Pearls of Wisdom To Manifest True Health, Joy, and Unlimited Creativity

Aahhhh – Creativity. Joy. Health. If I were sitting with you in person, I’d ask this question: “Do you want more creativity, health and joy in your life?” If you were being honest, 99% of you would say, “Yes.” Even a healthy person who experiences high levels of health, joy and creativity desires much more.

Many people spend thousands of dollars every year seeking greater health, joy and creativity, often without attaining them. Why is this? Why is it that these basic tenets of a happy and fulfilled life are so difficult for most of us to attain, let alone sustain? If you had a choice to live an extraordinary life of freedom, flexibility & unlimited creativity, OR, to live a ‘normal’ life of mundane affairs, feeling tired, overwhelmed or stuck, which life would you choose? If you had tools laid at your feet to help you choose either life, what would you do?

If you are interested in living an extraordinary life, keep reading. If you are interested in living an ‘ordinary’ life, keep watching TV, keep listening to the media, and keep thinking you cannot obtain true creativity, health and joy.

Let’s start with a basic premise. You were born to manifest the destiny of your heart. You were born hard-wired to be joyful, radiant & vitally creative. You may think this is just some fluffy new-age jargon, and I assure you it is not. From quantum physics to the science of positive psychology, we now know that living an exceptional, dynamic life, is indeed possible. When you are whole, integrated and connected, you will express Life in all its beautiful dimensions.

So what happens? Why do most of us lose that child-like love of life, that spark of creativity? Why is it that in a room of 100 people, 1/3 will die of cancer, 1/3 will die of heart disease, and 1/3 will be diabetic? Why in that same room will 1 in 5 women be taking anti-depressants? Why is it that 80% will suffer from chronic pain? Why in that same room will a whole patchwork quilt of dreams be lost in the dark storage-house of the mind……..unmanifested?

I believe and feel certain (and I am not alone) that it is possible to not only have radiant health, but also boundless creativity and joy. It is simply WHO you are.

Here is the rub – STRESS. We all have it. You can’t get away from it. What you can do is significantly elevate your threshold for what stresses you out. You can completely ‘upgrade’ your nervous system, so you have no choice but to express radiant health, creativity & joy, even in the midst of life’s hardships.

We lose a vital connection to our innate wisdom and intelligence for healing, life, and creativity when stress adds up over the years. Your health and vitality become compromised, leading to dis-ease, breakdown, premature aging, hurt relationships & forgotten dreams. A landmark study at the University of London concluded that unmanaged reactions to stress were a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods!

The great news is that there are powerful tools available today, right here in Charlotte, to transform stress so that you can live a healthier, more joyous & more creative life than you ever thought possible These tools can absolutely change your life NOW. Dreams can be reached, patterns undone, your body healed and a more vitalistic you can unfold.

If you feel stuck in your life, if you feel the wight of stress, chronic pain, or feel like you have lost your creative spark, its time to do something about it. In most cases, these kinds of problems will not improve by themselves.

To learn more about how you can regain your healthy and creative edge, join us for a free workshop SEPTEMBER 29, 2010 7PM-9PM right in Myers Park @ 725 Providence Road suite 216. This seminar is limited to 12 people, and it will fill up so reserve your spot now by calling 704-909-7130.

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