Dear friends:

One of the greatest barriers to authentic happiness, true health, and a self-actualized human being is…..unfinished business.

After 25 years of helping people heal, wake up, and transform their lives I can say with certainty that healing is much less about: the right vitamins, the right supplements, the perfect posture, the “subluxation free” spine, the perfect exercise, the perfect diet, and the right “guru” to fix what ails you. Although these things can all help facilitate health, in of themselves they are nothing.

Thousands of clients, a thorough and continuous review of the scientific evidence, my deep practice of a path called a Course in Miracles, and my own story of healing a chronic illness has show me, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it is our unfinished business that clogs the pipes. Unfinished business in the form of anger, anxiety, depression, guilt, and resentment literally lowers your frequency, and from a quantum science perspective all disease is a lowering of frequency. The body is actually neutral – its a template upon which your energy is written.

There are things and diseases that people go through that I have no easy answer for, and to that I can only say that there is a rich meaning for everything, even when it appears cloaked behind a confusing veil. Forgiveness is still the answer. Dis-ease is always a lowering of frequency.

You can have the best diet, juice until you are green, exercise for an Ironman, and meditate until  you don’t have a shadow, yet until we truly let our minds be healed through the authentic practice of forgiveness we never really embody Real Health. To me, the ultimate health is an unfettered state of joyful Inner peace which effortlessly extends love and miraculous energy to the world. Real health is a mind that has shed anxious self-consciousness and, instead, embodies Love-consciousness. That may sound woo-woo, but its true. For the last 80 years, a study done at Harvard has looked to answer the question of “what makes a really great life?” To dramatically simplify the answer it is LOVE. (see for more)

The less we forgive, the more tense we are. The more perfectionistic we have to be. The more we “try” to be good. The more we personalize. The more alone we feel. The sicker we are. The more we hurt. The more we seek “out there” for that magic “something or someone” that will be a healing salve. Its like taking an antibiotic for a virus – its the wrong medicine. Its exhausting, and some point, sooner or later, the gig will be up and we come to an end of ourselves. Thats when Grace pours in.

Forgiveness is the key, the medicine. All medicine, when properly applied, simply enhances the body’s ability to heal itself. Alternative practitioners think they have the monopoly on this, but ultimately all proper medicine simply removes the blocks and enhances the body’s life giving and self-healing properties. Forgiveness does this because it frees the most powerful healer you could ever encounter – your own mind. Forgiveness UNDOES crappy beliefs, old emotional knots, psychic entanglements, and tedious tension.

Forgiveness increases your frequency and opens the door to a well with Water that truly quenches your thirst.

There is no one more deserving of your own forgiveness than yourself. Guilt and shame are cement blocks affixed to your feet, holding you in place. What stays stagnant deteriorates, and you, my sweet friend, are born to Manifest the Most Glorious Light you can imagine. Own your life, clean up any messes, and re-write your story. You own that and you can make your story whatever you want it to be. You are the author. Thus YOU alone have authority. We cant get that, however, until we forgive. Forgive, for real.

I speak from experience. I have been broken, shattered, facing my own end, some days not wanting to be alive anymore. Forgiveness sets us free. Forgiveness heals. I can share thousands of stories with you of forgiveness amidst the most awful scenarios. It doesn’t yield perfection, as perfection is a construct of your mind, but it does yield deep, resonant, and radiant happiness. And thats all we have ever wanted. Ever. And when we forgive it unleashes a torrent of goodness into places, people, lives, and situations that we can’t see as we don’t yet have the eyes for that. Don’t take my word, find out for yourself.

When we forgive, we give. We realize that the only thing lacking is what we are not giving. We can forgive the deepest hurts, because we have a Guide and Love that goes with us and guides us. We are never alone. Sometimes forgiveness may mean having healthy boundaries with the most challenging folks, and that is OK. We are free and we set them free. We can finally and permanently LET GO.

Here is the tough part though – we have to see through our own illusions. There are many traps and illusions and one of the big ones is that oftentimes we’d rather be right than heal. Ouch. We’d rather win over the judge and jury than actually heal, than actually be happy. I know, I had to face this myself. And then I just got so tired of the story, and of the pain that came with it, I didn’t care what it cost me. I was going to walk as a free man. And I do. I am free. Just as Spirit created me. And you are too.

I love you.

I’d love to hang out with you and share more, and hear your story. Please come this Friday at 6:30 to my office for a no charge workshop on how to heal yourself on every level. We’ll cover the science, psychology, and energetics of deep healing. It costs you nothing and you just might discover everything you’ve been looking for. If you are a former client or have been before, I warmly invite you to come. Big changes are happening at NWCC (more will be revealed over the next 2 months). Our work is dramatically changing and maturing and I’d love to share it with you. If you are new to me and my work, this is a great time to get together and see how we can support you to cross the bridge to True Wellness.

You can RSVP with the following link:

Also, July 8, I am hosting a day long retreat at our office called, Soulstice: Awakening Miracles in Your Life. It goes from 9-5pm, and we’ve extended our discounted price through this week of $199 (normally $399). We’d LOVE TO HAVE YOU. Email Laura at if you’d like to come.

I love you all.

Dr. Matt Lyon

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