Hey! Happy Friday. I am thrilled and grateful to get the opportunity to share this new video blog about the 5 Gifts of the Spine. As I write this, I am blown away out the vast interconnection we all have and the fact that we can share these ideas of healing instantaneously and globally makes me smile. I love sharing the knowledge and wisdom that helped me heal my body and my life and that helps me serve our patients and practice members day in and day out.

When I was 13 years old I knew that I would do this work. You can see my other Blog post on “A Boy Gets the Big Idea” for a bit of my own inspiration in chiropractic. And this here is very special as Donny Epstein’s work takes traditional chiropractic and gives it wings so it can really fly and help us heal not only physically but emotionally, psychologically, and open new gateways of joy and life enjoyment.

So, I am so grateful to be the messenger of this work and a faithful servant to the Innate Wisdom that flows through all of us, that is the True Healer.

So here is the video – enjoy!!

Much love and healing,

Dr. Matt Lyon
Charlotte NC Chiropractic
Network Spinal Analysis
Somato Respiratory Integration

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