The Phoenix WILL Rise. When you know you ARE the phoenix, and you KNOW that phoenix’s always rise, YOU WILL RISE AGAIN. We have to get that in our cells, in our bones. 

Your life IS on purpose. You have a purpose. You may have forgotten. It may have become clouded by pain, rejection, or your perceived failures. Maybe its all the bugs of life’s demands smashed on your life windsheild that keeps you from seeing. That you are connected. You are whole.  Life’s obligations and distractions, in our disconnection, become the haze over our true Heart.

You are timeless, You are alive, and you embody Life and Purpose. At each moment of your life, every step you have taken, and every breath you have breathed is evidence that you have a deep and resounding purpose.

The key is to really OWN what I just said. You have to know it, believe it, in your bones. You have to experience and know that no circumstance can shake that Which You Are.

Sure, life will shake us and our personalities but the deepest part of us remains alive, constantly evolving, and a beaming Source of love and connection. Its helpful to read blogs, books, and seek healers and masters. At the end of the day, it only matters what YOU believe about yourself.

Our beliefs get so messed up in life. Doctors, teachers, preachers, and a myriad of authority figures dump their beliefs into the culture. LIke baking soda in the fridge, we take on the continual toxic dumping of everyone’s fear.

Everyone’s deepest challenges come down to fear – fear that we won’t be loved and fear that we wont be enough. Our beliefs are further mired by the traumas and hurts we go through….that we keep hanging on to.

Circumstance, even the most horrendous and challenging, can either serve to destroy us or force us to grow into the Light of Love that we are.

Who we believe ourselves to be, what we think we really are drives MANY things. Our beliefs drive our habitual thoughts and emotions. Our thoughts and emotions have been unequivocally scientifically shown to affect our health and genetic potential. Our body, thoughts and mind then select how we ACT and what we do in this life, which creates more emotion.

When we are stuck in the past, we never grow and we can’t ever TRULY heal. You think about 60-80,000 thoughts per day, and sadly for most people 95% of those are the same as yesterday. Those thoughts form the invisible matrix of belief. And its all one big fat illusion made of energy fields and neural networks and cellular receptor sites. It can be changed in a New York minute.

In the light of powerful energy borne of Love, there is no fear that can reside. Darkness simply disappears in the light. Forgive yourself, and everyone else for everything that was done to you, real or imagined. Forgive yourself, and everyone else, for everything you did to others, real or imagined. BE FREE. Make your amends, and CHANGE YOU MIND and Heart. Be renewed by the energy that creates worlds. 

Un-become what you never were.

Time to move on. Enough.

I have found that one of the most powerful tools for human empowerment and change are the 12 Stages of Healing, as taught by one of my mentors, Donny Epstein. Lynn and I have been sharing these Diamonds of Healing with thousands of people and we are always blown away at the life changing power of them.

Lynn and I asked ourselves how we can help clients take the work deeper and how we can perhaps lend a helping hand to someone struggling somewhere who might not live near our practice or have the means to come in. We felt led by Source to provide a monthly class for one year. We will teach and embody and integrate one stage each month.

Join us. Catalyze miracles in your life. For real. Accept our gift.

It is absolutely simple to join us.

Friday, March 18th – THIS FRIDAY – at NOON simply call into a 100% free teleconference on Stage 1 – Healing Isolation and Fear Through Heart Connection

Dial in # 712-775-7031

Access Code 529-699

This class is 100% absolutely free. If you’d like to join us the rest of the year, there will be options for that.

Keep being true to yourself. Never betray your deepest heart. In life, we’ll all face challenge, pain, and rejection. True suffering, though, comes when we betray ourselves and give up who we really are. You don’t need to put that face on anymore. I am 100% convinced that most pain and disease has its roots in fear, isolation, loneliness, guilt, shame, and self-punishment. Walk a deep path with trusted teachers. Every day, every way give your best….playfully and joyfully. Relax and breathe. You are more safe and more loved than you could ever know. Join us for our class.

Lynn and I watched this wonderful video of Carolyn Myss and Oprah. Enjoy. We loved it.  It was so inspiring, so true, and SO powerful. Her words, if you really take them in would begin to shift your life Right Now. The truth of it hit me like a thud!

We love you. Please feel free to join our class whether you are near or far, current client or former client or no client. All are welcome. All are welcome.


Dr. Matt

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