Integral Acupuncture

Leading Edge Integral Acupuncture by Dr. Lyon
A Charlotte Acupuncture Specialist

Our approach to acupuncture is completely unique and Dr. Lyon is at the leading edge of acupuncture applications, for acupuncture in Charlotte and beyond. He has been practicing this ancient art for 15 years and is a masterful acupuncturist and herbalist. His deep intuitive style, mastery of pulse diagnosis, and a deep knowledge of western medicine creates a powerful healing environment.

Acupuncture is an ancient health care system, and our modern acupuncture technique can help you heal from pain and chronic health problems wile helping you find new resources of energy, vitality, connection, and joy.

At the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte, Dr. Lyon uses acupuncture to help provide healing for:

» Low back pain » Whiplash » Asthma

» Neck pain » Allergies » Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

» Knee pain » Headaches » Attention Deficit Disorder

» TMJ » Migraines » Depression

» Disc Herniation » Anxiety » Chronic Fatigue

» Disc Injuries » Fibromyalgia

» Bulging Discs » Sciatica

Acupuncture is safe, gentle, generally painless, affordable and free from side effects. Chinese herbal medicine is unparalleled in its ability to restore balance and help recover from a variety of problems.

In the State of North Carolina, most chiropractors that utilize acupuncture are required to have only 300 hours of training. Dr. Lyon has 3,000+ hours of training in acupuncture and Oriental medicine and holds a Master’s degree in acupuncture. Dr. Lyon is highly experienced and has used acupuncture for healing with professional athletes, actors, and presidential appointees. In terms of receiving Charlotte acupuncture treatment, Dr. Lyon offers a level of expertise unmatched.

Dr. Lyon is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the Southern California University of Health Sciences – the only college of acupuncture accredited by WASC – the same body that accredits UCLA and USC.

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