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Coaching With Dr. Matt

Dr. Matt is a Maven & Muse

Maven: ˈmāvən/ an expert or connoisseur.
Muse: myo͞oz/ an energetic force personified, who is the source of inspiration for a creative person

Anyone at the leading edge of their life and chosen field will, at some point, desire a muse. A muse is a catalyst of creativity that simply opens doors into untapped possibility and potential. A maven is one who deeply owns and embodies mastery AND has been thoroughly formed by the Fire.

My style is deeply intuitive, energetic, heart-felt, and real. I merge the worlds of intuition and “knowing” with 15 years experience in the “trenches”. I was oficially trained as a coach through the Robbins-Madanes Institute and have been coached most of my life. I have been through a number of chiropractic coaching and mentoring systems and have , as a result of applying various methods for years, developed my own intuitive and practical way of nurturing and developing practices.

I love to coach three types of people:

Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Coaches or other Healers who want to transform their practices into a joyful, soulful, abundant, prosperous experience of service and flow. I built one of the busiest practices of its kind in the world. Thus I know all aspects of the “healing business”. Now that I am “semi-retired” into practice, I have the space to muse other healers to find their flow, break old beliefs, and manifest magic. I generally work best with headspace, communication, and the inner game of personal transformation. I do not teach scripts, systems, or external to-do’s. Most coaching fails because that is its focus. We focus on YOU. Having said that, I have great friends I refer to for systems and procedures. If one if coaching with me for 12 Sessions or more, you can have access to all of my office procedures. Working with me is great if you are working with a formal practice management group, as I will just help you drill deep into unending inner resources.

Mindful and heart-full entrepreneurs or business owners who want to bring the full soul of their vision and passion into their life and work. I have coached CEOs, business owners, professional athletes, and politicians. I will catalyze real tangible results and profound inner results of joy, vision, passion, and awakening.

Any sincere student of life who wants, with their whole being to do take a quantum leap into the best version of themselves possible through intuitive coaching and deep spiritual practice.

The process will open gateways into your Highest self, residing in your own heart. This will unleash creativity, courage, vision, passion, play, and self love. Its supremely practical and will have real, bonafide ROI financially and emotionally.

You were born to manifest a spiritual destiny. You are here to FULLY incarnate Love and serve others. You have every right to be and feel abundant. The greater value you add to humanity through your gifts, the more value you will own on every level. I am here to muse and mid-wife that birth with you.

The maven, the muse, will help you cross The River. Once you cross, there is no going back. If you feel that calling, that ancient echo of longing in your heart, I will muse, as only a maven can, each step of the way. Then, you will realize that the only map I was using was the map emblazoned in your own heart.

As a maven, I will assist you to create real impact, value, and outcomes on every level: Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, AND financial. You will grown on every level.

I am a “Heart Whisperer”, so I will always meet you with grace, compassion, in-sight, intuition, integrity, and accountability.

No pretending. No pre-tense. No posturing. Just presence.

Their is no greater gift than a life awake.

There is no end, there is no ceiling.

I work with people in the following ways. All sessions are 45 minutes. Generally one session weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly is the key.

Choose what suits you best:

Single Sessions: $400

3 Sessions: “Spark the Surge”: $900

6 Sessions: “Soul Fire”: $1500

12 Sessions: Crossing the River: $2400

If my coaching is out of your price range, you may join my online Academy of the Extraordinary, a group coaching school. Details here:

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