Happy, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Sending you all love, healing, and boundless waves of connection. En-joy!


There is no where love is not. How can you be away from what you are made of? Can a wave ever be separate from the ocean?


The fastest way to remember the Truth of our Identity is to lose ourselves in Love in Action.


Mother Theresa was the modern embodiment of this. Beyond race, class, creed, caste, culture, religion, belief, and non-belief she saw the Christ in everyone she touched. In the poorest of the poor she found the greatest riches – a Love that never dies. She looked into the Cosmic Mirror to see the Radiant Self shining back.


Every problem, every challenge is an issue of energy. Do we have the energy resources to make a jump, take a leap, create a shift? It happens in the snap of the fingers. We just to connect to the energy inside. Love in action plugs us into Universal Source Energy – the ultimate renewable Energy Source.


In the face of this luminous love, all the drama melts, it is obsolete. In the light of love all the wounds, all the hurts are part of the Divine Alchemy of Self Realization. Nothing is excluded, everything is included. Body, Mind, Spirit, Heart, Oneness – all the same continuum of consciousness.


Each nerve vibrates this reality. Every function of our body reflects the radiance of the cosmos. Every emotion another wave of Universal connection. Each thought a wave arising from the ocean of bliss. Each soul a radiant incarnated expression of God. Oneness wraps it all in Its infinite boundless embrace, drawing it all back into the ecstatic void.


Reality shimmering, the lover and Beloved merge into one beating heart. Then, in a flash, it is all gathered back into the Void – an ecstatic body of bliss with no beginning and no end. Looking, you see only your True Face before you were born, the face that will shimmer long after this body returns to its origin.


Take a deep breath as you draw in eternal inspiration. Exhale as you die the sweet death. The 10,000 things spiraling into the Infinite one. Back to two. Back to one.


This very life right here, this very moment, this very body is the Heaven on earth.


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