Greetings Charlotte!

Another wonderful day in the queen city! My last post I talked about some great leaders we met – and we just met another great woman I want to tel you about. She is an amazing example of a pioneer who is helping so many people. Edith Langley is a psychotherapist and cutting edge   who has been a true leader and healer in Charlotte. She is a pioneer in the South East with  Somatic Psychology…a brilliant form of healing that merges traditional psychotherapy,  with novel approaches to healing the body through awareness and touch. Again, we are in awe at the amazing people we have met here.

Our Network Wellness care  here in a is very complementary to this kind of approach. While in care, many report taking a quantum leap in healing old traumas – both physical and emotional. Although we do no “talk therapy” network chiropractic allows the body to naturally shed layers of tension, stress, and emotional pain. The position, shape, tone, and tension of our spine always reflects the position, shape, tone, and tension of our lives. As people’s spines are transformed through our work, their old pain and injuries heal. Furthermore, because the nervous system is the very interface of our perception of reality, as this system gets clear, we have a whole new perception of life. Often, we are able to help people stop recreating the very problems that are driving them nuts!

When we work in conjunction with people like Edith Langley, we find that people heal faster and more sustainably.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could relieve pain and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit quickly and easily without drugs, surgery, popping, or cracking? Well, its here, in Charlotte – the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte where we utilize the “quantum” method called Network Care. Network Care can help you rapidly recover from pain and stress, massively boost your energy levels, and dramatically increase your life enjoyment.

It is leaders like Edith Langley who are making the quantum leap of wellness possible in Charlotte. Another grateful day for us!

Sleep well Charlotte!

Dr. Matt

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