What is your wattage? How bubbly is your inner Champagne? What ‘music” do you bring with you? What energy to you contribute to the “field” of humanity? What’s the tone of your tune? What’s your energetic PH?

eStates. eWhat is your energy? High, Low, Up Down? Poor, Neutral? Rich? Robust? SUPER RICH? Are you circling the drain of your toilet, or are you spizzed on life, excited to make every encounter and every place better than you found it? How do people feel being in your presence? How do YOU feel being in your presence? E States. Energy States. We’ll briefly discuss 4 Energy States that are possibilities for us ALL the time. My Mentor Donny Epstein has described these in MUCH greater depth and detail than I could ever do here, and props to the master for creating this paradigm for us to chew on. If you are a client, you have likely noticed a BIG shift in the practice…our eState has shifted profoundly.

What is your Energy State? In any moment, you can determine the Energy State of those around you, of books you are reading, of houses you are buying, of teachers you are learning from, of conversations you are having. What energy you express determines your life. What energy you express determines the emotions you’ll experience and the subsequent beliefs, blueprints and maps you’ll have about your life. Those factors, my friends, determine your actions, and your actions determine the life you see. What you do consistently – when people are watching and when you are alone- the cultivates your character. Your Character is your destiny. This is big stuff. I ask again, what is your E state? Right now in this moment? What is your life calling you to? When you are filled with powerful deep loving energy, and I don’t mean you just gobbled 4 macchiatos uptown and have fleeting energy, what do you focus on? What are the questions you ask yourself? How are your relationships? What is your happiness level? What can you create, who can you be, when you are rocking as an Energy Super Rich being?

There are 4 Energy States in this model Energy poor, energy neutral, energy RICH, and energy Super Rich. Lets dive in. In this first installment, we’ll cover the first one and end with some awesome strategies to make a breakthrough and to bring some healing into your life.

Energy Poor. This means that, at a baseline, there is not enough energy in the system/person to help it adapt to change and keep up with the demands of life. On a ‘bioenergetic’ level, you are WAY outta gas. People in this state are and just barely surviving physically, mentally, and emotionally. Since one is energy poor, we AVOID and MOVE AWAY from pain, challenge, conflict, and problems. Energy poor just wants to feel safe, and it wants to feel certain. It is terrified of crossing the invisible line out of your comfort zone. It sacrifices real life, real love, for the comfort of feeling safe, constant, and certain. It generally lies to itself, and others. It says yes when it means no, it says no when its soul is crying YES. It sells itself SO SHORT. It blames. It feels the “issue” is either a) out there and someone else’s fault; or b) it is so personally screwed up there is no point. Either way you slice it, the Energy Poor mantra is “Its not my FAULT.” Its driven by fear and associated emotions. It not only feels stuck in life, but things “always” seem to keep happening “to them”. It is the slum of the energy states.

It can never get ahead. Its spiritually broke, and often financially struggling. Even if there is money, there is no fulfillment. There is no chance of finding your purpose here as you are just trying to stay safe. Physically, people who are generally energy poor are anything but well. There is no energy for momentum. When you are in this state you feel ick, blah, cloudy, and “meh”. When you are around folks who are energy poor, you might feel tired (or, if you are in an energy Super Rich state, you’ll feel compassion and energy – more on that later). Emotionally, LOTSA CRAPPY EMOTIONS. Mentally, LOTSA AUTOMATED NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that don’t change. Lots of stories. Lots of excuses.

Their bodies are hard and the spines do not move. Energy poor does NOT breathe. Moving would mean feeling emotion and that is not safe for energy poor states. Spiritually, energy poor means feeling like you can’t even bring your gifts to the world and feel you don’t even have gifts. One of the shadow sides of the “yoga” and “new age” and “spiritual” communities is their propensity to spiritualize pain and actually create spiritualized avoidance strategies to avoid real life. This is called “spiritual bypassing”. Its no different than online porn, gambling, or smoking weed. Its just really fashionable in our age of shiny spiritual materialism and it is very energy poor.

On an up note, when energy poor gets support, it becomes our greatest gift. Our wounds, when properly seen and transmuted, are our greatest gift to the world. In Network Care and Reorganizational Healing we deal with this straight on and help transition this state into more resourceful ones. For you Network Clients, the stages associated with this are stages 1, 2, and to some degree stage 3. The energetic intelligences are the Bioenergy and Emotional intelligences. Thus, early in NSA care, we are helping your nervous system find resources and bringing that resourceful higher energy state to the parts of your body and nervous system so that it can *effortlessly* make a change. This is not new-age energetic mumbo-jumbo, this is the evidence-based thermodynamics of change that we know we produce from great research. In fact this is why Network care is so powerful at transforming pain patterns – it literally melts muscle tension and effortlessly transforms fixations of your spine and joints.

You can know all the best stuff in the world, but if you don’t have energy in your nervous system, emotions, and body, change rarely happens. Emotion is the juice and energy of making a change – when we don’t feel safe to truly experience our emotion, NO CHANGE. One of the fastest ways to pick out energy poor states is to witness your own or someone else’s posture. Its instant feedback.

Energy poor states often develop as contractions as a result of some trauma, pain, belief, or inner story that says “I am not enough. I might fail. I won’t be loved. I’ll be rejected.” Its common denominator is fear. We all have fear, its where that energy is going and how we see it that determines the outcome of our life.

The other energy states are ascending in “volume”, “tone”, “vibration”, and energy availability. We’ll discuss them in order in my next posts.

The key is to know where you are at and honor the energy you are in while ALWAYS honoring the best in yourself. Said another way, whenever I meet someone I see them where and as they are, and I simultaneously see them as BETTER than they are….and endeavor to make it so. If you wan to get your bubbly on and make big changes in your life, stay with me in this series.

If you have been on the fence about coming into my office, just think of any energy poor states you have been in as great excuses to come into our office and turn your life around. If you are not in Charlotte, try to find a Network practitioner around you. Other great resources are coaching, certain types of psychotherapy, programs with Tony Robbins, and programs with Donny Epstein. I say this with respect to all faiths, and no faiths, but you can never go wrong hitting your knees and asking God for help. That is the beauty of energy poor states – when we are authentically with it, it brings us profound humility and the sacred gift of saying, “I need help. I know I am more than this. Help me God. Show me the resources that I am not seeing. Help me find the spark again.”

For current practice members, you can amplify your energy massively by attending our upcoming “Immersion Retreat”  day long journey into all the energy states, and hard-wiring energy resourcefulness into your body and being in a major, massive way so that you can express the highest version of yourself. February 21st, right her in Charlotte (9am-7pm, $350).

Go to the SRI workshops – ALL OF THEM – and rock it. Recommit to your care. Practice some SRI every day! What would it be like to get entrained 2-3 times per week for 2 months? WOW! Feel it? I do. Feels awesome. Schedule some one-on-one time with the SRI goddess Lynn Lyon. Let her help you clean your windshield. And if our work is not your thing, that is great, too. Just find something that works and raises the bar for you and helps you bask in an energy rich environment. You can try to do it on your own, but alone we rarely do it well.

Another great option is Donny Epstein’s Transformational Gate happening in Denver Valentine’s Day weekend -its a Network Bootcamp to up your game and life in a huge way. They are awesome and so worth the investment.

You are not alone. You are known. You are seen. Don’t believe the lies in between your ears. There is a spark that has never gone out. That spark, when unleashed can set this world on fire. I knew this guy – he wanted to kill himself. At two points in his life he got to the edge where suicide felt like an option. He was labeled with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder. At one point his mental function was so poor, he could not read. He took prozac to survive and get by. He felt alone, all alone. He was angry at the world for the abuse, the bullies, the suffering, the lies. He oscillated between anger and depression. A speck of dust in an big impersonal universe. THEN………MIRACLES started to flow. That guy was, once upon a time, “me” – he was a hurt, vulnerable, and scared version of me that was ENERGY POOR plus. I’m certainly no saint, but my champagne is super bubbly and I am here to set deep roots in this city of Charlotte, and to bear the fruits of a Super Energy Rich life and to help anyone and everyone who wants to make a shift and become the best version of themselves they can dream up.

If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. I can say with every cell in my body, I love you. Even I have never met you, Energy Super Rich flows from my heart, to my hands, to the Field. You can do this.

Stay tuned for more goodness.

Much love,

Dr. Matt


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