Starting From Abundance, Starting From NOW

I love thanksgiving. I don’t love it for the reasons you might think: food, turkey, football, a day off, or stuffing. Actually, truth be told, I could care less about those things. I LOVE being around the people that inspire me and that I love deeply. I love the inner state of gratitude. Gratitude is what makes us rich, not material possessions – and this is the season of gratitude and *giving* thanks.

Gratitude, believe it or not, is the secret chamber of true abundance. Gratitude heals our bodies and directs our spirits as to how we can benefit others the most. Happiness is simply a function of the union of three variables: Love + Growth + Giving. Insert gratitude as a coefficient here and you multiply happiness in a non-linear fashion. (Gr)Love + (Gr)Growth + (Gr)Giving  = Infinite Happiness that changes the world. That is about as much algebra as you will *ever* get out of me! Note here the critical point: this is not arithmetic. This is algebra of the spirit. We get what we grow. We grow what we fertilize. Gratitude is the ultimate fertilizer.

The reality is, most people feel that the demands on their lives are over the top – family, work, emails, chores, projects, school, finances, paying the bills, health, etc. The reality is many people begin to simply live to get through today and totally forget the amazing power of their dreams, their passion, their spirits, and how they can light others up. Glued to phones that are supposed to make life easier and more efficient, we get lost in a rat race to nothing or we simply give up hope. In either case, we are neck deep in survival mode.

I have noticed that the most skeptical, most cynical, and most depressed folks are actually the ones that care the most. They have been hammered by life many times and so their hearts close down, they lose trust, and then they give their courage away and refuse to take a risk. We give up the courage to love, we give up the courage to trust. We give up the courage to do something different or something we don’t understand because we are terrified of being hurt again or feeling disappointed.

Our bodies get zapped, we run our of fuel, our focus is on lack, and the meaning of our life is about just getting by. That is not an equation for vitality. That is the ultimate stress equation. The challenge is is that unless we start ahead of scarcity its hard to create a turnaround in this downward spiral. The opportunity is that when we start from abundance, we shift the whole picture of our lives and find energy, focus and passion we forgot we had.

START FROM ABUNDANCE. When we start from not having enough, from not being enough, we are likely doomed from the start. As Tony Robbins taught me and many others, we must start from beyond scarcity.

Let me give you an example I learned from Tony Robbins – he talks about Sir John Templeton who was one of the wealthiest investors of all time. This guy was a billionaire when that was not a common feat – AT ALL. Sir John told Tony, “If you are grateful you are rich.” If we are not grateful, no matter what we have, we may be wealthy, but we won’t be rich. No matter who is around us loving us, if we don’t have presence and gratitude we may not be alone but we WILL feel lonely. Start from the energy beyond scarcity. Start now.

Sir John also told Tony that wealth attracts wealth. Think about it – when you *feel* abundant you will take very different actions than you will when you feel there is not enough. This is mind-set we are talking about, not bank-set. When we feel gratitude, we’ll invest in ourselves, in our health, in our learning. We’ll give energy and love to others. We’ll harness inner energy and resourcefulness to overcome any challenge. We’ll step up in life in courageous ways that will often lead us to cross paths with someone who will change our life. We might, in a moment of causeless joy, get the idea that will take our business to the next level. You might discern from your heart the book you must write, or the plan that will take you from being an average employee into the realm of outstanding and change your career forever. You might light your kids up with inspiration. Getting into abundance is a code word for getting into God – into the flow of Universal Intelligence.

When we pull back we get exactly what we give. Start from gratitude. Start from boundless energy backing your life. Start from remembering all the amazing and subtle coincidences in your life that got you to where you are now. Know that those “hidden hands” of life are as present now as ever. Start NOW.

After we start NOW, we turn our hearts and minds to how we can give. What can I give to others today that I want to experience myself? How can I act as the answer to someone’s prayers today? Start to see the needs of others as your needs. Today, when I went to workout, I simply said a prayer before I went in – what light can I bring to the staff that works here?  As I was driving, I asked Spirit (as I understand Spirit), How can I light up Charlotte? How can I be a force for massive positive change? I exercised from the place of being in radiant health, of feeling full of life energy. I write this blog to bring light, to share the simple tools that can make all the difference when we pay attention. I confidently assume that Spirit ultimately writes the blog and so I can write from total trust and abundance.

Every day, when I start my day, my primary question to whatever I do is, How can I add massive value to the world around me? How can I bring huge value to the people in my practice?

A perfect example of this is our Thanksgiving service project here at NWCC. A group of us from the practice will be delivering food to families that are hurting and don’t have the means for a family thanksgiving dinner. We are consciously  starting from abundance and giving life and love to others. It just started with a vision, an idea that flowed out of abundance to give more to those who hurt. I had no idea “how” to make it happen – I just knew somehow we would create something. Energy proceeds all form. Voila, the right people showed up, a volunteer expert in our practice showed up and took it over, the names of the families to deliver to were obtained, and people wanting to be part volunteered. Now we’ll change lives, give love, create community, and have a blast in the process. It started from abundance and created itself. Showing up from abundance is 80% of the game.

Ways to start from abundance: Take a walk when you feel your energy is low. Instead of watching TV, find a book that ignites your spirit and read it. Search your mind for the people in your life who may need a lift and just call them and let them know you love them. Make a move in your business that will help it grow so you can help more people. Invest in your health and happiness – work to get yourself as vital and healthy as possible. Invest in yourself – help yourself get clear on your focus and clear out all those limiting beliefs that thwart your progress. Upgrade yourself. When you feel overwhelmed or angry about what is going on in the world, get proactive and start from the abundance that you CAN make a difference: align with a group or charity that shares your values and give your time or money. When trying to start a new venture, get out and passionately share your vision with as many people as you can – assume your vision is awesome (if its truly from your Soul, I promise you it is) and that there are people that are looking for it. Spend time around those that have what you desire – clean out your friend closet, average up the energy of your peer group and align with those people that inspire your soul and help you up your game in a BIG way. This list could go on and on. Start from Abundance, and start now.

This is an incredible time to be alive  – all of us are absolutely needed to create a world we want to live in. Enjoy your holiday and may you fill to the brim with gratitude. Be a miracle in someone’s life this thanksgiving. Its easier than you think and will make you oh so rich.

Much love,

Dr. Matt Lyon

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