from school and have fewer doctor visits.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes we make with our kids and their ear infections:

1. We give them antibiotics – again, and again, and again.
2. We feed our kids in a way that make them prone to infections
3. We get tubes implanted when we don’t really need to
4. We think it is a normal part of childhood
5. We forget that a strong and vibrant immune system is your child’s natural state

So, what can we do? Ideally, we don’t just want our kids to NOT have ear infections, we want them to have OPTIMAL and RADIANT HEALTH. We want them to enjoy life, succeed, thrive, and BE the EXTRAORDINARY little humans that they are, while enjoying each moment to the max. That is what we want. Below, lets look at how we can do that.

1. Understand the things (AKA Immuno-Toxins) that cause problems with your child’s immune system. These are 1) Smoking, drinking, or drug use during pregnancy; 2) Prescription or over the counter drugs while pregnant; 3) Pain relieving drugs during labor; 4) Childhood over vaccination; 5) Childhood use of antibiotics; 6) childhood exposure to heavy metals and pesticides.
2. Clean up the diet. Get rid of processed junk and sugars. Stop using sugar as a bargaining tool or to make friends with your kids – if you want to significantly freak yourself out about the hazards of sugar, please go to http://www.nancyappleton.com/NA144reasons.html for 144+ scientific articles on how sugar can ruin your child’s
(and your) life.
3. Stop over medicating: study after study has shown that continual antibiotic use actually paves the way for more infections and causes antibiotic resistant bacteria! A great study from the Netherlands looked at 240 kids over a 2 year period. When the kids had inner ear infections they were prescribed a placebo OR amoxycillin. The kids on the antibiotics still had symptoms after 4 days and only 13% had less symptoms of pain. There were no differences in pain duration, crying, or ear exam findings. Another double blind with 171 kids study looked at surgery, antibiotics, and doing nothing in order to treat ear infections. There was no difference between the groups in terms of pain, discharge, temperature, hearing loss, or ear exam findings.
4. Your child’s spine and posture is an incredible indicator of how often they will get sick and get ear infections. An 18 year study of 4600 cases of Upper Respiratory Infections found that when the upper neck vertebrae were not moving properly, ear infections occurred. When the spine motion was restored, further complications did not develop. Another study showed that 46 kids receiving gentle chiropractic care for ear infections did very well – 93% of cases improved, with 75% within 10 days and 43% with only 1 or 2 adjustments.
5. Chiropractic care improves drainage through the Eustachian tube. Implantation of tubes is only needed when there is an abnormally shaped tube. Gentle chiropractic adjustments improve the flow of drainage and therefore help heal and reduce the risk of ear infections.
6. Gentle chiropractic for babies and kids is an amazing tool to radically boost and supercharge immune function. A stronger immune function means less sick days, healthier, happier, and more vibrant kids. It also means less drugs, less prescriptions, and fewer doctor visits.

Stress in kids, poor diet, and poor posture keep the nervous system and spine locked in a loop which slows the drainage form the ears and decreases immune function. Clean up the diet, find great tools for stress, and heal posture and spine problems and you can say good bye to late night wake ups from your crying little angel.

Network Spinal Analysis, AKA Network Chiropractic, is an exceptionally gentle approach with none of the cracking, twisting, and popping associated with “traditional” chiropractic. Kids and moms love it.

To learn more, watch the video here or come and see us at the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte. Call 704-909-7130 to make an appointment.

Love and wellness,

Dr. Matt Lyon, DC

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