It may seem like an odd statement, but the best way you can attain supreme health on every level is to live, embody, and exude creativity!

Most people think of creativity as something a select few in our culture get to experience – artists, musicians, “creative types”. Everyone is creative. Life, is, by its very nature, the dance of creativity. The process of endless and expansive growth and creation. In this process there is the necessary flow of transition, endings, beginnings, challenges, breakthroughs. Just look outside right now. Leaves are dying and falling off the trees. Butterflies are flying around. This universe in its massive and incomprehensible awesomeness is constantly expanding and evolving. So are we. When we *consciously* engage ourselves as little nodes of endless creativity we share in the immense bliss, joy, and excitement of what it is to be Alive in the deepest sense. Yee haw. Gitty up. Creativity is a magic elixir that will bring you phenomenal joy, hope, energy, and goodness. Creativity is the answer to every obstacle you face – whether it is chronic neck pain, a job you hate, parenting, making a financial breakthrough, or healing through illness. I do not mean you need to get out and paint pictures and make music, unless that is your thing. There is so much more to this. Stay with me.

What do you think your immune system does when it faces a viral intruder in your body? It gets creative and springs into action to shut the thing down. Each of us, I have read, has about 10,000 cancer cells in our body at any one time. Guess how your healthy body deals with this? It gets creative and your Natural Killer cells (sounds like a Quinten Terentino film) get their mojo on and get to healing. If you have a herniated disc,  with an adaptable and creative nerve system and spine system you can heal the challenge. Your body, in its creativity, can always find a work-around. Your body, in its immense creativity, is always building new tissues, new cells, new beginnings, and new opportunities. Albert Szent Gyorgyi was a physiologist who won the Nobel prize showing that all cells, in a healthy environment, were constantly pushing the boundaries to evolve to higher states of function, organization, and activity. In other words, in your OPTIMAL Stress FREE environment, you are thriving, growing, and CREATIVE. I once heard Deepak Chopra say that the highest order of health was biological creativity. In other words, we are rocking real vitality and vibrance when our body is loaded with energy and has access to the Innate Wisdom that it is made of to heal, grow, cut, make its own drugs, do its own surgery, get rid of stuff it doesn’t need, kill stuff that is hurting it, and evolve. That is cool. Very cool. Its a liberating ticket to the town called Vibrance. Vibrance and vibration. Your body in its natural state literally vibrates in coherent waves of Life giving energy and information. In this Natural State, you lack nothing. Stress and trauma shut this down. Quick. In tis state of creativity you can live and thrive even in a bit of chaos. In fact, you begin to love challenges, obstacles, and the chance to GROW.

At every pharmacy I drive by, I see these gimmicks to get you in the store to get a flu shot. Just as an observer, don’t you think its odd that you are being incentivized by shopping cards and 25% store discounts to get a “free” flu shot? I do. Listen, I am not going to sound like a crazed fundamentalist chiropractor bemoaning the evils of vaccines. The truth is, from my perspective, its a super complex issue and I don’t have black and white answers. At their heart, vaccines are a great idea. They trying to get your body’s creativity boosted. They are introducing a small amount of an invader to trigger a micro immune response so your body can figure out how to fight them off. Just so you know, vaccines in of themselves don’t do they heavy lifting – your nervous system and immune system do. We are basically trying to force and upload a new creativity program into your immune system. Again, its an attempt to jump start your innate immune creativity. The issues with vaccines, which are way beyond the scope of this blog, are that there is a whole bunch of stuff in those vaccines which are downright dangerous and VERY toxic and in many cases disastrous. As a health care provider I have sat across from MANY families whose kids permanently changed after vaccines. Having said that, every parent and every person needs to do their own due diligence to make the right choice. I’ll never force anything down anyone’s throat, but its VERY important to know that the key is getting your body to be as creative naturally as possible. Its tough to do that when you are force fed awful pharmaceutical propaganda that flu shots equal health. They don’t. Health equals health. Building your immunity naturally so that is optimally creative is health. Just know, there is no such thing as flu seasons. The “bugs” are always there. The difference is that in the fall the day light changes (less vitamin D), less outside time, more closed spaces, more stress (school, holidays, money), more sugar (why do all our holidays support the massive ingestion of the greatest immune suppressor out there – sugar?), and less exercise. When our body is stressed, we lose creativity. Our immune system shuts down, our nervous system locks into defense. Stress is the issue that we need to look at. We actually get less biologically creative during “flu season’ and so the bugs proliferate. Don’t get me wrong, I am not insisting fundamentalist agenda that is completely irrational, I am simply suggesting that supporting your body’s creativity is the smartest move you can make.  There is not an either/or in this situation. Take the best, leave the rest. Get healthy FIRST, then make your vaccine decision.

Since you all want to know “what to do” here are a few suggestions to amp your biological creativity:

1) Master stress or it WILL master you. I know a few amazing ways to do this and my top #1 suggestion is to get your nervous system checked by a wellness chiropractor and find out how to super charge your nervous system and help heal from old stress. The evidence and logic on this is a no-brainer. Your nervous system controls EVERYTHING. It is the central interface through which your energy and information system works.

2) Learn to meditate. I practice TM twice a day every day. The research on this is astounding in its effect to totally transform your stress response. When you read my book this spring (which I know you will 😉 you’ll see how my nervous system needed (and needs) all the help it could get with this due to pretty darn traumatic background. TM practice over time reduces cortisol levels 40+%. Um, hello, who would not want that. Dr. Oz has said that if they could put the benefits of TM into a pill it would be a multibillion dollar drug. It reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack by 40-60%. I am sure other meditation techniques are great, but TM has the hard research. If you are a practice member, let me know and we help you get a large discount (I get no financial benefit from referring, you just get a reduced rate).

3) Hydrate – drink 1/2 your body weight in fresh water every day. Most of the time you are groggy and tired, you are probably dehydrated. 70+% of your body is water. DRINK UP.

4) Get rest. If you are in a situation where that is not easy, see #2 and do it. Just a bit of dysregulation with sleep can totally disempower your brain function and make you feel slightly hung over and foggy most of the time. If you can’t rest well no matter what, talk to a good chiropractor or acupuncturist for help.

5) Just say no to the drug of sugar. It destroys immune function. Our daughter NEVER eats sugar. We are not teetotalers, its just way more fun in life long term to be healthy than to suck back a cupcake or some nasty “soda”. Say no to the fake sweetners, too.

6) Eat simply. If it doesn’t grow on a tree, come from the ground, or was not a grass fed, free ranging critter, don’t do it. I hear the craziest excuses from clients of why Bojangles and McDs is OK for them. EVERYTHING YOU EAT EITHER FEEDS CREATIVITY OR IT DESTROYS it. So, make your choice. What do you want? Eat veggies. Lots of them. Fast food = fruit. If you don’t know how to do this, get help. There is a large number of health coaches and nutritionists and chiropractors that can help you here. Its OK to be clueless, just get help. The less stress you are under, the better lifestyle choices you will make. Research has shown that Network Chiropractic over a period of time changes your food choices for the better. TM has shown similar things.

7) Move your body and get some “asstitude”. Exercise is another one of things, like meditation, like chiropractic care, that pretty much improves EVERYTHING top to bottom. When you move and groove you stimulate your healing response, flush stress hormones, pump that lymphatic tissue, and engage that beautiful heart of yours. Studies show that regular exercise boosts your creativity and intellect. 40 minutes of being sedentary thwarts the ability of your cells to use insulin (um, yeah like in diabetes). MOVE!  What is asstitude you ask? Well, a very cool guy named Joseph Mc Clendon III gives this definition:

Asstitude (ass·ti·tude) [ass·ti·tudes]
1. The positive emotions generated by
the shaking/movement of the gluteus
maximus muscles and hip flexors. 2. The
scientific study of shaking one’s ass as
pertains to one’s joyous feelings.

Who doesn’t want that? If traditional exercise is not your thing then dance, do yoga, whatever – JUST MOVE YOURSELF!

8) Supplement what you don’t get. Good fats, plant based multi vitamin, Vitamin D, probiotics, and other goodies that a qualified health care provider can suggest based on your unique physiology are great ideas. There are amazing things with supplements you can do to improve your capacity to be biologically creative.

9) Love often and much. Love, touch, and community build you in every way possible and studies show that the lack of this shuts your body down. Love is the ultimate creative force. Feeling lonely? Give what you want to get. There are a myriad of ways to serve, love, and create community.

10) Create rhythm in your life that supports you – healthy cycles of engagement and rest, of activity and down time. Say yes when you mean it, say no when you mean it. With kids, keep play groups small if you can. And yes, I am going to say it, wash your hands often with warm water and soap. That hand sanitizer stuff is pretty useless and we have some good evidence that says it may actually worsen our immunity and strengthen bugs (I feel like a grandma named “Madge” writing that but hey, its gotta be said.

Creativity is not just for artists. It is your very nature and its how your body expresses health. So enjoy it. By the way, as a result of many years of meditation and Network Chiropractic care I have seen my creativity explode. I have learned 2 extra languages, learned 2 musical instruments, I am working on a book, and run 3 businesses. I love my life and my family and when I am with them, I find that creative impulse guiding me into true connection, play, and rest.

If you are stuck with any of this, just ask for help. Just in Charlotte alone there are so many great people to help you. Know that at the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte we are always here to greet you with open arms, love, and great creativity. It can help you expand your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Dr. Matt Lyon



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