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Earth Fare’s Wellness University with Dr. Matt Lyon and Lynn Lyon, LCSW

Every Wednesday night starting at 6:30pm join us at Earth Fare so you can earn your own personal “masters degree” in Wellness. Become a master of your own life with tools and strategies that will take the guesswork out of healing, stress-busting, happiness, health, vitality, radiant energy, and mental focus.

Its the new year and its time to get the help you need to fulfill your new year goals and dreams.

Dr Matt and Lynn Lyon are the founders of the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte

Wednesday January 6th“What Happy People Know.” Learn the basics of wellness with this foundation lecture that helps you understand what balanced and happy people know. Basics on nutrition, food choices, supplements, stress reduction, and wellness practices that can make a HUGE difference in your life, NOW.

Wednesday January 13th“5 Secrets to a Stress-Free Life.” Stress affects all of us. Did you know we have about 500 times the stress our great grandparents did? We’ll teach the stress mastery formula with basic tools you can use everyday for only minutes at a time to turn stress into something positive that actually fuels your life!

Wednesday January 20th“Nutrition 101.” The simple, non nonsense approach to eating to support your mind, body, and life. We’ll examine some of the myths of dieting and food choices and empower you to GET healthy and STAY healthy for a lifetime.

Wednesday January 27th“What your pain is REALLY about.” This is an enlightening lecture what pain really means in our lives and how you can begin to heal yourself with wellness basics.

Wednesday February 3rd – “Help and Hope for Women (and Men) With Fatigue.” An in depth look at how to reclaim our energy once and for all and to be able to flow effortlessly through all of life’s ups and downs. Fatigue can make us feel run down, burned out, and hopeless. Learn basic tools (nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise) to get your energy back and KEEP it.

Wednesday February 10th – “Turning the tides on Depression and Brain Fog” – an intimate discussion on natural and complementary approaches to depression with Dr. Lyon and psychotherapist Lynn Lyon. Simple, evidence based, and no nonsense advice for healing your body, mending your mind, and feeling happy. We’ll talk about nutrition, psychology, mind body therapies, and more. A powerful and hope-filled evening.

Wednesday February 17th – “The Sacred Seasons of Healing: Part I” Join us on a journey into the heart of health, wellness, and your best life. We condense decades of experience and research into a powerful evening lecture that will empower you to move towards what you want in your life and to leave behind everything that is holding you back.

Wednesday February 24th – “The Sacred Seasons of Healing: Part II” In this second part of this powerful lecture, we’ll look at how to experience true radiant wellness, glowing vitality, and a clear mind most of the time in every aspect of your life. We’ll also help integrate ALL of the concepts discussed in our 8 week series so you have a clear plan of action for your best year yet!

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