So many people struggle. So many people feel bereft of hope with their health. And so many seem to fall through the cracks of the medical system, especially when it comes to chronic pain, fatigue, and a sense that “something just isn’t right.” I think the medical profession is wonderful, especially when it comes to trauma care and in life saving care when preventable problems have run their course unchecked for many years. However, “health care” in the US won’t make you healthy. Thus it is really more appropriately termed, “sickness care.” It is important to make that distinction, because in order to find health and to stay healthy for a lifetime, we need to know where to look. So, for those of you who feel out of hope, out of energy, and frustrated with where you are at in life and with failed attempts in the health care system, this blog is for you. I know there is hope and I have also been where you have. At the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte our vision is to create a happier, healthier, and more evolved humanity through cutting edge wellness care.

One of my heroes, Father Thomas Keating ( A Cistercian Monk in Snowmass, CO) tells this story, which is appropo here:

A man named Jim lost his keys. He began a frantic search outside his house on the front lawn. He called all his friends in the ‘hood to come and help him. They were all frantically searching for his keys. This went on for an hour. No keys to be found. Finally, one of the wiser members of the group asked Jim, “Jim, where did you lose your keys?” Jim replied, “Oh, in the house.” Tbe wise member of the group was incredulous, “What?! Why on earth are we looking out here and not in the house?” Jim plainly replied, “Oh, well the street lights were on out here and the grass was well lit.”

So, the moral of the story is this: Look for answers and solutions in the RIGHT PLACE. IN our situation here, we need to look first to our own inner healing mechanisms if we want to find a healthy vigor and a youthful vitality. We need to look first at our own innate capacity to heal if we want to heal and transform neck pain, back pain, headaches, and chronic stress. Most of the time, our culture believes a story that we need expensive medical procedures, dangerous surgeries, and unhealthy drugs to “find health.” That, my friends, is akin to looking under the street lights when we lost our keys in the house. (Disclaimer: never discount the advice and treatment from a qualified physician and if you have concerns, DO see your doctor. Just be aware of ALL of your options).

So, if we go on with this analogy, how do we look inside? First, we find  a system that is proven to help us not only feel better physically, but one that also helps us transform stress, feelings of anxiety, and a sense of depression. We need a system that has been shown to dramatically increase our ability to relate better with others and to relate better with our own inner wisdom. We need a system that has been shown to help us improve our enjoyment of life and dramatically increase the quality of our experience of life. We need a system that looks at us as a whole. We need a system that empowers us and gives us tools to keep growing and healing for a lifetime. We need tools that allow us to stay healthy for a lifetime, while stopping the recreation of our problems again and again.

Enter our work with Network Chiropractic where our “quantum” method of healing was studied at the University of California Irvine. The study showed that of the 2,900 participants in the study , 76% had great improvements in all of the areas I just mentioned in the paragraph above. Wow. That is cool. Now we are looking in the house. We are going to the source. We are starting to find Well-Being.

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, “In disease, look first to the spine.” I love that. The spine is the house of our most powerful and sensitive structure- our nervous system. Our nervous system controls EVERYTHING and there is nothing that is not directly or indirectly under its control (there are nuances to this, but to keep things simple it is true to say that the brain and nervous system control everything). Inside our nervous system is that exact inner healing mechanism that I spoke of earlier. In Network care, we work with the nervous system in a totally unique way – no drugs, surgeries, and no cracking, twisting or popping of joints. Simple, effective, and highly focused light touches along the spine create dramatic results.

Discover for yourself how, at a very low cost, this breakthrough “quantum” work can help you rapidly recover from pain and stress, massively boost your energy levels, and dramatically increase your life enjoyment. Start looking to the source of health. If you want to be healthy, find a true health and wellness model. I submit that if you are reading this, you have found it.

Dr. Matt

Network Wellness Center of Charlotte


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