Health care reform, no matter how elegant, will not make you healthy.No matter who pays for our health care system, it is a system that was NEVER designed to promote health.

The only thing that can heal and promote health and wellness is your internal system of healing. The master controller of this internal healing system is your nervous system. When our nervous system is stressed, our internal healing system is compromised and we experience pain, a drop in vitality, weakened immunity, decreased mental clarity, and a loss of passion for life.

At the Network Wellness Center in Charlotte, NC we utilize cutting edge methods that work directly with the nervous system. Through gentle work with spine, your nervous system getsĀ  a ‘control, alternate, delete’ and is able to reboot, recalibrate, renew, and revitalize. When our spinal cords are stretched just a tiny bit through stress patterns in the body, our nervous system is significantly less efficient. We simply can’t heal ourselves and keep pace with the stresses of the modern world.

The good news is Network Chiropractic and Somato Respiratory Integration not only help heal this problem at the source, but they actually allow us to “upgrade” to a better operating system so we can not only survive the modern stressful world but thrive in the midst of it all. Our unique work here in Charlotte, NC helps restore a healthy spine, a healthy body, a vital spirit, a clear mind, and a heart of passion.

Imagine….a flexible body, an alert mind, a grateful heart, and an awakened spirit. Its ALL possible because that is what you were born to experience! Your health is your wealth. In health, go to the source.

Dr. Matt

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