One of my favorite meditation teachers taught me that “….The most important thing is…….the most important thing”

So, what does that mean when it comes to your health? To your wellness? To how you feel? To how you feel in your life? To how you DO your life?

Our culture, as a whole, is not well. Our health care system, for the most part, is very sick. Our collective connection to the inborn rhythms of innate intelligence are, in large part, pretty dead.

So, what to do? In this context, what is the most important thing?

If we had one tool to help us reconnect to these inborn healing rhythms, what would it be? If we had one tool to help us experience a sense of connection, wellness, and vitality, what would it be?

Triple A. No, not the people who come and slide that bar in your window when you lock your keys in your car or who jump start your car hen you leave the lights on. Triple A is an acronym developed by my mentor Donald Epstein. It goes like this:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Acknowledgement

Awareness is our capacity to see, feel, hear, and be mindful of the messages our bodymind is giving us. We are acculturated to shut them up and shut them down. Our cultural medical authority would have us believe that if we don’t have any symptoms we are healthy. In this model, its our awareness – our connection – to our body’s rhythms that holds the “keys to the kingdom”. If we can’t feel it, we can’t heal it. When I was in high school, I studied under a Zen Buddhist Master. She said that the essence of buddhist practice could be summed up as follows: “attention, attention, attention.” And, I think that is really true, especially with the body.

Acceptance: Its what we don’t accept that stays solid. Its what we reject our push down that becomes permanent. It is our fear and avoidance of pain and suffering that is actually the root of suffering. I have watched hundreds of people move through pain into a profound healing experience (myself included). Now, by the way, if you have pain that concerns you, get it checked by a doctor or your family physician.

Acknowledgment: This is the last and final part of Triple A. There is magic in acknowledging what our body mind wants to tell us. In fact, that is why it is there – to be acknowledged and listened to. And, woah, there is some serious juice in that process. I mean, life changing, paradigm altering, happiness producing, energy generating, and wellness propagating juice in this part.

So, triple A. And you can apply this to anything and everything in life. Works good in a marriage, too.

The Network Wellness Center of Charlotte is happily surfing the leading edge of evidence based wellness care. Join the tribe and spread the word. Charlotte has a whole new set of options to make you feel alive, vital, pain free, and deeply purposeful.

Dr. Matt Lyon – NWCC

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