Dr. Matt On Money, or “oops, we made a mis-take, we’re making it right”



I had a deep internal experience as we made some really big changes in our practice. Most of them were, and are, awesome. It has created a new schedule that allows for more giving, more service, and more Life all around. That is a beautiful thing. We cleaned up some boundaries around the practicalities of running a busy healing office with lots of people, and we changed our prices.


I’d love to share some simple down home wisdom that I have learned around money, values, congruence, love, and how I temporarily forgot what my mom and grandmothers taught me. This will not be some new-agey law of attraction, prosperity theology blog about manifesting your purple Mercedes while perfectly executing your 4 hour work week in Monte Carlo and having 100 people in your downline while you sip mimosas with your new Greek lover and never have a painful emotion ever again. Hardly. In fact, that kind of stuff makes me vomit in my mouth.



Lets cut straight to the chase. I raised our fees. I raised them a lot. It was, in hindsight a reactionary move out of stress rather than a productive and proactive move based on vision and love. It was a fine idea in theory, but at the deepest level, it was incongruent with our deepest company values and incongruent with my deepest values. If you want the straight scoop of where I am going with this, here you go: We are NOT going to raise our fees. At all. Nope. I am thrilled about this on so many levels. Mostly, I am just happy to be true to myself and my deepest values around money. And that means that more of “the people” can get world-class wellness care at an affordable price. The world has been so generous to me, and I have experienced so much abundance. That calls me to be Generous in kind. One of my deepest core values is generosity: a generosity that is borne from strength, from abundance, and from Love.


Our deepest philosophy as humans drives our core values. What we most deeply believe to be true is what forms our character. And our core values as people, and as a company, drive our core Purpose. That Core Purpose is what drives the “brand” that we are. That purpose needs to drive the actions we take, and hence the legacy we leave. In traditional philosophical study, this is the branch of Ethics. Thus, who we are at our deepest core has to translate into everything we do, including how we charge our fees. When we are in deep congruence with who we are, we can thus say we are in ethical resonance. Ethical Resonance is a sweet spot as we are always acting from the highest place of integrity. We all know when we are not in ethical resonance. Something feels off. Something feels icky. Well, that is how I felt after we hiked up our “per visit” fees to $75. It didn’t feel right.



So this begs the question: Who are we as a company? Well, I’ll definitely spare you all the boring details but I will say this: we exist in the city of Charlotte to help awaken health, healing and love in all hearts through the altar of our Service. To that end, we catalyze the movement of the Innate Intelligence through creating alignment in body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, we catalyze alignment. That is what we do, that is what we will continue to do, and that is who we are.


As a company, we are about one thing and one thing only at the end of the day: Love. Love that abides by, creates from, and serves the community with EXCELLENCE and IMPECCABILITY. These are Virtues of the Spirit that want to be true on every level of being and to be nothing less than who we authentically are. It doesn’t mean that we won’t make mistakes – in fact, we welcome mistakes (mis-takes) as they are then grist for the mill to get more congruent and to grow more. We welcome falling on our face a few times a quarter as the necessary finishing school of a conscious life and a compassionately driven business.


As Love, we want to remain open to everyone. Love is generous from a place of abundance. Generosity is the foundation of all happiness and truly “good business.” Love doesn’t shut out or become exclusive. Love is inclusive. Everyone is welcome at the table. If you have been part of this movement over the last 7 years, you may have seen or experienced healing on some level – healing in body, mind, and the birth of organic communities of conscious folks around Charlotte. We’ve seen lives turned around, we’ve watched physical and emotional healings abound, and we’ve seen the power of Love flow through this work and through our office. Everyone should be welcome. Everyone IS welcome. Love multiplies and never gets lost in adding more numbers to its bottom line. As a result, a multiplier effect takes hold and great stuff happens. I’ve seen it again and again in my own leadership life and in the business I coach: this attitude and alignment creates profitability on every level – financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.


Maybe we’ll raise our fees a bit in the future to pace inflation, but for me enough is, truly, enough! Adding more to more does not always create more. When our hearts truly embrace what is enough for us, there is a striking luminous freedom that is free. It’s so simple, and it’s so freeing. There is so much lightness. My face smiles more. I am so much more compassionate to the tender heart of this world.


Everyone is welcome at NWCC. We want everyone that feels called and drawn to share in the feast of healing and we feel at a core level that everyone deserves a way to affordably create alignment in the body, mind, and Spirit so they can live their most optimal life.



An important tenant on the path is this: its not that we don’t forget or lose the Way, its how quickly we come back to it and choose again. There is an alchemy that happens when we take an honest look at something that doesn’t feel right, make amends, choose again, and then set a new course. In this economy of the Heart, nothing is ever lost. Everything, even our mis-takes, is used for the greater Beauty.


So, my dear friends – our fees are not changing. My schedule has changed, but our values, who we are and our love for all of you and for this city are as big as ever. The time I spend in my office is changing, but our hearts are as open as ever. We LOVE to work with folks who are committed to them selves and to their best life, and we don’t have a cookie cutter template for how that is supposed to look. When anyone forces their agenda on you, that is not Truth – that is dogma. Love blasts dogma to bits with its all- inclusive capacity to hold the space for many perspectives.


In the spirit of Generosity, this month we are donating all our new patient fees to the Missionaries of the Poor and supporting them in their work to help the poorest of the poor. If you are not a practice member, and would like to see if we are a good fit to help you heal, grow, and transform you’ll get about 90 minutes with me spread over 2 days for $99. Every cent will go to help transform lives somewhere else in the world. Spread the Generosity. Expand the Kindness. Bloom into your best life, and set that love in motion all around you as you do.


Much love,


Dr. Matt Lyon



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