Chiropractic Treatments

2The Essence of Charlotte’s Network Chiropractic:

The essence and soul of our practice is in provide to highest level of reorganizational chiropractic care to our practice members and their families so that you can get well and stay well for a lifetime.

Here is our core philosophy and premise: the healthy expression of the Innate Intelligence within each of our bodies depends on the clarity and capacity of the nervous system. How you heal, how you change, how you make a breakthrough, and how much you enjoy your life are completely dependent on this.

The problem for all of us is that stress of all types breaks this system down. When this happens, we can no longer keep up with the demands of life and we experience breakdown and dis-ease. Hidden blocks in our body’s self-healing start to emerge. This leads to a number of symptoms and problems.

As a chiropractor, my mission and approach will help you optimize the reorganizational energy within your body so you can live a happier, healthier, connected, and more evolved life. We accomplish this by finding the hidden blocks within your body. This has a very pragmatic effect: you can get better, heal, and STAY better. By uncovering the hidden blocks that are holding you back, you can actually get on the road to healing and feeling great.

We practice a progressive and evidence-based chiropractic approach called Network Spinal Analysis. Network looks at the relationship between the brain, spine and nervous system. We look at how the patterns of tension and stress in our body may be holding you back and creating hidden blocks to your healing. Once this is determined, we can use gentle, precise contacts along the spine to catalyze the body to unwind and reorganize this stored energy.

Ultimately, the experience and quality of your life depends on the ability of your nervous system to communicate with your body. Your ability to heal depends on the ability of your nervous system to communicate with your body. Our work is based on helping that communication be more efficient, more effective, and more responsive.

Thanks to modern neuroscience, quantum physics, and developments in our understanding of how stress affects health, we can catalyze miracles of healing. We are able to integrate current understandings of neuroscience and physiology to help you get well and stay well. We use very cutting edge technology to help understand your conditions and challenges and how you are currently handling the stresses in your life. This way we can predict with a high degree of certainty and accuracy what will support you best.

As a family and community-centered practice, we also offer numerous opportunities at our office to learn and grow. These include monthly Somato Respiratory Integration workshops and various wellness education topics.

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