Hey Everyone:

Just a brief blog shout out to all of you. I am here to encourage all of us to turn toward the power of Love.

I am here to en-courage all of us to say YES to the Power of that Love that lives inside of you.

In it and through it, there is nothing that impossible. Everything is possible. Its the alchemical catalyst of miracles. If you are breathing, you are a miracle. 

I have some close friends that are going through it. They are facing the biggest challenges you can imagine. They are such immense teachers. They are incarnations of courage and integrity. 

I am writing to anyone who has felt their whole world spins on its axis. The diagnosis. The phone call. The letter from the attorney. A phone call from the IRS. Feeling like you are in need of a miracle to pay your mortgage. Facing death. Facing life. Feeling down. Feeling alone. Feeling beat down by the world.

Together, we can turn it around, no matter what “it” is. Maybe the circumstance is not going to change, but I PROMISE YOU CAN change and your whole life can light up.

NO matter what we are up against there are some BASICS we can always come back to. Basics that help us get up, step up, show up, love up, and live up – no matter what our circumstances are.

Here is how Pema Chodron says it: “Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” Bam. That is it. We keep saying yes to life, even when we have NO IDEA what is next.

You are indestructible. You are not the diagnosis, the divorce, the despair, the dread, or the darkness. You are indestructible. Sometimes, it takes some energetic and emotional muscle to remember that and stay in that strength. Right? Sometimes that can feel like lifting weights you just don’t have the strength for. YET, you do.

You have more strength than you can ever wrap your head around.

Check out my video here for a 10 minute soap-box preaching session with my new beard. I’ll summarize the video below (video link is at bottom of page in case this does not load in your email browser).


Life is all about energy. Life is energy. Energy in motion. Waves into particles, particles into waves. Whats the highest energy in the Universe? Love. Love is true Power. And it not only “gets us through”, it takes our darkest nights and midwifes the birth of a new and miraculous life. It takes the crappiest situations and converts them into inspiration, learning, empowerment, and meaning.

Thus, we need real tools to harness real energy. Here are 3 easy tools. Love takes the small and broken people and makes them Mighty Messengers. Love takes broken glass and makes a mosaic. To manifest that energy, though, you have to know how to flex your emotional muscles. 

Lets dive in: State + Story + Strategy = Love in Action

State: At any time, you OWN your state. You may think you are a victim to your moods, thoughts, circumstances, and feelings. You are not. You own that. It won’t help any of us to shirk that responsibility. When we are called show up for life in a big way, or when we just want to be the best version of ourselves, we have to learn to own our STATE.

What is state? Its your energetic and physiological vibration. Its your breath. Its your physiological flow. Its how you feel. Think of a time you felt terrible and disempowered. What was your state? How did you breathe? What was your posture? Where was your head, your eyes? Was energy going up and out or down and in? Where was your focus? On whats working or what could go wrong? We own our STATE. The STATE you are in is a foundational axis upon which your life spins. It drives and influences your thoughts, emotions, focus, stories, meaning, decisions, action, and destiny.

Great state = health. Low state = dis-ease.

Great state = coinicdence, ideas, motivation, healing, movement, peace, fun.

Low state = stuck, polarity, chaos, banging your head against a wall, no perspective, negative emotions, breakdown. Tension.

Want to optimize your state? Change your breath. Change your posture. Change your focus. Move a muscle, change a thought. How do you feel after you workout? How do you feel after taking a vigorous walk? How do you feel after taking 10 invigorating breaths. How do you feel after prayer? Meditation? Dancing? Laughing? It takes a MOMENT to shift your state.

Learn and apply techniques to optimize state, every day. I spend 45 minutes every morning, first thing, doing deep vigorous breathing (Sudarshan Kriya as taught in the Art of Living) then meditating. I move my body every day, a few times a day to activate energy, muscle, breath, brain, and vitality. I workout about an hour daily. I have made some major mistakes in my life when I did not manage my state. We own our state and it can change in a minute.

It only need take a minute. Sit up straight. Put your hands on your heart, and think of people you love – deeply – and activate that high energy state of APPRECIATION. It takes just a moment. Before you meet with your doctors, find your flow and get in state. Find your flow and get in state before any meeting, any encounter, any thing that is challenging. Find your FLOW as much as you can. I promise, it will change your life entire life. 

Work it every day, throughout the day, and it becomes a NEW habit. You’ll simply vibrate at a higher frequency. This isn’t something you read about or talk about, it is something you DO. Like attracts like. You’ll attract the exact situations that are required for you to wake up. Any situation is thus seen as an empowered opportunity, so long as you can reside in that high state of peace AND power. 

STORY: Change your story about your life and you change your life. Simple. Change the way you look at things, and things change. Its a quantum axiom. Change your story, and the particles of your life elevate into waves and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and no situation is unworkable. 

What do you believe about yourself or your situation? Nelson Mandela’s story, after he found his alignment in prison, was that he could change Apartheid by sending letters to world leaders every day. He then realized he could become a leader who would make a new South Africa. That was his story. Pretty empowering. He could have just been a victim and lived his life pissed off, angry, and resentful. His choice to step up changed the course of history and pushed humanity forward. Mother Theresa was driven by a mad love for humanity. She was rejected again and again by her superiors. Love never fails and never quits. That was her story – to Love until it hurts. She changed humanity and pushed us forward. The Dalai Lama has a story that the Chinese oppression has taught him boundless compassion and love. He could have become a terrorist and advocated violence. He is changing the world and pushing us forward.

What about you? What if every challenge was here to show you what you are made of? To lovingly pull you into Love, to healing, to being who you TRULY are? Pain is your fuel for progress. Its a gift. Even that diagnosis. Even that letter from the lawyer.

What is our story? An empowering story, plus a high vibration state is going to produce powerful, empowering, and positive emotions that will help you think clear thoughts and make awesome and powerful decisions. No matter how far down the scale your life seems, this is an axiom of truth. You are not too far gone. Your decisions then create destiny.

We can’t skip steps. We have to OWN our state and AUTHOR our story. If we don’t someone else will. Its either love or fear, my lovelies.

So what story awakens love? What fuels your fear?

Get clear on what you want and you know what story you need. Have fun. You get to write your life. You can’t write your circumstances all the time, but we always author our story. 

Strategy: When we OWN our state and we consciously AUTHOR our story,  we can USE a great life strategy to get wherever we need to be. Tony Robbins tells it this way: If you want a sunset and you are driving east, its a terrible strategy. You can be super pumped in a hot state and have a killer story, but if you are heading the wrong decision you wont get there. Destiny is a direction. You need a strategy. Telescope your truth. Strategy is what gets us, step by step, from “here” to “there”. 

I spent years coaching leaders and change agents on a weekly basis to develop these three things and I watched business grow, I watched millionaires get made, I watched people get really empowered, and people becoming very happy people.

We all need help developing a strategy, and thank God, there are so many resources. I don’t do that kind of coaching any more (although you can see below how you can hire me as your soul muse catalyst at a fraction of the cost of my previous high end strategy coaching). 

When you need a strategy you’ll find the resources you need to get there: a book, a trainer, a coach, a network practitioner, a book agent, a seminar, a synagogue. When the student is ready, your teacher will appear. Want to show the universe you are serious? Own your State and Author your Story and your teacher(s) will appear. Be ready. Open all your senses and then some. Become a six sensory student.

Sometimes, A great strategy is leaning in, sitting still, letting go of old teachers, preachers, doctors, and myths that no longer serve. Sometimes, a great strategy is to learn to be with ourselves without trying to contrive fake happiness and manipulating reality to meet our selfish ends.

Own your State, Author your Story, and Get a Strategy to help you take one step at a time into and towards destiny. You deserve it. Just making progress on this path will fill you with so much momentum, leverage, and happiness. Nobody will be perfect, ever. Just making progress will fuel you. Guess what? It also fuels the people around you and  will inspire others to be their best.

Today, I went to the gym. I was pretty pooped after a long morning with clients. I worked out for an hour visualizing all sorts of things – a healthy body, having fun with my family, aligning all my energy centers. I then did some strength work pushing and stretching my limits. I meditated at the end for 5 minutes to bring all that energy into my heart. I headed to Chipotle filled with energy and all I wanted to do was see the best in others and spread that love. I love to make people smile. I love to leave a room better than I found it. The world needs it. The manager came out and said, “Lunch is on us, thanks for being so awesome.” All it was was State, Story, and Strategy and the burning desire to LOVE this world and LIVE without limits.

”Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible in us be found.” YES!

You got this. Anytime we can support you let us know. If you need some wind in your sails, hit us up. We are here for you. We have 2 new awesome programs to coach with me at an absolutely phenomenal price of $49 per month. It isa  groundbreaking coaching in a group context with leading edge technology to help your life get in a sweet groove of goodness, focus, empowerment, joy, and LOVE.

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Great news: If you are a practice member on a wellness plan, the 12 stages of healing wisdom school is included in your membership! All the more reason to come in and get on a rocking and life changing plan. IT GIVES YOU STRATEGY, IT AMPLIFIES YOUR STATE, IT HELPS YOU AUTHOR YOUR STORY! 

We love you. We got your back. Let us know how we can help you. Even if you just want us to pray for you and send you love, just reach out. We are here for you.

Video Link in case it did not show above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWOs3r-SoA8

Love always,

Dr. Matt Lyon

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