Its all about growth, change, and becoming more than we were. Often, stress, pain, trauma, and heartache get us to the point where we are ready to make a major shift. In our model, we prefer to help people move to what they want in their lives. We want them to move towards a new, healthy, youthful body and a clear, calm, and focused mind (all of which is totally possible, by the way). We are not interested in bringing you to who you were just before your painful symptoms started. In this model, you CAN heal your pain AND have a much better quality of life than you ever thought possible. We use your struggles to help heal you. Or, rather, you yourself learn tools to connect with what is so very right in you so that you can heal from the core.

Its all about coaching. Lynn and I are as much coaches as we are wellness educators as we are clinicians. Its not about what we do “to you” its about how you can connect to your own body, heal yourself, and become more autonomous. Karen McMillan is a life coach in Charlotte who I have blogged about before. She is the real deal. She is working with you the same we are working with you. And it works. Check her out at My intention is that she will join with us in the future when we begin offering our life changing weekend workshops.

Charlotte is filled with wisdom, resources, and hope. Join us in the evolution revolution. Let us know how we can serve you – you are always family at our Network Chiropractic clinic here in Charlotte, NC. Oh, and we offer amazing acupuncture as well.

Dr. Matt Lyon

Network Wellness Center of Charlotte


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