Dear Friends:

It has been too long since I have written! I am sending each of you a blessing through this blog!

The last few months have been epic for me. Massive personal transformation, struggle, breakthrough, obstacles and subsequent growth, bliss, and celebration. Basically, it is life 100%. Is there anything else, deep down, that we really want? We all have this nagging, lingering knowing deep in our hearts that ideas of perfection are BS. Yet, we have these parts of us with dramatically unrealistic expectations that if we can just get everything “just so”, the we can rest in contentment. It is such a lie. The fact is, when we fully submit to live a life beyond our selves, to give to something bigger than us, and to grow as people and souls, we MUST be met with challenge. There is ZERO evolution in comfort.

Having said all of that, a few times in the last couple of months, I have had the experience of, “Oh, man, is there an exit ramp off this highway?” “I don’t WANT to follow my own teachings!” Like a small child rebelling in a tantrum, I raised the drawbridge of resistance. My “small” self, the one that is generally “self-centered” and ridiculously “small-minded” was saying things like, “Man, give it up. Just make your way with your sweet family down to Jamaica so you can reside in relative anonymity + ease – Ya mon, no problem! It will be so much easier.” What a crock of BS! Its not that is wrong, its simply UNTRUE. And until we question our thoughts and ideas and answers we generally keep creating the very challenges we are faced with. The challenges are there not because I have done anything “wrong”, they are there because I am human being on a growth trajectory of 100% life. The voices of self-doubt, self-criticism, personalization, and the intractable anxieties are often a sign that we are close, SO close, to the freedom that resides just on the other side of this painful experience. And, I submit to you, if we will give ourselves to that process, and surrender resistance to the Great Hand guiding us, that there is such liberation and radiant love on the other side. In place of that annoying, winey small-ness is a vast and wide open heart that really is a mighty kindness in this world – for others and ourselves.

I am all in. All my chips are in. Where else is there but this? What else is there but now? What greater school is there than our lives? What greater Teacher is there than our relationships and our challenges? Its like the story of the man stuck in the flood. His house fills with water, and he prays to God for a miracle. Suddenly a red cross boat shows up to take him out of there to safety. “Nope, I am waiting for a miracle from God.” He goes up to the second floor to await Divine Grace. Another boat shows up of some local volunteers to help him out. “Nope, I am waiting for God. He will save me.” The waters keep rising. Finally, on the roof he waits, knowing his time is short. He says another prayer, in desperation, “God, I have served you my whole life, why have you deserted me?” A form appears to him, full of love, and says, “I get that. And I appreciate that. But who are you to judge the Help I send? Why is your ego so big that you think you know more than Me? I sent you two angels, and they were not good enough. What gives, dude?” In that moment, the man’s whole game was cracked open. He got it. In my version of this tale, he then gets on a raft filled with a bunch of other ego maniacs who are ready to give up the games and actually start Living in Reality, not in concepts.

I could absolutely be that guy. But, when I stop the madness, I can see and hear that Spirit within and I can see how *everything* that shows up in my life is The Teacher made manifest, guiding me Home. Can you relate to what I am saying? Getting this is the subtle “pivot” from struggle, pain, clinging, and anxiety into peace, appreciation, surrender, real change, true freedom and wisdom. And in the latter choice is a dramatically increased amount of energy, creativity, and miraculous coincidence.

That is it for me for now. I love you all. All is well – more well than can be imagined AND there is an urgency to us practicing together, to really making our health, our wellness, and our own optimal life a priority. I actually think the world’s wellbeing is needing it now more than ever.

If you have been a stranger from the practice for a while, come on by. We’d love to serve you. I always notice that as I grow through these massive growth spurts in a space of real vulnerability, the work in our office gets better and better. There is simply no price we can place on a healthy and refined nervous system. It is the physical key to living what I write about here.

If you’d like to explore this in a more “meditative” + “spiritual” context, please join me this Friday for one of my 2 hour Didgeridoo Meditations at Yoga Oasis. It starts at 7:30 pm. Its an amazing experience that I have created to take you into that place of profound peace, and of the deep rest required to reset and “defragment” or harried minds and bodies. It is effortless, natural, easy, and blissful. You can get more info here:  I hope to see you there.

Thank you all for being yourselves. The world requires people who have come alive and are truthful and vibrant and present. It is the water that a thirty dry world is calling for.

If I can support you in anyway, please let me know.

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon



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