Kids Healing Stories of Children at NWCC

The power of the human body and nervous system is simply amazing. One of the greatest honors and gifts I can ever have is to be entrusted to adjust the spines of children. As a father, I know there is no greater love than a love a parent has for their children.

Children are amazing. They are, truly and literally, the future. Each child is an embodiment of 14 Billion years of Divine evolution. Each child is filled with potential, power, and promise.

As many of us know too well, challenges as a child can affect us our whole life. See my upcoming blog on the ACE study that looked at childhood trauma and the impacts on life and health across an entire lifetime. Most of the adults I work with have loads of unresolved pain, tension, and emotion from their childhoods. Often, pain and dis-ease is simply the result of tension that we learned as children.

When I get to work with a child, I feel so blessed. I know that one act of kindness, one act of encouragement, one act of love can change a life and inspire a kid forever. I also know that even just a few adjustments to a child’s spine can change their life in a positive direction forever.

Here are a few stories to inspire all of us to the Healing Power Within. This Power runs through every nerve in our body to every cell. These beautiful brains of ours have the capacity for the expression of genius. No one is left out from that. When the brain, heart, and spine work in a coherent symphony, its only time before some self-healing takes place – and sometimes that self-healing is dramatic.

I’ve change some names and gender details, all of the stories are 100% as they are, unaltered.

Story 1: A little baby, who we’ll call Levi, was a 1 year old was suffering with pink eye and a fever of about 101 for days. He had been given antibiotics, eye drops, another round of antibiotics and nothing was changing. If you are a parent, there is nothing worse than a sick kid, especially when that sick kid is not sleeping and fevering. His mother, also a long-time Network client, brought him in. I assessed his spine while he rested on his moms chest. I found abnormal tension patterns in the top of his spine (C1) and his Sacrum. I applied several gentle contacts to his spine (no cracking, twisting, popping). I also recommend a very low dose of Cod Liver Oil, which is rich in Vitamin A and D. I also recommended a few drops of Argentyn, a colloidal silver supplement. That night his fever broke and we was perfectly healthy the next day. 1 year olds don’t have placebo reactions.

Story 2: A toddler about 4 years old had struggled with years of asthma, chronic cough, and severe allergies. He was on a number of medications. His condition kept him from playing outside for long periods of time, his favorite thing to do. Obviously, as a parent, our hearts break when we see our kids needing to be dependent on allergy medications. On his second visit, I assessed him and found abnormal tension patterns in his lower neck and his coccyx, with a special tension and fixation in his upper ribs and upper back, as if his whole respiratory system was tightened in a fight or flight response.  I applied gentle contacts to his coccyx and lower neck in a highly specific way. The reason for this is that, when done correctly and specifically, this will activate the brain/spine/body awareness. It floods the body with a burst of nerve activity and wakes up areas of the brain called the frontal cortex.  He was laying face down, and as I worked with him, he spontaneously experienced a wave moving through his body. His spine went from tension and folding inward to his arms flying out and his spine opening completely, especially in the area of the chest and heart. The mom was stunned and had no idea what was happening. I told her, “this is great. Lets see how that does.”

After that singular adjustment, the little man no longer needed any of his medications and can now play outside with no limits. That is the awesome power of self-healing that our bodies hold.

Story 3: I had the good fortune to entrain a very healthy child. Her mom just wanted me to help her self-regulate better, process emotion with greater ease, and have more inner resources to deal with her brother in a more peaceful way. She is 5 years of age. She was healthy by all standards, yet I sensed a good amount of tension around her upper neck, especially at C2 and in her pelvis and hips. She was phenomenally intelligent, and filled with such passion. When I performed a biofeedback test on her spine to check for the stress response in her spinal nerves, I was surprised at how much tension there was. You can see the picture below. The first test is the one on the bottom, the one with all the red lines.

I entrained (adjusted her spine) gently her for several minutes while the mom watched. As I was working with her she was talking to me about Martin Luther King and why Jesus was crucified. Yes, she was amazing. Her entrainment was simple with no big fireworks. She did take some very deep breaths right up into neck and upper spine. I sensed we should check her biofeedback test right away as I could sense that a massive change had taken place. Here is the picture: the bottom image was the first one. The image on top was taken minutes later after a simple spinal entrainment.

The Power of Network

The Power of Network

I love this picture because it illustrates, real-time, how much can change in a persons system after one simple Network Entrainment. What you are seeing are real-time physiological changes that indicate massive reductions in stress and tension. Her brain,  body, and spine are now processing information with much greater efficiency. We know from research that this has now activated the frontal cortex into much higher function (1). This means that her “executive function” will increase, and that means that she’ll have a much wider range of emotional choices in her life and with her brother. Simply amazing.

Story 4: All stories of healing with kids crack my heart open. This one brings me tears. A little soulful man was having a really tough time. Bullying is no joke and has massive impacts on kids. IN his case it was severe enough to trigger a full on PTSD reaction and “amygdala hijack” – an overwhelming stress response that is unfiltered fight or flight. These were not just tantrums, these were life threatening changes in his physiology. He ended up in the hospital twice and was removed from school. It was heart breaking. This was a complex situation that in the short term needed to be co-managed with a sympathetic physician. As with all these stories I got to know the soul behind the pain and the person behind the story.

I bonded immediately with him. Just being a present, gentle, and kind listener goes a LONG way in transforming pain and suffering in medicine. I wish more doctors understood this. When we were in rapport I completed all my tests. No surprise, his whole system was maxed out. His brain was stuck in reverse, when, in order to live again, he’d have to learn to shift into first gear. I began working with him and within a couple months of weekly entrainments (1-2 per week), he was making steady progress. As is expected, we have some ups and downs, but the growth curve was clear. He was getting better. He’s in school full time, off all his meds and doing great. He is a joy, and a little budding genius. I thank God every day for the gift to serve kids to help them turn their lives around.

Story 5: Everton came to my office because he was on the brink of not graduating from high school. Riddled with self-doubt and the heavy chains self-criticism, he was stuck. He had just a few months to turn his ship around so that he could graduate high school. He was an *exceptionally* bright young man – articulate, insightful, highly intelligent, sensitive, and HONEST. Often the problem that presents itself in life is never really the problem. Thus, my one aim was to connect to the soul behind this life, to the person who was experiencing these problems. I realized, too, that due to the nature of life, long commutes, and my schedule, the best way for me to serve Everton was to simply coaching him, to use words and the power of crafting a new story, a new direction, and a new level of energy. We did 3 in person coaching sessions and I entrained him twice. We set clear goals for all his classes  – what he would achieve, how he would do it, and most importantly we linked it with his energy. Meaning, I helped him harness the power of emotion, energy, and inner-strength to un-become who he was not and become who he truly is. Andy is graduating in a few days. He made honor roll with all As and Bs. Most importantly, in our last session, all he could tell me about was his supreme joy and how amazing it felt to be himself. I feel humbled to simply be, as Mother Theresa put it, the pencil in Gods hands. At the end of the day, I turn every encounter and every client over to a Higher Power. When we step aside and let that Power work, miracles are simply natural.

Take hope from these stories, as they are hope and evidence for all of us that the power within is immeasurable, our capacity to become the medicine we need is incredible.

The simple power of Network Chiropractic and Somato Respiratory Integration blows me away, even after nearly a decade of daily practice.

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon Charlotte NC

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