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Soul Muse Coaching With Dr. Matt Lyon

Muse: myo͞oz/ an energetic force personified, who is the source of inspiration for a creative person

Anyone at the leading edge of their life and chosen field will, at some point, desire a muse. A muse is a catalyst of creativity that simply opens doors into untapped possibility and potential.

My style is deeply intuitive, energetic, heart-felt, and real. I merge the worlds of intuition and “knowing” with over a decade experience in the “trenches”as a practicing chiropractor, acupuncturist, retreat leader, and coach. In that  decade I built and developed one of the busiest practices of its kind in the world and served thousands of people.

I love inspiring chiropractors, healers, and social entrepreneurs to develop themselves and their companies in ways that make massive positive impact on the world. I love helping people feel free, inspired, happy, well, creative, and in love with their life. I love helping turn difficult, challenging, and scary situations into wisdom, heart, character, and success. I will catalyze real tangible results and profound inner results of joy, vision, passion, and awakening.

As an intuitive coach, I can help clients cut through the BS and see through veil very quickly to help them find new energy, new resources, and a new direction. We’ll be able to see the energetic and archetypal patterns that have been holding you back. At the same time, I am also extremely pragmatic and have a long track record of delivering results. I  assist in developing positive, profitable, and results-oriented strategies and systems to make this new energy come alive. I have done this with chiropractors, acupuncturists, music executives, attorneys, actors, musicians, high school kids, professional athletes, entrepreneurs of all kinds, and parents. I love helping open doors of grace and possibility.

As a coach, I was officially trained as a coach through the Robbins-Madanes Institute and have been coached most of my life. I have been through a number of chiropractic coaching and mentoring systems and have , as a result of applying various methods for years, developed my own intuitive and practical way of nurturing and developing practices.

The process will open gateways into your Highest self, residing in your own heart. This will unleash creativity, courage, vision, passion, play, and self love. Its supremely practical and will have real, bonafide ROI financially and emotionally.

You were born to manifest a powerful destiny. You are here to FULLY incarnate Love and serve others. You have every right to be and feel abundant. The greater value you add to humanity through your gifts, the more value you will own on every level. I am here to muse and mid-wife that birth with you.

A muse will help you cross The River. Once you cross, there is no going back. If you feel that calling, that ancient echo of longing in your heart, I will muse, as only a maven can, each step of the way. Then, you will realize that the only map I was using was the map emblazoned in your own heart.

No pretending. No pre-tense. No posturing. Just presence.

Their is no greater gift than a life awake.

There is no end, there is no ceiling.

All sessions are 45 minutes. Generally I like to work with folks one session weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. I don’t have large “pre-pay” packages or large commitments over time. Each person is so different.

My coaching fees are $180 per hour. YOu must pay for your session ahead of time and we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. To schedule, please email my assistant Laura at or call 704-909-7130.

You may join my online Academy of the Extraordinary, a group coaching school. Details here:

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