I love that word. Fortitude.

Its one of the “7 Graces”, and its really important. Its mission critical.


Rollo May, the great existential psychologist, stated that the most important of all human emotions is courage. Courage is the requisite energy and emotion that helps us “cross the river” of who we were across to who we are called to be. Any situation in life that we face requires courage.

Fortitude is what keeps us in the game. Its the inner essence of the soul. In the warriors journey to peace, healing, and progress we start with courage, but what we really learn is fortitude.

Fortitude is what allows us to move through pain, obstacles, challenges, setbacks, failures, fears, and illusions with CONFIDENCE and PEACE. Courage comes from the heart and gives us strength in the external world. Fortitude is of the soul and gives us strength and peace and humble confidence on the inner plane.

Fortitude is the marrow of our backbone.

I am writing a quick blog here because I want to go watch fortitude in action. The “paraolympic trials” for swimming are happening right now. American athletes with “disabilities” are playing full out to gain a slot on the Olympic team. This week I was swimming with few of them. No legs, birth defects, paraplegic. They show me fortitude and courage as they enter the arena and dive into a full life. Disabled they are not, enabled they are. Filled with fortitude the are showing the hidden power of the mind to overcome the body, the are showing the healing power of focus, faith, and fortitude.

Fortitude gives us the grace to find Life, even in death, even in destruction, even in failure. Fortitude is wholly aligned with Spirit because Spirit is always expanding, evolving and finding a way through.

Fortitude engenders steadiness. Fortitude keeps us faithful to our own deepest honor code and empowers us with True Power – that Power that can come only by finding our own voice and remaining true to it.

When we have fortitude we know that even when we are being broken down, we are shouting praise for we know that the Great builder is simply constructing something Great. Something beautiful. This greatness inspires gratitude. Consistent gratitude aligns us to the frequencies of Grace. Grace is the catalyzing energy of miracles.

Fortitude can look like this:

We, all of us, are miracles.

Congratulations. You are amazing. Now, go live it.


Dr. Matt

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