REACH, or, Swimming Zen


Reach. Let go. Reach, pull, push, release. Reach, catch, feel, flow.


Let go.




Reach. Release, Repeat. Press, Push, Surrender Give in. Be pulled. Be carried.


Reach. Relax. Press. Push. Let Go. Flow. Roll.


Be carried.


Reach, catch, feel, pull from your core, push from the heart, be carried.


A mouthful of water chokes my breath. I shutter. I reach, I keep going.


When I swim, each stroke forward is toward the unknown, toward a bright diamond dream in the horizon. Every catch and pull propels me forward through my steadfastr effort and fortitude. Then, I let go completely and feel the flow. Repeat.


One arm is reaching for a beautiful, unlimited future, while the other arm is wholly releasing the past. In between each, I take in…..breath.


Breathing, I reach. Breathing, I release. Breathing in I stretch, catch, and propel riding the waves of my own momentum. That momentum is only possibly because I am swimming in an Infinite ocean of Grace.


Fortitude. I’ll never give up. There is always a way. The obstacle is the way. Just around the next corner. Just through that swell. Just past my fear. Just past the edge. Just across the abyss.


Breathing in I release the past, and this part of my stroke gives me, paradoxically, the strongest energy to propel forward. I am no one. I am no time. I am no where. I am everyone, I am all time, I am everywhere. Then I am me, I am somewhere, then I am somebody. Reach, Catch. Pull, Press, release, relax, breathe. Roll. I am everyone, I am all time, I am everywhere. I breathe life, I release life and die to the next reach.


Horizon and present location merge. Reverence. Awe. Im in love with life. All my chips are in. I’ve given everything to this reach, to this life. I have nothing to lose. Everything to experience.


In the pool, I know the end game – another lap. It’s a deep meditation. In the ocean, there is just the wide open. The great wide open horizon where anything and everything is possible. Its terrifying, it feels like a free-fall. Reach, Pull, Press, Let go. Flow.


Breathing in, breathing out. Thoughts come and thoughts go. Moods come, moods go. Desire surges and wanes. Motivation waxes and wanes. But I remain. I am. Muscle, bone, nerve, Mind….I am fully here. Never give in. Never give up.


I reach, and I keep reaching. When I want to quit, when things hurt, when I think I can’t go on another day, I reach. When I feel on top of the world, unstoppable, I reach, I release, I give back Life to itself. When I want to quit, I give that last push, then I let go, I release, I roll on the molecules of water, gliding forward into the unknown. I fall in love with the moment – the sensations of water, the burn of muscle, the ecstasy of breath.


Never give in. Never give up. Reach, press, push, let go. Be pulled by something so Bold and Beautiful.


Never give in, always find that way. My aim at the horizon may fall very short, yet I am still progressing, I am still moving. When its all said and done, I might be in a whole new country. I reach with the joyful expectancy of something profound in that quantum field of infinite possibility. I release to the simplicity of my life, of this breath. Of taking and shower and going to do my work. Of hugging my child. I pay my bills. I pay my taxes. I fumble and fail. I rise and succeed.


I keep reaching, never the same, never in the same place. Always in no place. Everywhere and no where, I am just here. In this infinite shimmering moment. I can feel something. Its so gentle, so big, so profound, I’ve missed it most of my life. Reach.


Beyond the allure of the spectacle is the quiet breath of God’s grace, in the last place, in the most obvious place. In the lowest place. Its so obvious, it seems to allude us. Reach. Catch, Pull. Press. Release.


Molecules of water hold me and carry me. I am free. I reach through and out of my circumstance, I reach with everything I have got. I reach with grit. The fabric of every muscle and fiber of fascia engages on the next pull. Electricity surges through my whole being. I’ll never give up. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes.


I love the feeling in my triceps as my whole body pushes…and then the sweet release of letting go. The past is over, its gone. Its whirling atoms and molecules are reabsorbed into the infinite quantum field. I am free. I am swimming with Grace. I am the body electric.


We reside as everyone, yet we are disguised as a someone. We seem to be hiding someplace, but as I reach and let go I FEEL in my heart and soul I am everyplace. Infinite sheets and waves of fabric, a glowing flower of life holding it All together. Perceived and perceiver and perception all become a flowing pulsation, phase, frequency, and oscillation of Oneness.


I reach again. Never give up. I stumble, I fall. Just let me stop. I want to stop. This is too hard. Let this end. I reach, I let go. I sight the horizon, I surrender to the unknown. I count my laps. I set my goals. I know my races. I let go. I breathe. I shower.


IN the darkness, in the pain, in the failings, in the hurts, in the fear….REACH, CATCH, FEEL, PULL…..RELEASE. Do it again. And again. And again. Miraculous beings will surround you, carry you, challenge you, push, and pull you. You are never alone. I am never alone. We are, truly, all one. Solitude breathes oneness into my heart and I am, again, everywhere. Effortless. Keep working. Reach, pull catch, push, release, breathe.


Trust. Love. Faith.


Love can part the sea, can ride any wave, and can move any mountain. Reach. Love the obstacle, it’s the part of the way.


Reach, catch, pull, push, let go. Repeat. Do it again, and again, and again.


Believe in love, believe in yourself. Live as proof that Love is real, and is very much running the show. Reach. Someone needs that proof today, and never underestimate what one more reach might bring. Never give up.

Watch this quick video of one of my heroes: Martin Strell. May we all embody this much enthusiasm, verve, and grit.


Onward to that glorious horizon,


Dr. Matt Lyon



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