At the core, in our deepest heart, we all want the same thing: Fulfillment and Happiness. Yet, as a nation, we are not, for the most part, happy or fulfilled. In fact, much of the industrialized world is neither happy nor fulfilled. I submit to you that everything we do, when you really boil it down, is in some way related to this internal drive for happiness, fulfillment, and connection. The challenge is we are often doing things we think will make us happy that in fact create more stress and unhappiness.

One of the most common “complaints” I hear in my clinical practice and coaching practice is, “Doc, I just feel stuck.” Many people ‘know’ the right things to do, the right things to think, and yet its like it doesn’t drop in, it doesn’t take hold. Many people feel like a hamster in a wheel – going faster and faster without actually getting anywhere.

Now, I happen to know and am very close to some very happy, successful, creative people. By creative I don’t mean “creative artists” per se, but rather, people who are having fun *creating* their lives in a highly proactive, focused, and enthusiastic manner. These people reflect a joy, a spark, an inner light. Generally speaking, when this is focused in a clear fashion towards a worthy goal, most of these people I know are also very “successful” in the world. The most happy + creative people exhibit and embody the greatest levels of authentic happiness, positive engagement, true abundance, and the happiest relationships.

In short, we can be happy – radiantly happy, in fact. And it has *nothing* to do with external circumstances and *everything* to do with the inner dance, the inner game, the inner light. Creativity, or our innate ability to live from our hearts and create the life of our dreams, is therefore closely tied to our ability be happy. And our ability to be happy is closely tied to the degree of our own creativity.

So, during this workshop we’ll look at what it takes to be truly creative, truly happy, and to then craft a clear plan, from your heart and soul, that will help you “live” yourself into happiness, clear thinking, and emotional freedom.

First we have to understand the blocks – the very things that are the energy busters in our life. Namely, the “resistance” we all face:

1. Procrastination

2. Fear

3. Self-doubt

4. Anxiety

5. Creating problems to avoid the real challenges

Now, when we can effectively overcome these and then redirect our focus, realign our physiology, and create a new map for ourselves and follow that with playful, persistent, and diligent action born of creative passion, we are BOUND to be happy and BOUND to be successful.

In this workshop I will walk you through my own personal journey, provide you insight into the 5 Life Suckers, Show you how to overcome them and I will work with one or two participants in the group to anchor the new strategies in and give you some rocking mojo to take a big leap into your best life.

Can’t wait to see you. What a great way to start the holiday season – with intention, honesty, energy, community, love, and passion. I am pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to help you have your best year yet 2013. What are you willing to do? If you are willing and game, join me December 7th at 6:30 pm for this rocking workshop in my office. The workshop is free – you just have to give of yourself completely and be ready to question your answers. To RSVP, you need to do so through “Meetup” – here is the link:¬†

Yours in health and happiness,

Dr. Matt Lyon

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