I am sitting in the Toronto airport right now, savoring the excitement of getting back home and savoring the flood of positive energy from the retreat I just co-led in Toronto. I simply love that feeling of having given 100%, for the benefit of others. And I am leaving so rich with the gifts given me by my new friends and the warmth of Toronto. Blessings abound.

What was so obvious – so easy to see and feel – this weekend was that life  can truly be *effortless*. Yes, there is much work to be done, and effort must be applied. However, there is this rich ocean of Energy from Which we get the juice and the mo-jo to live – to really LIVE. This ENERGY is in fact who you are, it is who I am. It has no problem growing, expanding, and always, in all ways, creating something new. This Energy is always turning disorder into organized coherence. This life force is always creating something more alive, more harmonic, more true.

It’s amazing to just get real and be with our experience without needing to change it. It seems so simple, yet so few do this. I believe so few do this because its so counter-cultural, and our culture is obsessed with telling you how to fix yourself so you can “get better”. It is also very difficult because we have some pretty powerful mechanisms in our psychology and our biology that teach us to avoid our experience so that we can feel safe. What I submit to you, from the Toronto Airport, is that the truth of your experience – the unfiltered experience is in fact your liberation, your true joy, and your real safety. To me, ALL of it is God, it is all simply our opportunity to say YES to life in an unconditional way. Life is the greatest teacher, profoundly rich with medicine for the soul in every encounter, every relationship, every challenge, and every emotion. Avoiding our experience is actually what is dangerous.

The erroneous story that you need to fix yourself makes a lot of people rich and we conspire in it because we are scared. I get it. It makes sense. We want someone else to do the work, we want an easier answer. We want the book, the teacher, the method that will finally fix the underlying sense of not being enough. Its only a story, though. And your power is in choosing the story that is most true for you. Liberation is often found in throwing out the old maps that don’t work. Have you ever seen those old maps that were made by the early explorers? Everything is distorted and they reflect a very partial understanding of what was “true” about size, distance, and shape. One could study those maps their whole life thinking that they were reality. In fact, you might even begin to worship the person who made the map because they were “special”. The whole time you can’t really reach your destination accurately because you are working with a story – a map – that is not true. You have shipwrecks, your journey takes you 10 times as long. Its time to throw out the old maps that don’t lead anywhere. 

The real importance of this is that we have the opportunity to get to live, to really live fully. To have our hearts so radically open so that we can heal ourselves and the world. We get to experience the beauty of this life and the people around us – the unending stream of miracles and synchronicity that is showing up every day if we will simply slow down and watch. There is this incredible sense of lightness that comes when we operate from this mode. There is no more of that heavy and annoying self-consciousness to carry any more. It is replaced with this radiant awareness of our experience, and the experience of others in each moment. Its the lightness that can walk into a room and simply love people. It can walk into a room and tell the truth. It can say yes, or it can say no. It can confront challenge or obstacle with great courage and composure without obsessing about if we did it wrong, or what the other person screwed up. Do you want more energy? Then stop giving it away through the insanity of not being true.

I used to be profoundly self-conscious – always trying so damn hard to be someone, to “do the right thing” or “say the right thing”. Its a soul-sick way to live. The freedom to simply be myself is amazing.  I, like most everyone I meet, was simply hurt in my heart, and to me vulnerability was terrifying and ridiculous. Why would I open for more hurt? I had spent a life building an impenetrable castle, so why would I let the drawbridge down? Yet, there was the Spirit consistently pushing me into healing so that the mask of the False could be removed. Michelangelo had this profound saying that he saw angels in a rock and removed everything that was not the angel. That is what Life does with us. That is what Network Care and Re-Organizational Healing (and other great healing modalities + practices) can do for us. What is left is this song of the heart, this blossoming of the heart that is an undeniable elixir for the world and the sweetest healing fragrance. As a by product of this, our lives get a LOT better. Relationships improve. Our health improves. Our finances can improve. Our focus tends to shift towards things that are much more meaningful. We *feel* a LOT better. And when we don’t *feel* better, we actually don’t care as much, because we simply know its right where we are supposed to be and there is something to learn. Even when we are in a major period of life challenge, we feel OK about it. I am not talking about being faking and putting on your best smile to cover for the real hard stuff in life, I am simply talking about the naked simplicity of being real and of being free. It is an inner peace and acceptance that is filled to the brim with potent transformative courage that can get through anything.

My favorite part is this: its not about getting fixed, its not about having someone else give it to you. It IS about radical authenticity. The reason that is important is because when REAL, sustainable energy is there, I know you can heal, experience more creativity, feel more joy, break through obstacles, surmount challenges, find solutions in lieu of problems, change the way you talk, alter the patterns of your thinking, and literally reform + transform your own body into a vessel of Grace + True Health. In other words, energy is the currency of all meaningful growth, change, and presence. Said another way, more energy equals more life. More life means more aliveness, and more aliveness is simply awesome. At our deathbed, we will confront some simple questions, I believe: How well did I live, how fully did I love, what legacy did I leave, how courageously did I face life’s challenges, and how fully did I say YES to life’s invitations to be real, loving, genuine, authentic, and enlightened.

One pitfall of this “teaching” is that we could say, “Oh, well, if there is nothing to fix, its just about being real, I don’t need to do anything!” This is an mistaken interpretation. The truth is, we have to do our work. That “work” requires that we clear out the blocks and obstacles in our body, thinking, emotions, and energy field so that what is REAL can have room to shine through. That was what our whole retreat was just about. We get into that focused immersion experience of healing and of authenticity and the miracles happen because the old stories get questioned and get thrown out. Those core energetic patterns get reorganized. Our bodies transform because they can finally release and change those lifelong patterns of constriction and holding. This wonderful “work” leads us to that naked experience of simplicity and of pure being where the health that was never lost shines through. When you shine the light into the shadow, the shadow becomes the light. You have to shine the light into the shadow, though, and that takes work. Network Care and Re-Organizational healing applied patiently, diligently, and authentically over time absolutely help catalyze this process.

Real energy is  very grounded. The ocean may look calm, but it is so, so powerful. Real energy is present. Real energy is aware. Real energy is relaxed and poised, yet absolutely ready for anything. Real energy has a clarity and depth and “soul strength+ stamina” that is palpable as quality and fragrance. There is something about those who are deeply anchored in energy that is both magnetic and, at the same time, very very calm in presence. There is a childlike appreciation and alertness that lets the people around you know, “I am here. I am present. Yes.” There is a contagious luminosity and joy in deep energy.

You can’t photograph a candles light, yet it fills a room. Just being in simple and natural presence can bless and lift others up in ways that you can’t imagine. That natural presence of Love that each of our hearts has the capacity to endlessly circulate and transmit is an elixir to a tired, haggard, and disconnected world.

I hope to see you at our office or one of our life-changing programs soon. We’ll have a great retreat program here in the Charlotte region September 28-29. Our Jamaica programs for August and April are currently sold out. However, we are opening a second Jamaica retreat in April. Its not official yet, but it looks like I will be teaching in Toronto again in November, stay tuned for details. Please let us know if you are interested in any of those. All of these programs fill within days to weeks, so if you are interested and your heart calls you, jump on it!

See you all soon in some way shape or form. As always, please let us know if we can support you in any way.

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon


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