Greetings Friends:

Thank you all for such positive and warm feedback regarding my last blog. Your feedback helps so much!

I want to briefly cover 2 helpful and healing items: First Aid During Flu Season and I’ll let you know I’ll be taking a personal healing journey with my family for a few weeks. I also wanted to personally invite you to one of my Didgeridoo Healing Meditations on December 4th.

Flu First Aid:

While there is no promise or guarantee of anything protecting you 100% from the flu in my professional and clinical experience your BEST defense is a holistic focus on building your immunity from within naturally and for cultivating a radiant emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. See my last blog for details. If you or someone you love DOES get sick this season here are some recommendations (please contact your health care provider if you experience any symptoms you are concerned about. A blog like can NEVER replace the input and exam by a qualified physician):

  1. Listen to your body and REST. The best thing you can do is to lie down, rest, be still.
  2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. You can add Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar (a potent immune tonic) to your water. 2 T 3 times per day is really helpful.
  3. Use essential oils. The best ones are known by different names but they are all a variation on the old “thieves oil” (names because the thieves that robbed the homes of the ill during various pandemics used the oil to protect themselves from getting sick).
  4. In terms of homeopathic medicine, there are a couple remedies I love if you don’t have access to a qualified and credentialed natural health care provider trained in these things: Oscillococcinum is wonderful. Have it on hand. Take it is as soon as you feel symptoms. Sinusalia is wonderful for any sinus infection. Take it is as soon as you feel symptoms.
  5. Neti-Pots are wonderful for any URTI. I actually prefer the Neli-Med bottle sold in pharmacies (Much easier to use) and I like to use Baraka’s essential oil infused oil. You can also buy this locally in Charlotte at Be Yoga Carmel.
  6. Vitamin C – food based Vitamin C is wonderful. Think of it like an AID station for your immune cells running a marathon. I like Innate Formulas (sold in our office) or HealthForce (sold in health food stores). Both are 100% raw food based. Products like Emergen-C are OK, just don’t go too much beyond 3,000 – 4,000 mg. You can get very loose stools with high doses.
  7. Proteolytic enzymes – think of these as little “Pac-Mans” coursing through your system eating up all the inflammatory gunk produced when you are sick. They are natural ways to speed the healing process and reduce soreness and the overall “A Mack truck just drove into my living room and ran me over.” I like Transformations enzymes and we have those in my office. If you don’t have access to those, Wobenzyme is great and can be bought at any health food store.
  8. If you know how to meditate, this is a GREAT time to get the deep rest and regeneration provided by meditation. You can do it lying down if you need. If you can, its a great time to journal any stressful thoughts or situations in your life. Get clear on anything that has been “weighing” you down. Getting sick is often Nature’s best recipe for helping us Slow Down, Pay Attention, and Make Changes.
  9. Epsom salt baths with essential oils are wonderful to help increase blood flow and detox the body of the crud produced during immune response.
  10. If you can, get your spine checked and adjusted by a well-trained, holistically minded and mindful chiropractor. It really boosts the immune system by stimulating a blast of immune cells.

Healing Journey For Dr. Matt

 I am very grateful to be able to take 3 weeks to travel with my family and take some much desired healing and restful time. I’ll write more when I get back regarding my experience, so for now suffice it to say, I am thrilled to actually be taking a longer chunk of time to deeply replenish, re-organize, and re-invigorate. We are very excited to honor the calling to voyage into the “wilderness” and do some Deep Work.Lynn and I have an amazing opportunity to do very deep and sacred healing work on many levels, and we are excited to share that together and with our daughter.

I am THRILLED at the radiant possibilities of new and refreshed energy at NWCC when I return.

In the meantime, TWO of my favorite NETWORK chiropractors will be in town helping me and serving you while I am gone. Brynne Gingras and Daniel Mick are absolute ANGELS and I let them (and beg them) to work on me and my family. They are technically exceptional, they are mentally and emotionally PRESENT, and they have impeccable ethics and empathic hearts. I would not let many people come and work in our sacred NWCC space, and I am so grateful they are supporting our whole community. I strongly encourage you to keep your appointments while I am gone as you’ll get something new and wonderful from each NETWORK practitioner you work with. Each brings their own gifts and personalities and yet the technique is the same, so you can expect a beautiful and healing experience to help advance your life, your spinal strategies and your sacred care.

I’ll be gone November 16 through December 2. I’ll be back Thursday Dec 3.

Please join me for a Deep Stretch Sound Healing Journey with Wendy Swanson at Be Yoga on December 4th at 7pm. These events always sell out, so if you’d like to join us for a special and powerful evening of healing and opening, join us and register at

Much Love,

Dr. Matt



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