From Pain to Purpose – Free Teleclass with Dr. Matt

I want to personally invite you to our free Teleclass this Friday, March 18th. Lynn and I had been praying and opening our intention for how we could serve our community, how we could reach out to folks who want to go deeper, folks who may not have the means for a big expensive retreat. We wanted to “cast the net” of loving goodness that we share with hundreds of folks every week here at our clinic to anyone and everyone that could benefit. Our lives have been so changed, and the 12 Stages of Healing can be used by anyone, anywhere to radically shift your life and heal yourself on every level. 

You are invited, this Friday, March 18th, for a free hour long class on the first of the 12 stages. I hope you’ll come. We’ll learn that the more broken that our life feels, the more space there is for the light to pour in. We’ll learn the true art of vulnerability, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. We’ll see how meeting ourselves, just as we are, in all our vulnerabilities, is the first step on the royal road to waking up to Love. Details are below and we’ll put them here for you:

Dial in # 712-775-7031 Access Code 529-699

The 12 Stages of Healing impacted me so very deeply in my life. In some ways, I think they may have saved my life. I first became exposed to this work in the mid 1990’s. The details and content of my life are beyond the scope of this little video + blog, but, suffice it to say, I had a remarkably difficult and traumatic history. Our family, always doing the best they could, was fraught with hurt, abandonment, and abuse of all kinds. My grandfather committed suicide. My father attempted suicide. 

At one point, at the age of 14, I found myself living alone, just learning to survive by my wits. I had survived stress, abuse, loss, and abandonment. I made it through, but I carried all that stress, hurt, and trauma with me. I struggled a LOT – emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. I had panic attacks, weird body problems and pains, constant anxiety, and a foreboding sense of sadness. Underneath it all, I was a seething ball of anger and rage. I took it out on myself. Hence the pain. I didn’t know any other way. I knew how to survive, it would be a long road for me to feel like I deserved to thrive. I knew there was a way, I just did not know what it was. Yet. 

If we are sincere, if we are open, and if we ASK, we shall receive. As Jesus taught, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”  I asked for help in many ways, literally on my knees, and the 12 Stages of Healing were one of the gifts that arrived in my life to help me. It was so impactful and life changing that it became a main reason why I became a chiropractor. I feel strongly they are a gift from Divine Spirit, whatever That means to you. They are so amazing and so filled with healing wisdom. they transcend any religion or philosophy – they are just supremely practice tools that awaken the Innate Intelligence in all of us. 

The 12 Stages of healing helped me connect to the pain I was experiencing in a whole new way. This new way, which was so different than anything I had experienced before (I had been in shrink’s offices since I was in the 2nd grade). It was a safe, gentle, and yet powerful way to actually get to know myself – my whole self. “Know Thyself” – I now had a path to that. As Socrates wisely stated, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” Indeed, the 12 stages open a powerful path to finding out who we are and who we are not. 

It was a way for me to discover and connect to the tension, constriction, and the exhausting process of constantly guarding of my brokenness. Suffering is what we experience when we feel like we have to run from ourselves, when we can’t feel 100% at home in our hearts. I was terrified of what I would find there. Moreover, I was terrified of what YOU would think if you saw that broken part of me. Yet, like a spiritual spelunker, I just needed a safe way to touch into myself with compassion, love, and energy. I needed a great spotter and a safe rope. I discovered something so amazing inside – life, love, and possibility. I found I wasn’t just worthy, I was BLESSED. I wasn’t just lovable, I was Love itself. I found that the life that almost killed me was a gift from God that would help me rise in true victory and help me catalyze healing in others. 

Before SRI, I just knew I felt like I was never enough and my baseline state was a high degree of anxiety and hyper-vigilance. I was always looking over my shoulder, and I proverbially always slept with one eye open. I knew, I could feel, that inside I was a mess, but I had no way to safely touch that void. I had embarked on a “spiritual path” at this point – meditating, praying, going to support groups, finding spiritual teachers, and reading everything I could get my hands on. Yet, the body keeps the score. Your body never lies and no matter how spiritual I got or how many books I read, I was still harboring so much fear and anger. As a result, it felt like I was doing everything I could to just make it through another day. Enter the 12 Stages. No matter how spiritual my avoidance was, I could never run from that little kid inside that needed to be loved and held. The harder I ran, the more it all hurt.

The 12 Stages gave a me a set of tools, literally a quantum tool kit that helped me connect to that energy inside of myself, name it, know it, and acknowledge it. I was learning to become aware. Miraculously, as I began to be aware and began to acknowledge, I began changing. Most importantly, i began to accept myself, just as I was. At the quantum level, at the level of a quantum understanding of life, when we observe something, it begins to change. It goes form being a solid “particle” into a fluid “wave”. The solid “particle” of my pain could transform into a wave of “wonder”. The pain was the exact thing my soul needed to progress, learn, love, and forgive. It was all a matter of perspective. Each of the stages is a different quantum possibility that allows us , in our bodies, brains, and hearts to transform. Stage by stage, we are transformed authentically, again and again. 

I love what Zen master Dogen said: Enlightenment is living WITHOUT ANXIETY about life’s imperfections. Yeah, I’ll take some of that!

As my journey with the 12 stages continued, I found that my whole story began to reorient myself. My life story and history, to that point, had been a focal point of shame, embarrassment, and fear. I felt like it was a “stain” on my being and the best I could do in life would be to survive and get through. Hopefully you’d never see the “me” behind the masks. Its a terrible, lonely way to live. However, with the amazing wisdom of the 12 stages I began to reclaim my life, my courage, my strength, my true power, my true voice, and the true authority I had in my life. No longer was I a victim. I began to feel, to truly feel in my body, that my life was just as it was supposed to be and that the energy of all my past pain could be transformed into fuel for love, growth, and real transformation.

The pain would be the crucible in which I, as a human being, would be transformed into a whole, loving, kind, and service-oriented man. It had to be there. The fruits of this was a deep connection to the emotions that make our life meaningful: joy, courage, energy, vitality, vibrance, excitement, vision, authenticity, genuineness, trust, peace, happiness, tenderness, strength, appreciation, gratitude. I could actually FEEL the rapture of being alive. That, my friends was and is a miracle.

The quality of our emotions determines the quality of our life. I learned that I get to choose my emotions and my thoughts. I could live a life in purpose and connected. No amount of neglect or hurt or abuse could ever take away the light inside of me, unless I let it. Sure, my story was rough and it could easily break my heart and crack my resolve. Yet, when Grace comes in, which the 12 stages helped me with, all that pain and brokenness was where the light came in. The more broken I was, the more light that came through. Have you ever seen a mosaic? They are amazing. They are made of broken glass, pieced together by a master artist. You are a mosaic. I am a mosaic. We are glued together with Love by the Great Artist’s Hand. The more complex, the more beautiful. 

I had always longed to have a sense of oneness, communion, deep peace, awe, light, synchronicity, serendipity, awakening, union, and energy. As I progressed with the 12 stages I began to experience all of this. I was having experiences that were completely transforming me as a person. Many times, the old “me” just melted away, and there was just Presence. Its like I was meeting and greeting the most true and natural part of myself – it felt so easy and so natural, and paradoxically it felt so different than my habitual survival mentality of just getting through.

After all my spiritual training and spiritual practices, the 12 stages gave me a vehicle to actually experience the tenderness of Love, the Heart of God, and the fundamental unity that we all share with Source energy. Just like an initiate who travels far and wide from his home and returns wholly changed, I was a new man. Through deep practice over a period of years I had been wholly and utterly transformed. They helped me discover who I was, transform my life and story, and awaken to a Love I could never have imagined. And I am still in process, I am still being made new, daily. As St. Paul said, “I die daily.” 

That transformation, that great epic story is YOUR story. That grand story of your life is your unique participation with all of creation. What an amazing gift!! And that is what I want to invite you into – to really know and feel the truth of who you are, to end the trance of unworthiness, and to awaken to the vast beautiful Life inside of you that is longing to come out.

Our methods will be so simple. We’ll take one stage per month. We’ll dive deep in a monthly telecall. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Lynn and I real time, in person. We’ll share our wisdom, instruction and love. You’ll be given other resources to help you embody the energy and truth of each stage. For those of you in Charlotte, we strongly encourage you to join us for our in house group classes and SRI practice sessions. For those of you far and wide, your simple practice to each stage each month will change you. You’ll get everything you need. Perhaps, you can find an NSA practitioner near where you are or join some of the wonderful Wise World Seminars, often led by Donny Epstein.

We are so excited to have you join us. THe first call is a gift from us to you. Its 100% free. All you need to do is call in. If you’d like to join us for the remainder of the year, we’ll let you know how you can do that. Don’t worry, it will be easy, fun, and affordable for everyone.

Instructions for call THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 18 at 12:00 Noon.

Dial in # 712-775-7031

Access Code 529-699

This class is 100% absolutely free.

Here is a little video for some more information:


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