I got a GREAT lesson today in the 3 Cs. Actually, when I was swimming this morning, the 3 C’s came to me.

Here is how it started. My internal perception was off this morning. I was grumpy. Internally whiney. I was irritated that it was cold, cloudy, etc. I started to go in to a fantasy world that “life is better when I am somewhere that is warm and sunny.” That is called building a castle in the sky – in other words I was arguing with reality. And as you guess, I lost. So that stress response kicks in. For me it feels like lethargy, tension, procrastination.

I knew today was a swim workout for me. I was coming up with all these great reasons why I should not work out. I had an internal lawyer presenting a compelling case of why I should not hold firm to a commitment that brings me loads of energy, connection, esteem. And it was all bogus. This right here, is the root of procrastination. Have you ever procrastinated? The main difference with me and others I know or work with is SELF-AWARENESS. I knew it and didn’t fight it.

I just asked myself a different question. What s really going to bring me energy? Esteem? Health? Is it sitting here working on my computer or is it doing what I said I was going to do? What brings the most value to my life? To my clients? To my marriage? Well, its to take great care of myself like I said I would so I would have plenty of energy to spare while giving, serving, and creating at a high level. Another question: Do I want to be a leader? Or do I want to be a victim.

To get there, we have to have Courage. Courage is an energy that we can choose anytime that will simply open doors. It helps us break through that initial resistance. No matter how loud the resistance is, courage can break through. For me, it took Courage to question myself and to actually knowingly put myself in an uncomfortable position – leave the warm house, drive, get in a COLD pool and feel the burn of pushing myself to a new limit. My courage came when I saw that the outcome for me is that I’m happier, more present, and feel a whole lot better about myself than if I got lost in email and other people’s agendas.

Then I honored another key here – Commitment. I had a commitment to myself, and in fact to all of you, to step up and do what it takes to be at my best. Its great for my marriage, and its great for my self-esteem. Not to mention my brain and heart. So, when we have a spine (pun intended), we can step up and do what it takes to honor our commitments – especially the ones we make to ourselves that help us grow, heal, and serve others. When the “Big Self” remembers its commitments, it speaks a whole lot louder than the “small self’s” tiny voice of resistance and self-sabotage. Not feeling like it is no longer part of the decision. Being true to our selves is. And which do you think brings greater happiness, health, and creativity? Yep – being true to our selves and sticking to the big commitments we make. Don’t get me wrong, its always OK to reassess commitments and see if they are really serving and drop what is not authentically serving. That is a whole different game. When we show up, the countless “invisible hands” show up to help us on our Journey. We take the first step, and we get a whole new energy behind us in us. The wind is at our backs. Believe it or not life is far less effortless with Courage and Commitments.

Finally, we create Consistency. Consistency over time equals results. Those results can be better health, lower weight, a new language, better relationships, a healthier nervous system, more self esteem. All the good fruits of life only occur with persistent, diligent, and playful (FUN) action towards a meaningful goal of your heart. Without consistency the best ideas remain….ideas. The greatest maps remain a map and we never get the joy of exploring the terrain ourselves. Most people think success is something lucky or smart or talented people “get”. Not at all. It is simply the aggregate of our Courage, Commitment, and Consistency. Especially when we don’t feel like it. Discipline in this process turns into something else – Blissipline (thank you Michael Beckwith for that). The things that bring us the most energy, joy, connection, become the little steps to bliss every day. Bliss is not reserved for the monk in the mountain or the skinny yogi in Costa Rica. Its here for us right now, and is waiting to show herself to us simply when we have the courage to commit and to show up with consistency. Its ALL here, its ALL inside.

Here were the results of showing up this morning – I swam the fastest 1500 meter time I have swam in about 10 years – back the pace I was at when I used to race the Ironman. Guess how that felt – AWESOME! And I was super creative the rest of the morning, spent great time with my wife, and felt wonderful and charged and excited for my night tonight serving our practice members. Slippers, sweat pants and a cup of coffee would not have provided the same charge. Sorry, slippers.

Take away points:

1. Argue with reality and life is annoying. Love what is and joy is right here. Grey sky and all.

2. Courage can break any patterns. The Courage to be yourself – not some one else’s agenda – is an elixir that will stir your soul and rock your world.

3. Commit – commit to yourself to be who you are and follow through. Commit to your health, to your well being, to your growth, and to others. Make it bigger than your small self – make it about being truly happy and alive and connected. Its not about bling and money and hotness – its about being a radiant soul that inspires others.

4. Be consistent – one step at a time – one day at a time, ANYTHING is possible. Forgive the shortcomings, AND be true to yourself. The only way we get in shape is consistency. The way to save money is consistency. The way to a healthy spine and nervous system is consistency. Being a great husband: consistency. Being a great chiropractor: consistency. Losing weight: consistency. Anchor to your dreams and see it as possible and real and divinely inspired, and then act your way into it. Don’t wait for anyone else. The desire and the dream IS God working through you. That IS the miracle. Now trust and do it. You are worth it. Do you want to be a victim? Or a leader?

As a Charlotte, NC chiropractor I can see this as an integral part of healing physical problems like back pain and headaches as well as the emotional stresses of life. This is all leveraging modern neuroscience with the tried and true knowledge of the ages. This stuff prunes your brain and nervous system into something that grows and works for you instead of against you. They are the seeds of genius, and the heart of all true success. I want nothing more for all of you than to feel completely successful in your life, regardless of external circumstances.

Much Love,

Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte NC Chiropractor

Network Spinal Analysis

Strategic Intervention Coach


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