Imagine, if you will, a Desert cave, deep in the heart of a very sacred land. In that desert cave are hidden documents with knowledge that could change the world.

Decades ago, some sacred texts were found in the West Bank of Israel. They were, among other things, alternative “Gospels” and wisdom teachings from around the approximate time of Jesus’ life on earth. I have read a couple of them – they are powerful. In a distant land, in a distant desert, in a place no one would likely ever think to look, were these secret, hidden and enlightening texts filled with profound knowledge. They were “esoteric” in the sense that their focus was, by and large, a call to turn attention inward and to find Wisdom there – in the heart, in the body, in the moment. They stand in contrast to the “exoteric” teachings that are much more common today – that Wisdom lies outside – outside in the world of doctrine, dogma, achievement, doing “stuff”, believing “stuff” and mythic membership to the “right path”. I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone’s faith (or lack of faith) – however, I do want to use this as a metaphor that can fast track your own healing.

They are, in my opinion, and the opinion of many religious scholars, very important as they challenge much of the accepted “dogma” of autocratic and patriarchal christianity and give us a very fresh perspective on the Wisdom teachings of the time of Jesus. These hidden gospels, tucked away in the hills of a forgotten land, carried amazing wisdom that had the power to illuminate forgotten and hidden knowledge that could help set people free. This is the PERFECT metaphor for diving in deeper. We carry thousands of hidden scrolls, upon which are written hidden and secret truths about our lives, our memories, our gifts, our yearnings,our strength, our courage, our awakening. When we discover them, they too can turn our old limiting and disempowering stories on their head and we can find massive reserves of untapped energy within.

What prompted this blog was an immense Network Spinal Analysis “entrainment” and SRI “SomatoRespiratory Integration” session I had with a client a couple of weeks ago. The human body is a vast and infinite web of information, energy, space, waves, and particles. It is a microcosm of the entire universe. Our whole life “story” is encoded in our body. Our whole life story includes all the experiences that we have had. In fact, the body includes much of the experiences our family and ancestors have had. As a brief example, we know that the genes associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are passed down through generations. When it comes to trauma of any variety – physical, emotional, chemical – the body often stores those memories deep down and away from conscious awareness. This especially happens when any trauma was too overwhelming to “deal with” at the time. In its overwhelming nature, the body and mind often do not have the strategies to fully metabolize, assimilate, and release trauma and so it stores as a cellular, energetic, neurological, and physical “memory” that often informs how well our body works and how we think and feel.

These embedded stresses, traumas, and injuries often then inform our own stories we believe and tell ourselves. Most of the time, just like those Dead Sea Scrolls, they become hidden deep in the recesses of our body and mind. Their excavation is an extremely important part of any true path of healing.

Most people, most of the time, become unconscious of them. Most people lock into a “survival” mode and simply need to get on to the business of getting by. Yet, their energy, information, and impact can completely derail our life, our health, and our sense of connection. The amount and degree of unprocessed material and junk residing in our “bodymind” is inversely proportional to our felt-sense of freedom and well-being. On the other hand, when we discover and take real, body-centric ownership of these forgotten memories, we bring such a breath of fresh energy into our being. It is, in my opinion, the foundation of all real growth and healing. I have personally seen hundreds of cases of turnarounds with very difficult physical and emotional challenges as the process of finding and re-integrating our own hidden stories and traumas big and small.

When unconscious, these “stories” then become our identity, and those identities make decisions, take actions, and create a life. It makes sense, then, to get down to a seriously powerful question: What do I believe? Why do I believe it? Why do I do what I do? These Three questions are a Holy Trinity where we then make the meaning of our life and this is inextricably related to how we focus our thoughts, emotions, and talk to ourselves. These questions, believe it or not, massively influence your physiology. This is no small thing. One of the most common questions I get directly or indirectly is “Why Am I not Healing.” Often, the answer to that question lies in our hidden Qumran Caves. These “stories” and traumas were buried because they were painful and dangerous. Yet, paradoxically, their excavation and discovery is a direct path to being free, to real healing, and to developing inner core energy that can turn a life around and reignite real passion.

Back the story of a client. This client, who I will call Jafra, had been a client of mine for a couple of years. She had developed beautifully through the levels of Network care and her physical, emotional, and energetic healing was profound. She now comes into my office every couple of weeks in order to refine, expand, and help her body keep pace with the stresses of daily living. She had previously worked with a “traditional” chiropractor who helped her with jaw pain. Her jaw pain had not come up much since seeing me, however, it surfaced recently. In the past, her chiropractor would use an adjusting instrument to adjust it gently back into place, thus relieving the pain. Its a great strategy for what it is. There was just more to the story. There always is. She emailed me and asked if I could use that same instrument (I was trained in that technique years ago) to help with the jaw pain. “Sure!” I replied. In my heart I had that sense that her body was talking and had something important to say.

I saw Jafra as she came in not wanting to take much of my time and said, “Would you like to just click it into place?” “No, lets see what is really going on here and entrain you first,” I replied. Jafra laid on one of my entrainment tables and I checked her spine finding that her atlas, the first vertebrae in her spine and intricately connected to the brainstem, spinal cord, the Vagus nerve, and the  joint of the jaw  (TMJ) was exhibiting a high degree of tension. Many chiropractors achieve stellar results JUST by working with the atlas – totally fascinating! In Network, our intention is not to “adjust” per se, but rather to use light touch in the right place to get the body self-adjusting, self-healing and self regulating. An interesting and very important part of this story is that Jafra, for most of her life, had very “unusual” gifts. She had the gifts of “psychic seeing”, “psychic knowing” and is a bonafide “medium”. Ironically, Jafra is one of the most practical, logical, and intelligent people I have ever met. Jafra is NOT a new age nutcase and she is not someone who would ever advertise or publicly promote her self. In my career, the vast majority of people I meet who claim to be psychic or intuitive often use these labels as simply another mask, as another prop to their. While they may have some innate skill, it becomes an extension of their ego and this os often very dangerous and rarely yields any true fulfillment for them or their clients. So many folks are so willing to give their power away to anyone that seems to have an answer and in the process disown their own powers of wise discernment. Many times, their “intuition” is confused with a lot of unhealed trauma form childhood that caused them to be hyper vigilant and thus they can pick up on many subtle phenomenon and confuse that with “knowing” interesting things about people. They may often then use this as a “safe” way to avoid intimacy and vulnerability. It is a deep shadow in the “energy healing” community. However, this is VERY different than someone who actually has the “gift”. The “gift” is a sacred grace and must be tempered with hard work, refining, and brutal honesty. It is NOT an easy path, and I have had the honor of assisting several. They often feel called to my office as they know on some level it is a safe place. In fact, Jafra and her parter just walked into my office one day, saying they felt called there and were looking for a chiropractor.

One of the most challenging parts of Jafra’s experience has been accepting her gifts and using them for good without getting burned out. Part of the energy and experience of C1 is feeling a deep abiding trust that life is safe, and that we have the resources to not only survive, but to thrive. It is also about seeing clearly, about trusting that vision is only partially what we receive through our eyes. C1, in Jafra’s case was highly sensitive to her acceptance of what she saw and trusting herself. C1 also relates directly to the jaw (ligaments of the jaw are attached directly to the vertebrae) and so the ability to trust what we feel, see and hear and translate that into the courage to speak that to others was all part of her experience. It was an energetic dynamic of being fully herself, even when its not easy. I made some gentle contacts to her sacrum and then around the area of C1 in her neck at a very precise depth, speed, and duration. Her spine, as is typical in Network, began undulating and rocking as she began to move the energy, dissipate tension, and open up to her inner resources.

I asked Jafra to lie on her back. I placed my hands on her left jaw and immediately felt bands of contracted muscle tissue, much like guitar strings. They felt old. They felt, to me, that they had formed in early-mid childhood as a protective layering over her jaw. I began to invite Jafra to do Stage 2 (of the 12 Stages of Healing) with one hand on her Iliocecal valve in her lower right abdomen. I mentioned that the energy felt like something from childhood and I instructed Jafra to breathe in a “circular” rhythm between these two areas of her body – literally connecting two distinct parts and energies of Jafra’s bodymind. Within momenst Jafra experienced a profound discovery and connection. Her bodymind revealed its scroll. She had a flood of memory when, as a child, an authority figure slapped her and told her she was lying. The body remembers and it keeps score. Always. You can’t get around this. Her jaw learned to stay tight and vigilant to protect Jafra form ever saying anything that could be taken or construed as a lie so that she would not be hurt and humiliated again. No wonder it was often filed with tension. No wonder engaging her gift often resulted in burnout. I have no problem with traditional methods that focus on pain relief. What I suggest is that one be as open as possible that there is usually more to the story.

As Jafra and I discussed what happened, it became clear that her ability to own her gift and to speak its healing truth to others had been blocked for many decades by a “story” that if you say the wrong thing you will be hurt, punished, and humiliated. On the other hand, we could see how this “gift” was the exact medicine she would need to bring awareness to her deepest healing. In her deepest healing, and the courage it required, she took a quantum leap in helping others and fulfilling her own destiny. This is a beautiful quote from Ken Dychtwald’s book Bodymind: “I often feel that many of my patients would like me to be a kind of psycho-roto-rooter man. They’d like to come to me, pay me the necessary money, and have me exorcise the garbage and pain that live within them, blocking the flow of life and happiness. They assume that whatever they are carrying that is “negative” can simply be removed, like sewage from a pipe, or can be covered up with a newspaper and made to disappear. But nothing can be simply detached and removed from the bodymind. Things can only be moved around or made to change form. So when I work with people, I try to transform their unmentionables into mentionables, bringing what they have put out of sight into the forefront, into view. Our unwanted garbage can serve as terrific fertilizer.”

In her trauma, Jafra had made an unconscious decision to not get hurt again, even if that meant not totally being herself. As she brought the unmentionable into her Eye of Awareness and transformed the story energetically, she could make a new decision and walk as an empowered Seer of souls, as a healer among the people. And what I love about Jafra is that she makes no story about this. She does not flaunt it. She just IS a powerful being and as she has become True to Herself, she wordlessly empowers all of us to do the same. The Scrolls hidden in the cave of her jaw held the exact medicine she needed.

For practice members, staying true to your entrainments and getting to, and fully participating in, the SRI workshops is an amazing way to experience this for yourself, in your own way. Our immersion retreats are an even deeper dive into the boundless possibilities that amplify by many orders of magnitude when we join in sacred community.

Much love to you all,

Dr. Matt Lyon



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