Charlotte Physician and Pediatrician loves Network Care + Endorses Dr. Lyon
Matt Lyon is a healer. He is a network chiropractor, but he could be an acupuncturist, a massage therapist, or medical doctor, and he would still possess the same healing hands. Stress, tension, pain, and tight muscles all melt under his touch. He helped me get back to a state of balance and optimal health at a time when I was extremely stressed. Under his care, I was even able to slightly decrease my dose of thyroid medication. I am grateful for the work he does. Sheila Kilbane, MD Charlotte NC

Dr. Matt changed my life. I had back pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I can’t explain what he did, but it was miraculous and magical. I am pain free now and majoring in dance in college. My dreams are coming true because of his help. Jazzlyn M.Wilmington, NC

Healing Depression and Finding the Spark! Several months ago, I experienced events that diminished my will to live, my ability to smile, I cried more than I laughed. There has never been another time in my life during which I was frozen, unable to make decisions and unable to look on the bright side. I didn’t want to get out of bed and didn’t find happiness in the things that normally uplift me. After my first few appointments with Dr. Lyon, I left his office able to breathe, able to look up at the sky and think things might be ok again. As I continued to see Dr. Matt, every time I left I felt more and more at peace. I am becoming equipped to deal with stress, to live authentically and be happy and connected. If I hadn’t found this practice, I believe I would’ve recovered from the depression I experienced but it would have been extremely slow, perpetuated old patterns and I would not see the Potential for the boundless joy that exists for each one of us. Emily Ducat, Asheville NC

Physical, emotional + mental healing for a high stress life!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place! When my life was a total disaster and I had hit my rock bottom, I found Dr. Matt’s practice. Stress, anxiety, back/neck pain, acne, old hurts plus new ones and wounds that never healed had all spiraled into me spending all hours of the day that I wasn’t at work in bed. The love and calm felt here will change your life. They help to not only realize that you possess the power to heal yourself but you also have the power to spread that healing to others. Don’t try analyze the work and figure out how or why it works. Take that leap of faith and take it from me…IT WORKS! Thank you Dr. Matt, Lynn and Kheri 🙂 Angie W. Charlotte NC

After I had my initial consultation with Dr. Matt, I felt like I had finally come home. It was the first time that I felt completely understood, seen, and validated, even after years of traditional talk therapy. Every time I interact with Dr. Matt, Lynn, and fellow Wellness Center clients, I feel absolutely loved, cared for, and free to be myself. I’ve never met a person like Dr. Matt who genuinely and passionately cares about each individual he works with – his passion is to help you be your best, highest self, no matter who you are. He is a dynamic, charismatic teacher, and each time I attend one of his workshops, I come away with life-changing knowledge, skills, and hope for the possibilities in my life. Recently, he coached me during a seminar, and I had a major breakthrough during which I clearly saw why I do what I do and what/how I needed to change. When I first came to see Dr. Matt, I felt hopeless, alone, and not excited about my life. Now, I see an amazing future (and present!) ahead of me. The work that we’ve done together is going to benefit not only me but my husband, children, and everyone I come into contact with. I plan to be a part of this NWCC family for forever! Katie M – Charlotte NC

I am grateful for Matt and Lynn Lyon at Network Wellness Center of Charlotte for the love and effort they put into creating a beautiful and safe place where I am able to express my deepest sorrows and greatest joys. I am grateful for Kherri, a little spirit sister who loves us all and works hard to keep us in line. I am grateful for Network care as it has helped to bring me to an understanding of what I am here to do. To become the best me I can be, to make the word a better place by serving humanity, to become love. I am grateful for the recent “Clear Day” where I was able to connect with people in the most meaningful ways; for Jason and Caroline who listened to my “story” and shared theirs with me. I thank you. I am grateful for all my spirit bothers and sisters who are willing to share their love and compassion in this beautiful dance of life. Namaste. Mary M. Matthews, NC

Well Known Leadership Coach Rocks Out Her Best Life @ NWCC!
Walk into the Network Wellness Charlotte office, and you will instantly know you’re in a very special place. The air feels charged but peaceful, open but challenging, sacred and totally safe, and everyone is either smiling, laughing, reflecting, or connecting. There’s nothing more or less that Dr. Matt and Lynn want except for your most clear, authentic, powerful self to be the self you live into and lead your life with. I count myself as so fortunate to be a part of their circle, and I highly recommend their care if you want to bust out of what’s been keeping you held back in your life for years. Stretch into more of YOU…go for it! Laura Neff – Life Leadership Coach Charlotte NC

Charlotte Naturopathic Family Physician Endorses Dr. Lyon + Network Care
Dr. Lyon D.C., is a true healer. He has leveraged his extensive training in neurology, neurochemistry, shamanistic, neuro-linguistic, and chiropractic into a mode of healing art that is truly transcendent. Dr. Lyon understands that the physical body (our bones, muscles, nerves, and organs) is an interface into the thoughts, emotions and soul. When he practices his craft, he is looking to align the spine by re-integrating the neural network, allowing the body to straighten itself. In this way he is practicing much like any other chiropractor: by aligning the spine and freeing the nervous system for full-function, the body can heal itself. Taking his practice a step further, he teaches his patients that there is a deeper meaning to physical subluxations; i.e. there is a reason the back is misaligned. He teaches that this deeper meaning can be found in the thoughts and emotions: fear, anger, resentment, love, joy, gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness. Dr. Lyon has simple way of explaining this: our bodies are constantly exchanging energy, but when this energy becomes too much to process and release, the body will stuff the energy somewhere in the body. Stuffed energy results in physical dis-ease and spinal misalignment. His method of Network Chiropractic is the most comprehensive form of chiropractic I have ever experienced.
During a visit to Dr. Lyon’s center, a patient can expect to be an active participant through breath-work, body movement, vocalization, and releases of emotion. Dr. Lyon’s practice is where chiropractic takes on true meaning. Expect to have a more dynamic spine, a more relaxed and adaptive neurological system, more balanced emotions, and overall increased sense of well-being. Dr. Lyon has been successful in helping some of my more difficult patients achieve healing in a number of ways, and for that I am especially grateful. — Dr. Jonathan Ritz N.D.

Came in for Neck Pain – and Found a More Flexible Body + Mind + Spirit!
Network Wellness Charlotte has changed my life. I am more flexible in body and spirit. Network Wellness focuses on the whole person not just the spine. I am grateful Network Wellness established their practice in Charlotte. What a gift. Gaynelle I Charlotte NC

Yoga Teacher of International Acclaim Endorses Dr. Lyon + Network Care
Matt has a wonderful charisma that his attuned healing abilities shine through. I am so happy to have support from an energetic chiropractor who lives his spiritual path daily, rooted in this world and sincerely committed to co-creating a wonderful, vibrant, and fear-facing community. When you walk into the office at Network Wellness, you are welcomed with big warmth and support for juicy well being. Sarah Faircloth Charlotte, NC

Healing of Low Back Pain…and Feeling the Joy of Living again!
I have been going to Network Wellness for several months and have noticed significant changes physically, emotionally, and spiritually. My body is more limber so I have a wider range of motion. I am getting to really know my authentic self and feel much stronger emotionally. Last but not least I am more spiritually grounded, accepting, and kinder to my fellow travelers. Ann C. Charlotte NC

Woman Came in for Back Pain…and Found the Magic of Being Alive
Thank you for re-releasing a beautiful soul back into the universe. I came in for back pain and came out unbelievably changed inside and out. 1) You have helped me reclaim my belief in a higher power, magic, and myself; 2) You’ve taught me to fix myself + I’ve fixed things I didn’t even remember breaking; 3) You have helped me remember how to truly love + trust again, and to stop judging; 4) You have not only taught me how to live again, but to live better than I could have imagined. I am so glad I chose to come and see you. No friend, counselor, chiropractor, psychiatrist or psychologist has ever come close to what you have done. I love you all and wish you continued success. This is an amazing place. You have a client for life. Angela, G. Charlotte NC

Charlotte Non-Violent Communication Leader Finds Healing, and a Home Away from Home
This place is awesome! A home away from home. The family we all wish we had! 🙂 I’ve met so many interesting people and made so many friends in the waiting room of this office, that that alone is a reason to return every week. What amazes me most about working with Dr. Matt is how aware I have become about my breathing and sensations in my body. I no longer take my body for granted and now am able to listen to it, trusting its wisdom and responding with care. I had been to chiropractors before and loved the relaxing nature of their office and the traditional popping of my back… however, only once in 18 months of going to see Dr. Matt has he popped anything! This was a surprise, and yet several times have I shown up to him while in pain and his gentle touch and mysterious way of allowing the body to align and heal itself has completely done the trick! An even greater surprise! I originally sought out Dr. Matt upon recommendation of a friend because I was interested in balancing my hormones and seeing beyond some generalized diagnoses from a decade earlier. What I received in exchange was so much more. This is a wonderful place… you absolutely must check it out for yourself. Heather B. Charlotte NC

Dr Matt is the best of the best!

I have often said to Dr. Matt that I believe that he came to Charlotte just for me and we laugh. I have been in wellness practices for many years and Network Chiropractic has always been my primary care modality. The chiro I was working with for many years moved to China and left me without this incredible technique for balancing and harmonizing my body. When I learned Dr. Matt was here in the spring, I was thrilled and hopeful that he was as good as my previous Chiro and much to my surprise he is much much better. In the years of knowing Network Chiropractic, I have traveled all over and would always find a local NetChiro to keep me in balance and continue the ongoing healing process. I found good ones almost everywhere I traveled but without doubt Dr Matt is the best of the best AND his gifts and skills for releasing and healing at all levels are unsurpassed in my experience. I have often described this process as a massage, a personal counseling session and structural adjustment all in one. This technique works at all levels for a sense of well being at a deep deep level. Besides, it is such fun to visit this office that is filled with so much love and joy. THANK YOU MATT, LYNN AND KHERI.

Charlotte Professional Woman Heals Chronic Pain, And Finds Community, Joy, and Peace
I went to Network Wellnss because I was having neck and back pain. What I didn’t expect was to be treated in mind, body and spirit. Dr. Matt and Lynn have created this amazing space in the middle of Charlotte that fosters true community and Love. The people I have met through Network Wellness are like family. I can also say that I don’t experience any more chronic pain. I realized that my chronic pain was due to my muscles holding onto stored painful memories. Dr. Matt has enabled me to acknowledge those memories and accept them as part of me instead of fighting against them. It’s been an amazing experience. Jessica C. Charlotte NC

Charlotte mom and yogi finds deep healing of body mind and spirit
Over the past several months through regular entrainments and SRI, I have gained a greater understanding of my body and its response to stress; my coping skills (or lack of!) in balancing family and work demands. I feel better physically, whether it be enjoying a long run, yoga class, or even staying up with a sick child. I have learned ‘where I go’ when times get tough, and through Network Care, specifically the Clear Day intensive, I have developed newer, healthier pathways for my body, mind and heart to draw upon. Though the demands of my life have not changed, my response to them has. I am more calm, with MUCH better focus, and am rarely overwhelmed. Physically, my hips and shoulder have opened and are pain free, my natural posture aligned, and I sleep like a bear.Finally, old regrets and grief have faded, and I no longer feel haunted by tragic events in my past, I can honestly say I feel whole and at peace. I appreciate you taking the time to thoroughly understand your patients, and in drawing us together for Clear Day, empowering us to heal ourselves and each other. It was simply fantastic.Keep up the good work, thank you so much for everything you do. Susan A.

Charlotte Yogi Heals Chronic Pain While Becoming More Open, Vibrant, and Happy
It is both subtle and profound – 5 stars. I began treatment at Network Wellness in the spring of 2010; receiving entrainments, SRI and reading about the 12 stages of healing. I started seeing Dr. Lyon for what I call “structural health & stress related issues”. I was experiencing chronic hip and joint discomfort as a result of athletic and work related injuries. I had already received massage, physical therapy and other specialized medical care. I had x-rays, an MRI and other diagnostic tests. No one could quite diagnose the problem or relieve the pain I was experiencing. My sleep, mood, and energy levels were affected, and frankly my relationships were suffering as a result. Endlessly frustrated, I had nearly given up hope in finding relief. I was looking for help to diagnose and treat my condition, not just on the physical level. I was searching for an integrated solution, and that is what I found. The care I have received from Network Wellness has changed my life and empowered me on a journey of self-healing. The care I … I began treatment at Network Wellness in the spring of 2010; receiving entrainments, SRI and reading about the 12 stages of healing. I started seeing Dr. Lyon for what I call “structural health & stress related issues”. I was experiencing chronic hip and joint discomfort as a result of athletic and work related injuries. I had already received massage, physical therapy and other specialized medical care. I had x-rays, an MRI and other diagnostic tests. No one could quite diagnose the problem or relieve the pain I was experiencing. My sleep, mood, and energy levels were affected, and frankly my relationships were suffering as a result. Endlessly frustrated, I had nearly given up hope in finding relief. I was looking for help to diagnose and treat my condition, not just on the physical level. I was searching for an integrated solution, and that is what I found. The care I have received from Network Wellness has changed my life and empowered me on a journey of self-healing. The care I have received has enriched my life, improved my outlook, greatly lessened my physical pain/discomfort and has allowed me to develop the tools to heal myself. I am physically stronger. I have more energy and vitality. I am mentally more alert and focused. I sleep better and perform at a higher level. I am in touch and attuned with the language of my body. I have also emotionally purged some lingering unresolved issues of grief that have manifested in my physical body. I am more open to spirit guiding me. My life has changed because I am now alive. There has been a transformation in me that has moved me from a general state of compression, to one of expression. This is a profound change that is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Dr. Lyon, Lynn and Keri all create an environment for multi-level healing. They are loving, open, humorous and kind. They are a breath of fresh air in a non-traditional healing environment. Charlene C. Charlotte, NC

I have no words for how exercise feels after an entrainment! I just biked 9 miles and barely broke a sweat. My muscles feel stronger, my lungs work better, and overall that makes me feel more joyful! I love network care!!!! Angela M. Charlotte NC

Graduate Student Finds Healing of Depression, Addiction, and found Joy, Hope, and Focus again! When I first came to Network Wellness of Charlotte, I was in a deep depression and started an addiction recovery program in NA. My emotions and feelings in my body were like a roller coaster. After a month with Dr. Lyon, I was seeing so many positive changes in my life: 1) Recovered from deep clinical depression, 2) dramatically reduced anxiety symptoms, 3) Overall sense of well-being and self esteem occurred practically overnight, 4) Started grad school and made straight As, 5) Left an unhealthy emotionally unstable relationship. the only way I can describe it is that before NSA was my “old life” and after NSA was a “new, awesome life.” My mother and I are no longer co-dependent with each other. I no longer rely on others’ opinions for my sense of well-being – BIG BURDEN LIFTED! Just go with the process. You may start to wonder how Dr. Lyon’s work can make a difference and even if it is financially worth it. After a few weeks you will see it is 110%! Keep up the great work. You rock 🙂 Melissa D. Charlotte Grad Student

Professional musician heals back pain, eczema while finding more creativity!
I am a 27 year old, professional musician. I have been suffering from back pain and digestive problem as far back as my memories go, and more recently a case of eczema on my shins so irritated and dry that I frequently wake up to find blood on my bed sheets. All of this has led to multiple doctor visits, emergency room visits, MRIs, a thrown out back at the age of 22, and multiple traditional chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists. None of them got the root of my problems because none of them were looking for the root of all of them. They were each trained to help a specific part of my problem, and they did. I experienced temporary relief from each doctor and therapist for one specific symptom. But they were not seeing the big picture.

Dr. Matt was the first doctor I ever visited that didn’t ask me to chop the story of my health up into tiny, disconnected pictures. He didn’t want to know about only one part of me, or one problem I was having. He wanted to know as much about me as I could think to tell him. Even to the point that he asked me to go home after our first meeting and try to remember things from early on in my life so that I could come back to the next appointment with more information about me.

Through working with Dr. Matt for just a few short months, I have found some drastic changes to have taken place. First of all, my back pain is better. Not only does my spine feel sturdier, more flexible, and stronger now, but when I look at the pictures of my posture now compared to before Dr. Matt, the objective improvement is hard to believe. I have also noticed that my diet and my digestion have both been improving. About a month ago we decided to incorporate acupuncture into my treatment as well, and between that and my entrainments, my digestion is doing amazing and my eczema is down by about 50%! I have more energy now to spend on enjoying my life rather than nursing a sore back or an upset stomach. My music has been affected as well. I find it more natural to compose and improvise in a more genuine way. I am far more conscious of my health and how I can affect it in positive and negative ways now. Dr. Matt has not only helped me get healthier, he has helped me pick up the reigns and take more control of my health as well! Jordan K. Charlotte NC

10 Years of High Blood Pressure Gone and off Medications – Plus A More Soulful Life!
Amazing results -love it! I have been dealing with high blood pressure for ten years – since I was 25. Dr’s would tell me to eat better and exercise more – and I was training for marathons – how could I exercise any more? They put me on medication that made me feel horrible! Finally I was introduced to Dr. Matt and Network Spinal Analysis. Not only did my blood pressure go down from 140/95 to 124/80, but I experienced some other powerful changes – I was able to express myself more, which has always been a goal of mine, I handle stress so much better and I don’t eat as much sugar. Being a part of the Clear Day workshop just accelerated all of these changes and allowed me to connect to my soul and feel what I truly want in life. I have even brought my 10-month old son to see Dr. Lyon so that I could give him a naturally healthy start. Amy – Charlotte Mom and Sacred Activist

Came in for sciatica and got a whole lot more…
I started my Network care about 3 months ago for Sciatica, a challenge I have had for over 15 years. I am a full-time yoga teacher, so back and leg pain aren’t ideal for my professional life! It was a bad case of it and I was in need of relief. I have been to many a Chiropractor and most gave me short-term results, but didn’t get the the root of the problem. Dr. Matt helped me to see what my body was holding onto and thus created the awareness so that it could release. What a difference! Not only did my “pain” go away but I let go of so many of my old habitual holding patterns and my body is freer to experience the beauty in life. I am running for the first time in my life and it feels amazing. My emotional life has improved dramatically as well. Again, I have been to many a healer, but this has been different. It has changed me in profound ways that are now a part of my being. I can’t thank Dr. Matt enough for my care and I feel gratitude for the care and freedom in my body….what else could I want? Aly F – Professional Yoga Teacher Charlotte, NC

Practice Member Transforms Her Life at One of Our Powerful Day Long Retreats
If one day can transform your life, it would be Clear Day. There’s something about the combination of entrainments, SRI, and the connections that you form with others who are present that can be almost mind-blowing. During Clear Day I’m able to be so much more connected to me, to my Self. I can literally feel the energy coursing through my body. I can feel my connection to all things. At the end of the Day, we all leave as members of the same family. On Clear Day, we all allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We come together in love. We look into each others’ eyes and contemplate whether we would accept that other person as God. Then we realize that they are God. We are God. We are all One. Jessica C. Charlotte NC

Years of low back pain + headaches dramatically healed AND a greater experience of freedom, ease, growth, and awareness
I initially went to see Dr. Matt at the urging of my sister. She knew I’d been struggling with lower back pain for years, but hadn’t found any treatments that I was comfortable with. I’d found traditional chiropractic unhelpful, even over a short term. After the first few treatments with Dr. Matt, I had remarkably less back pain, and interesting, found that after nearly 36 of holding my breath out of habit, I began to breathe much more freely and easily. Now in my six month of care, I have almost no back pain at all, significantly reduced headaches/migraines, and tremendous breath awareness – “the 900 lb elephant” sitting on my chest seems to be disappearing!. Through my awareness of breath, I’m able to meditate more easily and feel a real connection with Spirit. I wasn’t expecting these results from going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Matt is much, much more. He and his wife, Dr. Lynn, have created a supportive practice that fosters love, growth, and deep awareness. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of. Angela M Charlotte NC

Years of low back pain + “slipped rib” pain GONE PLUS less stress, and more ease in her life!
Since beginning treatment with Dr. Matt in February (2010) I have been entirely relieved of painful and debilitating recurring slipped/floating ribs that have plagued me for the past five years, and at their worst last year, occurred on a monthly basis. I also suffer from chronic sacral pain, which has subsided to a rare occurrence. I sit here writing this review with absolutely no sacral pain! Other skeletal imbalances have gone away as well, which have effected my gait and a pesky “caught” nerve above my left hip. As much as I appreciate the physical relief I have received from treatment, the mental and emotional relief I’ve received has honestly been the most profound result. I was extremely overwhelmed mentally and emotionally (which I now clearly understand was showing up in my physical body). Literally, after a couple of visits with Dr. Matt I had more mental and emotional space to function in my life, which reduced impulsive emotions and responses and set me on a path to be more of the person I want to be and enjoy life much more. A sincere thanks to Dr. Matt and his wife, Lynn for the powerful and transformative care they’ve brought to our area. 🙂 Aundrea T. Charlotte NC

Neck pain, back pain and Migraines healed….and a deep sense of relaxed joyfulness!
For as long as I can remember I have suffered from back pain and general discomfort. I work as a pastry chef, which is actually a very physically and emotionally demanding job. I spend hours on end on my feet, lifting heavy bowls full of dough, bent over worktables, etc. My days are often filled with hectic energy that leaves me feeling drained when I get home. I am only 27 years old…much too young to be feeling burnt out from work and life’s stresses in general! Seven or eight years ago I started seeing a traditional chiropractor. She was able to help some, but I never really felt I was getting to the root of the problem. I felt some relief, but it was short-lived. Day after day was spent crying because of stress, anxiety and pain. I am not one to turn to medication unless it is absolutely necessary. Medications don’t always fix the problem, but sometimes seem to just mask them. I am much more interested in getting to the root of the problem, and actually fixing it, not just pressing the mute button. After some very emotional phone conversations with my mother, who is seeing a Network Chiropractor back home in Massachusetts, I decided to look into finding a doctor here in Charlotte. She could not express enough what a difference it has made for her and how she felt it would help me, not only physically, but also emotionally. As luck would have it, I found Dr. Matt and his wife Lynn. I am beyond grateful that I have discovered these two and their amazing practice. From the moment I first entered their office, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. There is an energy that Dr. Matt and Lynn project that make you feel safe, protected, and truly cared for. It is obvious from the first moment you meet them that they truly and completely are committed to help to better the lives of their patients. The wonderful thing about Network is that it does not simply “fix” your pain with a snap and a crack of your spine, but rather it helps you to connect to and be more aware of the energy in your body. With the awareness comes a new power to heal yourself. For the first time in more years than I care to remember, I am basically free from back pain. With Dr. Matt’s help, I have become aware of the fact that most of it was caused by stress and other emotional factors, and with the Network care, I am learning how to better deal with them and work through them. I feel much more happy and content with life. Daily life is more enjoyable for me as I am better equipped to deal with the stresses and issues that come up. I don’t sweat the small stuff as much, and am a lot less anxious. About a month ago, my mom commented that I seem “just so much happier!” and I do! “It’s so nice to not hear you cry!” she exclaimed. My once constant headaches are virtually non-existent. I cannot tell you the last time I had one. Sleep comes more easily and soundly, and I feel more energized and simply more alive! Every day I feel better and better, and am constantly amazed at how that does not seem to stop. I cannot thank Dr. Matt and Lynn enough for what they have done for me thus far, and cannot express how excited I am to see what is to come next in my care! I would highly recommend Network Wellness to anyone who is looking for a true solution to his or her pain, or to anyone who is simply interested in bettering his or her life! Rachel B. Charlotte NC

Melting Away Migraines
Prior to starting at Network Wellness Center of Charlotte I had long been under the care of a chiropractor…waiting patiently for the change and benefits to arrive. It wasn’t until starting with Dr. Lyon that I started to experience noticeable changes in my day to day life. I went to a traditional “snap, crackle, pop” chiropractor for many years, and then to one who used the activator method. “Traditional” chiropractic was mildly helpful in releasing the tension that caused my Migraine headaches, but would often be TOO helpful in releasing the tension and would actually bring on Migraine headaches after adjustments. After moving to a new city, I found a chiropractor that used the activator method, which didn’t bring on headaches after an adjustment, but it also didn’t prevent them from happening. So, it was helpful, but it never got me to a point where I was headache free, it only reduced the severity and frequency. At the time this seemed like the best I could hope for. BUT, now for the good part. Upon moving to Charlotte I found out about Dr. Lyon and the NWCC. What a blessing. I have been in care for three months and have had only 1 headache. Further, this migraine was less severe than those in my past and was easily treated with a dark room, deep breathing, and a cold compress…but NO DRUGS! This is the primary reason why Network Care is a blessing, but what makes it even better is that it goes beyond just fixing my migraine headaches to a holistic, wellness approach. Over the last three months I have become more aware, felt better, and have handled stressful situations more healthily than any other time I can remember. As a result of these three short months of benefits I know that overtime, I will not just be migraine free, but I will be well…feeling great in mind, body, and spirit. That is why Network Care is so powerful; it has allowed me to move beyond fixing one symptom to healing my entire person. All of this is amazing, but were it not for the personal, friendly, caring approach taken in the office none of the benefits would even matter. Lynn and Dr. Lyon genuinely want their patients to be better, not just feel better and their willingness to work with you on scheduling, payments, etc. make responding to the benefits of their office all the easier to do. Again, NWCC is truly a blessing. Susan L. Charlotte NC

Chronic Body Aches Gone, A New Sense of Vitality and Effortless Lifestyle Changes
In review, I’d recommend Network Wellness to anyone that is searching for the true meaning of life and a deep connection to your mind body & spirit through the gates of the soul. Since I’ve started at Network, the following changes have been implemented in my life:

Ø Vegetarian diet
Ø No alcohol
Ø No drugs
Ø No caffeine
Ø Drink healthy herbal teas daily
Ø More exercise
Ø More meditation
Ø Daily reading
Ø Daily dream journal
Ø Daily “grateful for” journal
Ø Breathe deeply daily
Ø Opened my heart to accept & give love
Ø Strengthened my community

When I get up in the morning I feel great, my body does not ache at all, my spine feels strong and my soul feels even stronger. Thanks you so much Network Wellness, especially Matt Lyon for teaching me how to heal & love myself again. Anonymous, Charlotte NC

Charlotte Attorney Finds Relief from Tension and Stress
Being an attorney can be a stressful experience because you carry a lot of responsibility for others. Many attorneys forget to take the time needed to care for themselves because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. But if you can’t connect with and care for yourself, you become depleted emotionally and physically. The work that Dr. Lyon does helps relieve chronic tension associated with stress, but also it helps you achieve a greater level of awareness and peace within. The entrainments and somatic respiratory integration (SRI) help you connect body, mind and spirit, which ultimately leads to greater health and happiness.
J .C., Charlotte Attorney

Yet another Charlotte Attorney Shares their Success with Busting Stress

Attorneys, especially those who deal with real people with real problems, live with the stress of their clients and their client’s expectations. As a long time patient of Network Wellness, I have felt my stresses evaporate when I go for entrainments with Dr. Matt. One occasion, I went from the raw stress of a multi-day jury trial at 5pm to an entrainment with Dr. Matt at 6pm, and felt like a wet noodle by 7pm.While entrainments may not “make sense” to those who are steeped in Western medicine (like me), I have found that the treatments work, and that is what ultimately matters. CC – Charlotte Attorney

Integrative Medicine Physician Finds Healing at our Center and Endorses The Work!
I was fortunate enough to win a gift of 10 visits with Matt and Lynn. As a integrative medicine physician I was curious about Network Spinal Analysis. So I showed up with an open mind and more stress than I knew what to do with. I was struggling with work-life issues and contemplation of changing career directions. Going to Network Wellness was great. I had a wonderful experience. I loved walking through their door. It always felt like I had found my “tribe”. For me it was the entire experience. The relaxing smell, the smiling faces of all of the other clients, the warm hugs and definitely the entrainments. I didn’t initially understand the power and importance of the entrainments. But I later learned entrainment means to be “in sync”. In sync with your body, spinal cord and others receiving entrainment at the same time. Having entrainments together allows the power of everyone’s energy to help in everyone healing process. I always left feeling light and open to life’s possibilities. I recommend Network Spinal to my family, friends and patients. Dr. Victoria Garrett, MD

A Professional Athlete Breaks New Records and Learns What Peak Performance Is!
“When I first met Dr. Lyon I knew immediately that I wanted to receive care from him, but he has truly exceeded my expectations! Dr. Lyon is not a typical chiropractor, he is so much more. As a professional track and field athlete, I appreciate that he not only provides physical treatment, but is able to encompass the whole person. By integrating treatments that focus on both the emotional and mental aspects, he is helping my mind and body to obtain its optimum level. Since working with Dr. Lyon I have been more positive and focused. I am more confident. I feel more in tune with myself, and have even run faster times. I am truly grateful for Dr. Lyon. He now plays an integral role in my journey to obtaining my dreams, goals, and peak performance.”‎ Kamilah T. Professional Athlete

Exercise Intructor and Busy Manager learns to “Live in the Zone” while feeling more fulfilled!
I am so glad that I committed to Network Care. I really appreciate that Dr. Matt took the time to connect with me after attending his wellness seminar at the Marriott Executive Park Hotel. During my initial evaluation Matt asked me what I hoped to gain from my experience. I told him that I would like to be more ‘fulfilled’ and would like to continue to improve my life. I definitely achieved that goal. Dr. Matt & Lynn have a wonderful gift of connecting with others and making people feel at ease. I had always had a strong belief in God. The changes that I have experienced have been so positive; I’ve been more prayerful and feel that I have a deeper spiritual connection. This has been a very noticeable improvement and the biggest personal benefit to me. To use an athletic phrase………I have felt more “in the zone.” The breathing techniques have been instrumental in getting me in a more relaxed state and this helps me to be more in tune and focused. If you are looking for ways to improve yourself, Network Care is a program that you should try and make at least a 12 week commitment to. I’m really glad that I did! My experience with Dr. Matt and Lynn Lyon has been so positive.

Peace, balance, energy renewal, living in joy…and healing chronic neck pain!

A visit to Dr. Matt and his wife Lynn is a visit to peace, balance and energy renewal. It is an experience in joy and wellness inside and out. I was intrigued by their pre-visit questionnaire, which included questions about my lifestyle and vision (When was the last time a doctor asked you about your vision?). Then came the wellness visits (We are known as practice members, not patients. Are you starting to understand why this works?). Show up with aches (once it was my tooth) and leave with less or no pain. Show up stressed and tight, and leave feeling light … like I can do, be, create anything. He teaches me to be in touch with my energy source, know how healing moves through my body, and how to access it between visits. I cannot tell you how this all works, but I can tell you that after a visit with Dr. Matt, I sleep better, experience fewer aches in my body, am more relaxed and crave less junk food (this last one was a nice surprise benefit). Thank you, Dr. Matt and Lynn, for keeping me on track and making it easier to follow my personal legend and live in joy. Karen M. Charlotte NC

Breaking free from the chains of pain‎‎
I found Matt & Lyon just a few short weeks ago and, as a result, I am regaining my life! I fell recently, exacerbating the low back pain I have suffered with daily for many years…pain caused by herniated and ruptured discs. I was in excruciating pain-often times I could not get up out of a chair and experienced severe spasms when I would lay down; over the counter pain relievers didn’t touch the pain. Unemployed with no health insurance I didn’t know what to do our where to turn. I had seen Orthopedic doctors over the years, which said surgery was not an option due to the extent of my back problems. I have advanced disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, and multiple herniated and or “dissolved” discs. Knowing that doctors who put me thru a battery of expensive tests and treatments I could not afford, I resolved that I would just SUFFER! I am very active in animal rescue and a wonderful fellow rescuer told my about Dr. Matt Lyon; she said he was a Chiropractor. I told her that I had been through all the “traditional” treatments; narcotics, Cortisone injections, Ionto w/dexamethasone, TENS therapy, physical therapy, and even acupuncture. THAT was the magic word….acupuncture! She told me Matt did that too. HALLELUJAH!!! I visited the Network Wellness Center website, and, as I read about the Center, if could practically “feel” the energy coming through the computer (that fact that he & Lynn both went to University of Southern California was just an added bonus)!!!. I knew right then & there, this was for me. Barely able to move, I made the 40 mile drive to the Network Wellness Center. I could smell the essential oils before I even opened the door-I felt a sense of calm, almost as if to say, “welcome”. I was greeted by Lynn, who has the most amazing, calming way about her. My initial visit with Matt was educational-I consider myself to be fairly well educated and knowledgeable about my back problems, but he is a Master! He knew things, without me even saying a word. Headaches, Bi-polar Disorder, anxiety, childhood trauma. He told me all of that plays a part in my back pain…..I knew he would be able to help me-with ALL of it- and he has!! Matt decided that, due to my many physical restrictions, we would begin with acupuncture….I felt a difference after the first treatment! My “ah-ha” moment came about 3 weeks into treatment; I noticed, driving back home one day, buildings, trees, & colors. I had passed by and noticed those things numerous times before; but it wasn’t until THAT day, that I SAW them! I saw the detail on buildings; the leaves on the trees, and the brightness and vibrancy of colors! It was as though someone had cleaned the dirty windows I had been looking out of. 9 treatments later, I have seen a dramatic reduction in pain. I am able to get out of a chair practically pain free; I am sleeping better, taking less and less over the counter pain medicine, and I feel as though I have been awakened to the beauty of everyday things. I know I have just scratched the surface of the journey into healing. There is still much work to be done, but now I have HOPE; hope that didn’t exist 9 weeks ago-hope for a rich and full life. Matt has been given a gift-a gift he shares with those of us who are lucky enough to have found him. I cannot thank Matt & Lynn enough for helping guide me through this journey I am on-a journey to a much more rewarding, healthy, and pain free life! Brenda Arnold

Healing a lifetime of Headaches
Dr. Lyon and his wife Lynn are true gifts to our Charlotte community. When I first went to see Dr. Lyon, I wasn’t sure exactly how Network Spinal Analysis could help me. I had been to chiropractors before, and where they did help, my hurts were never healed without continuous pops and cracks. Network Spinal Analysis care is gentle yet deep, working not only my physical body, but my mental and spiritual body as well. Something I noticed the first couple of weeks of care was that my headaches had gone from 3-4 a week to maybe once a week and with much less intensity. Headaches were so much a part of my life, that I truly didn’t think anything would really work to make them go away for good. I’m happy to say I’ve worked with Dr. Lyon for about 4 months now, and can’t recall my last headache. Now that’s a miracle!! Thank you Dr. Lyon and Lynn!!‎
Jill A., Massage Therapist and gifted healer in Charlotte, NC

Transforming life long chronic pain – and now feeling better than ever!
I love that I am actually feeling better. My body has not felt this good in as long as I can remember. I feel as though I am now free to do things that really matter to me. I feel as though I am functioning at a higher level. I don’t sweat the small stuff. I know everything will all be OK.My body feels great. Life seems effortless. My attitude about my health has changed.I feel like I can more fully enjoy my life. I am not concerned about the little stuff. This gives me the opportunity to figure out what is really important to me and what I want to do with my time.
Because I feel less pain, I am able to enjoy more physical things. My yoga practice and pilates practice have gotten better. I can do things I could not do before and I feel my body appreciating the work from both practices. I am responding well to these activities, which makes me want to do more, which in turn continues to make me feel even better. I am also more focused in my yoga practice. My body moves more easefully. I feel very focused during my practice. I am at ease, calm and able to focus on others and what is important.
Just do it!! You will experience a freedom you did not know was possible.
Bettye Connelly, Charlotte, NC

Learning to trust the healing Power within
I have enjoyed various forms of energy work and healers over the past 5 years and this is entirely different. Matt and his work is very hard for me to quantify in a tidy little package. I feel he is the perfect pick for those who are interested in tuning into the sublte energies at work in the body. When we first begin to listen to the body it seems only to whisper, but with Matts help my bodys voice is beginning to sweetly roar in my ears, like the ocean in a shell. He is operating on a subtle deep energetic level but the shifts that are starting to occur in my body are quite profound and definitely not subtle. I am learning to quiet my mind and really open to the powerful Prana that is everpresent in the breath. On a very intellectual level I am quite aware that our breath has the power to heal us, but since I have been working with Matt I am really beginning to open and trust in the breaths innate power to truly heal the body.-
CJ Lawing‎

Out of the depths of years of depression
Don’t come to the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte if you are looking for traditional chiropractic care. You will receive so much more than that, which has been my experience. I am happy to say that I am happy. Period. Let me explain. I’ve been chronically depressed all my life. To cope, I’ve been on medications, had light therapy, changed my diet, took St. John’s Wort, even changed who I associated with and what I did for a living. Some measures where more drastic than others, but essentially, nothing and I mean NOTHING staved off the return of that dark geographical place called depression…until now.
Intuitive + Holistic healing to help her take her life to the next level with Dr. Lyon’s help I heard about Dr. Lyon from a chiropractor I met at a Tony Robbins event. He was passionate about NSA and highly recommended Dr. Lyon, so I decided to give it a try.

One of the things that impressed me most about Dr. Lyon was how he quickly and intuitively he was able to assess my personality and the symptoms I was experiencing, then knew just what was needed to address the challenge. I felt as though he could see inside me and positive changes began immediately.

The breathing techniques were freeing for me and I knew it was allowing access to the deeper part of myself. The entrainment technique seemed as if it jarred loose things that had been binding me. I felt the energy moving throughout my body and knew there was change taking place….I found it exhilarating! I felt my heart open up….I had been liberated!

After only seven sessions with Dr. Lyon, I awoke one day to a vivid dream that involved a person that died three years ago and in which I had been feeling grief and guilt. In the dream, the person who died requested I deliver a message to her husband. I knew I needed to take action. Not knowing what was happening in his life, I acted in faith and contacted him. He was elated to hear from me and anxious to meet. I delivered his wife’s message to him and expressed the guilt I had been feeling. He validated my feelings, expressed gratitude, and said the message came with perfect timing. The exchange between us was both meaningful and liberating, as I was able to let go of the guilt and the grief I had been carrying for three years……but the most exciting part was that I had opened my heart to listen….and when I did, wonderful things happened…..I had been an instrument of God and healing took place….not just for me, but for her husband as well. I am so thankful!

Through the sessions, I also felt a surge of confidence to make a definite decision about a significant change in my life I had been questioning for some time. In listening to my opened heart, I heard the decision loud and clear and no longer question it…..I am at peace now.

This opening was directly related to the work I had been doing with Dr. Lyon, and I have experienced a wondrous turn of events! I am feeling more open since that time and have been “listening” much more to my inner guidance. In general, I feel more free and like I can do anything. My life seems to flow more smoothly. Gratitude is the first thought in my mind each morning and amazing things are happening in my life everyday. My family has noticed a shift in my being and say I seem happier. My clients respond in awesome ways to my work since I have been “listening.”

Anyone wishing to take their life to the next level may well consider exploring NSA work with Dr. Lyon. He is guided moment by moment to what each individual needs and proceeds in a professional, caring manner. The warm, friendly atmosphere, the meaningful artistic environment, and the carefully chosen music contribute to the healing climate of Dr. Lyon’s work, as well as his sincere intention for the healing of our world. Thank you, Dr. Lyon!

Virginia Gross, Roscoe, IL

I came to Dr. Lyon for chiropractic initially because I enjoyed the overall healthful benefits of what traditional chiropractic offered. However, what I received was literally my life back. The entrainments he provided allowed me to pull back the curtain and discover a lighter, much brighter me. Sounds a little hokey, I know. But to be honest, don’t really care how it sounds – I just know how I am now, and for that, Dr. Lyon, I thank you. Janice Ward – Charlotte, NC

Back pain and Shoulder pain gone…and a more peaceful mind, clear skin, better diet, and more confidence!
Tonight we finished my 12th entrainment. I thought it was only fair to make a list of all the improvements I have noticed in myself:
– Deeper breathing
– Voice Stringer (singing + talking)
– Able to voice my opinion easier
– Able to stand up for what is right easier
– More peaceful
– Rash much better
– Acne Much better
– Back and shoulder pain gone
– More confident
– Food addiction Less
– Sugar craving less
– Started eating healthier again
– Stopped drinking soda + caffeine
– Overall muscle soreness reduced
– More restful sleep
– Feel a stronger connection to God
Thank you so much for bringing NSA + SRI to the Charlotte area. You are helping not only me + my family to get stronger + healthier, you are helping everyone we touch to do the same.
Deeply grateful, Susan Sisk, Charlotte, NC

Life long allergies + blood sugar problems improving…and getting clear on her life’s purpose!
After receiving one month of care from Dr. Lyon at Network Wellness, I can wholeheartedly recommend both him and the process to my friends and family (and you!). I entered care looking for help with serious environmental allergies, insulin sensitivity, and low energy – three things that had been impacting my quality of life for some time, but that I thought I’d just have to put up with indefinitely. Now, all three are improving, and I feel better than I have in a long time! I’m able to spend time with friends and family in environments and situations I couldn’t visit before (with numerous pets, smoky environments, etc.), and have more energy to enjoy life in general. Aside from improvement in these conditions, I’ve also noticed a drastic difference in other areas of my life since beginning care with Network Wellness. I entered Dr. Lyon’s office feeling stuck and stagnant in my life, but unwilling to welcome the change necessary to ease my frustration. One month later, I’m more connected to my body and spirit, and find myself embracing and initiating change in several areas of my life! I can’t emphasize enough what a great blessing this care has been – and can’t wait to see what will come next! Thank You! Courtney B. Charlotte, NC

Enhancing an already healthy and well body – better moods, sharper mind, deep joy
I AM INFUSED AND INSPIRED by Dr. Lyon and Network Spinal Analysis Care!!! For years, I have had a daily asana and meditation practice that serves me very well, however with Network Spinal Analysis in the mix all parts of my practice and life feel better than ever. My body feels recharged with life energy, pathways powerfully opened up, my mind sharper, my moods steadier with an overall deep sense of joy within. My whole world feels expanded in a delightful way, which means that all those around me feel this way too! At the Network Wellness Center of Charlotte I feel a high level of personal, heart-felt care, as well as professional clear & integrity-filled methodology to enhance & illustrate progress. CHECK IT OUT!!!‎ Brooks Haislip, Anusara Yoga Teacher

Releasing tension + stress & boosting energy – naturally!
I would highly recommend Dr. Lyon at Network Wellness Charlotte. Not only was it great to receive chiropractic care without the cracking and popping (I’ve never liked that), but it was really meaningful to receive the personalized attention. My treatments were never just about my aches in my body. He provides a safe space where learning about aspects of my life, my stress levels and my personal progress directly contribute to my treatments. Dr. Lyon incorporates so much into the care he offers. Through my treatments I could feel releases in my back and that led to more energy and an ability to focus more on my personal life because I wasn’t worried about where I was storing stress. Thank you!‎ Katie Mattson, Life Coach and Creative Consultant

Kind, compassionate, gentle care for her
I feel very safe (especially as a woman) and nurtured in his hands and I always leave feeling extremely relaxed, refreshed and inspired! –Daniella Ramyead, UK

More ease in his spine..and deep insights to live his best life
WOW! Dr Matt’s work has really helped me. I’m now much more comfortable in my spine and I feel that I know and am able to express more of who I am. His presence helped me to feel safe enough to acknowledge some parts of myself and my life that I had either forgotten or did not want to look at. Acknowledging these parts has helped me be more authentic with my wife and my life in general. I would recommend him to anyone. Further to this Dr Matt has given me insights, suggestions and prompts that have always been helpful. His desire to serve exceeds his desire to say what is culturally ‘acceptable’ and as such I’ve been able to make the breakthroughs that I never thought were possible. I would recommend him to anyone.Thank you, Dr Matt. –Krishan Ramyead, UK

Deep fundamental helps heal his chronic pain problems
Dr Matt Lyon is a fantastic healer. His knowledge and experience is vast, his techniques are advanced and powerful, and he’s just an all around great guy to have working with you on feeling better. His work is ideally suited to those who are looking for really low level rewiring of their energetic systems to alleviate the root causes that lead to all the more obvious surface level aches and pains, recurring pains, diseases, etc. If you are just looking for a quick fix to acute conditions that you might normally associate with a chiropractor, eg a hurt back from a car accident or whatever, then this place might not get you the kind of in-and-out results you might want. But when you have become accustomed to going to see a chiropractor, acupuncturist or other practitioner regularly to deal with recurring pains/issues or persistent issues that only seem to get held at bay, you want instead to fix the underlying imbalances that aren’t getting dealt with by your other treatments. And to get those deep fundamental shifts, Dr Matt Lyon of Network Wellness Charlotte is definitely your man. Chris Rogus, Software Engineer, Actor

Getting kids of ADD drugs, improving behavior, improving grades, happy kids + happy mom! Words cannot express our gratitude to you. Our family has become quite fond of you and we will miss you so dearly when you leave. There will surely be a piece missing from our lives without you here. It is almost impossible to find a provider in the medical community who is willing to go the extra mile for their patients. It seems like every time we visited you we feel like we just visited a family member. You have gone to great lengths to find that our family finds healing. You have also been the catalyst in which our family is finding healthier ways to eat, relieve stress and live a life that is better for the earth.We have struggled for many years to find a doctor who would really listen to our concerns about Kaitlyn and her health. I believe God led us to you. Kaitlyn has improved so much since the time she has been in your care. Her focus and organization have made progress, her grades are picking up, her ability to shine through times of struggle has become a reality. You encourage Kaitlyn to believe in herself and take care of herself. –Kari Wax, writing about her Daughter Kaitlyn who had been previously diagnosed with ADHD

Healing childhood eczema When we first came to see you, Chloe was covered in an itchy, red rash and she could barely eat anything without getting worse. Thanks to you we were able to treat her piece by piece and find some resolution. Now she is completely rash free and much happier.
–Kari Wax, writing about her daughter Chloe

Safe gentle care for kids + parents who don’t want the snap, crackle, and pop of traditional chiropractic! Recently you have treated Mckenna. She was fearful of the traditional methods of chiropractic but due to your vast knowledge of healing you were able to apply a different method. As soon as the first treatment was complete she was glowing with a smile. She trusts that you will not harm her and be true to your word! Children have a great sense of who people truly are beneath the surface. It speaks volumes that my children want to be near you and spend time with you! Thanks for caring for us and making a difference in their lives. –Kari Wax, writing about her daughter McKenna

Getting off pain medication, Getting her life back! I just wanted to thank you for helping me far more than any doctor ever has with my pain issues. I never dreamed I could be pain free without more pills. You gave me back my new life the way I like to live it. I would recommend Dr. Lyon to anyone who has suffered with ineffectual traditional medical care. A very happy patient, –Betty Schenk

Fireman lives his dream of completing Ironman Triathlon!
Throughout my life I have had many dreams.  My name is Steve Martinez and I am a Firefighter within the United States Air Force.  18 months ago, while living in San Antonio, I decided to take on a new challenge.  This challenge is something I have wanted to do since I was 8 years old, on a cool fall afternoon in Eastern Washington, and watching Mark Allen cross the finish line as World Champion in the Hawaiian IronMan, I told myself “Self, I want to do that someday.”  Well that “Someday” became “Sunday” August 31st 2008, in Louisville Ky.  That is when I will attempt my first full IronMan distance Triathlon.  Being a Triathlete is something I love and enjoy doing, but being a Triathlete sometimes comes with “aches, pains, injuries” and sometimes “Fears” that your injuries will not heal or will not go away in time, especially when training for a big race.   While training for the IronMan, those fears from injuries, were alive and strong in my life, were not getting any better.  In fact they were getting worse and with the IronMan only 8 weeks away, my anxiety levels was starting to heat up.  After saying a few prayers and help from Monique Lance (program/training director from South Sound Triathletes) I was introduced to Chiropractor Dr. Matt Lyon from Silverdale, WA.  After one meeting with Dr. Matt, my fears were gone.  I was surprised how well I felt after only one visit, and how fast my training improved.  There is no other way to describe Dr. Matt other than calling him “the Best.”  Not only because he is extremely knowledgeable and takes pride in his job, but it is because he cares.  I have been to many other chiropractors and Dr. Matt, without doubt, is the best I have ever been to.  Its never just a “Snap, Crackle, Pop”….”See you in a couple of days” when going to see Dr. Matt, because his passion for helping people, will give you the best treatment possible.  He shows and explains why you are having pains and teaches you how to strengthen and prevent it from coming back.  Dr. Matt has fixed my leg discrepancies, my left knee pain, and my bilateral hip flexor and ankle tightness.  Since being seen by Dr. Matt I have regained my confidence and my training has never been stronger.  Its amazing how well your training can go when you are “pain free”, and how your life can be over come with peace, when your body is feeling great.  There is no doubt that I would of lost my dream of becoming an IronMan if it were not for Dr. Matt.  I have learned so much, been giving priceless advice and always feel welcome showing up for my appointments.  I highly encourage anyone who is having discomfort, or pain, to go and see Dr. Matt Lyon, because there is no doubt that you will walk away thankful you did. –Steve Martinez, Ironman Triathlete **Comment From Dr. Matt: I received a text message from Steve just after he crossed the finish line successfully completing his first Ironman triathlon!

Dear Matt:

Sincere thanks on behalf of the triathlon training program at Tacoma Center YMCA for sharing your knowledge and passion for techniques to improve training, racing, and recovery. Your balanced approach was well received and several people sent notes me notes of appreciation for your reminders and new tools of visualization/meditation and I have already used the “body scan” technique. “Be Intentional about Living” is one of my new mantras. With appreciation and hopes we can coordinate another talk.
Best Regards, Monique Lance –Program Director South Sound Triathletes

He quit smoking, lost 40 pounds….and now needs some new suits!
I came to see Matt Lyon because I wanted to quite smoking and learn new strategies for losing weight. As a busy graduate student, I needed new ways to cope with stress and be healthy. I had been smoking for 8 years prior to seeing Matt.I saw Matt and was amazed that the desire to smoke was completely lifted. What was even more interesting is that after the treatments even the smell of cigarette smoke made me nauseous. What was also great was that my energy levels had improved and I felt healthier overall. I was able to do things that had been tough because of my poor lifestyle choices. I have lost 40 pounds – I have 3 suits in my closet that no longer fit! In many ways, his treatments gave my life back, because we all know the results of continuing to smoke and eat poorly. He is a fountain of knowledge with nutrition and health as well as being very kind, perceptive, and insightful. I feel great, look better than ever, and have energy that I have not had since my early 20’s!
-Peter Hannah

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful seminar last night.  Well, more like a wonderful one-on-one last night.  Your knowledge is really in-depth and insightful and your dedication is beyond real.  It’s very obvious that you are passionate about your beliefs in this area.  It was unnecessary and so kind of you to stay behind for as long as you did to chat with me – I can’t believe I had wrong information and you could have said “sorry, it’s over” but you didn’t.I’ve been super busy at the office so unable to “evangelize” about your work to my friends quite yet, but I’ll be talking you up, soon!Thank you, particularly for shouldering this particular cause,
-Cindy L

Pain free from chronic back pain
I had terrible chronic back problems for quite a while.  My job requires that I sit at my computer for long periods of time.  With a combination of acupuncture and herbs, Matt was able to eradicate the pain and swelling.  I’m so amazed at how good my back feels.  The pain and swelling are gone, and I no longer have episodes where my back “goes out” and I just drop.  I can’t believe I put up with it for so many years.  Being pain free makes such a difference in my life.  Thanks again, Matt!
–Laura R.

30 pounds lost…and counting & hip pain gone!
I began seeing Dr. Lyon six months ago for nutritional counseling. I was seeking to loose a significant amount of weight. He gave me a very thorough and personalized work up and prescribed a dietary program and supplements to cleanse my system. To date I have lost 30 lbs. and counting. I find the program easier to maintain than anything I’ve tried previously. And I just feel so much better now that I am avoiding foods that are not good for my body. Some of these foods I had previously thought were healthy. The fact that this program is personalized for my constitution is significant. Dr. Lyon also treated me for a recurring pain in my left hip that I had feared was the onset of arthritis. Matt diagnosed bursitis and after a few acupuncture treatments it is no longer a problem.
-Diane Dexter

Sciatica pain healed 100%…and a heart of gratitude!
Matt – I remember you telling me a couple weeks back that you write down everything you are grateful for, and I was just thinking about how much better I feel so I wanted to say thanks for everything. I really appreciate the nutrition advice, answering all my questions and for being so thorough. At this point I feel great – pretty much 100% better. It has made me a believer. –Stephanie Yee


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