I always like to start with surrender and go from there. So here is my prayer + intent for this blog: May my loving intent and limited experience, in its own imperfect way, be a channel of Holy Wisdom. May these words inspire your heart, ignite your passion, and give you permission to live fully. May you feel healing and empowerment. May you re-member your wholeness. May we all translate that Power and Love right into our lives and into the world. In our alignment, may we light up this world with honor, courage, deep happiness, and inspired action. I pray for courage to be radically honest, vulnerable, loving and true.


One way I instantly connect to “energy richness” is to pray. It’s my mainline. I offer that with respect for all faiths and no-faiths, all traditions and no traditions.


This writing today goes to everyone and anyone whose turn has come, to everyone whose time is now. To anyone who is up against a wall. To any soul who feels the Call, and knows s/he must ride. To anyone called to let your Voice be heard. To any heart that is feeling that “it” is taking to long. To any person that has been shocked with overwhelming news, To any human who feels the hurt of loss and the ache of longing, To anyone anywhere faced with massive uncertainty.


Put on your beginner’s mind, and let’s go!


Energy rich means we are dialed into and expressing a high vibration, super coherent energy. We are integrated, we are whole, and we are fully alive. We are not running from anything, we are not rushing to anything. We are focused, yet relaxed. We are expansive and joyous while compassionately grounded. When you are around energy rich folks, you may not even know it; you just know you FEEL better. We don’t struggle with effort to achieve. We relax into work and we patiently manifest. We step up, even when we don’t want to, because we own our emotions, they don’t own us.


From a Reorganizational Living perspective, Energy Rich is the fruit of embodying the energy of Stage 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. It is the fruit of Network care in its middle and latter stages. Energy reach means that our “mind” is infused by the soul. Our mind, our thoughts, are not the end-all, be-all. Rather, they are simply guideposts and help us navigate life. Reality, in energy rich, is a shimmering dance of the love that makes this world go.


Emotions, in energy richness, serve as a constant feedback mechanism. We welcome any of them, even the painful, uncomfortable, hurt, angry, and scared ones. We welcome them all because we FEEL resourceful. We are full of Source. Because of this, we know we can decide what we truly want, we can consciously shift our perception, and we have the power to adopt a new strategy any moment. How I start the day, does not determine how I end my day. My past does not determine my present unless I give it power to do so. Energy rich knows the right use of power.


Energy rich KNOWS and FEELS and RADIATES deep connection to an Infinite Source of Love. I call that God, you may call it something else. There is a Big Reason for doing anything and everything. Our meaning for life is empowered, illumined, and focused on giving. We are forgiving. We are for GIVING. We welcome and love human growth, even though we know that sometimes growth, by definition, has to prune the branches of our life and mind and emotions that don’t bear fruit.


Energy Rich is ready. For anything. It has a joyful expectation. It also can be laser focused when it sees where it needs to go. It goes into situations KNOWING the end result is already achieved, then it finds a way. When its down, it knows how to adjust its focus. When life hits hard, it remembers its spiritual home and embodies Grace. When its on its knees, it asks for help from others and from God.


Energy Rich finds a way. No matter what. Energy rich is NEVER defined by or limited to “circumstance”. Anything and everything is fuel for the inner fire. That does not mean energy rich individuals do not feel deeply, hurt, ache, fail, cry, have regrets, make mistakes. To the contrary, they feel everything. Everything, however, is metabolized and digested properly so that the nutrients (lessons and wisdom) are extracted and what is not needed is accepted and resolved.


Street credibility comes from real experience. As Tony Robbins, says: “Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgment.” Now THAT is an energy rich statement.


Tal Ben Shahar, a Harvard professor and author of Happier says that to be really deeply happy, you HAVE to fail more often. When you are energy poor, that is exactly what you are terrified of. We then avoid anything that pushes us into visibility, vulnerability, accountability and intimacy. It’s a poor strategy because we keep dying inside. Real happiness is elusive. Real fulfillment is always the next achievement or validation away. Energy rich, on the other hand, LOVES the dance, even when the record skips and we miss a step.


My daughter loves to dance. She is learning rhythm and she falls down, alot. That is simply part of the process of learning the dance, of living. She laughs. Then she gets up. Then she keeps dancing. That could be my whole blog. That is what Energy Rich Looks like. We love electronica and world music, so when the rhythm drop comes, she has learned to jump and pump her hands in the air. That is energy rich. It’s usually my favorite part of the day.


Energy rich says, “If Life is working for me, if God is always working for my highest good, how could this situation and challenge be for my highest good?” Ask that question and you’ll find a way. The reason is this: the questions you ask open up new quantum potentials and probabilities. It opens you to inspiration and grace. It helps you find the inner resourcefulness that underlies all true breakthroughs. The right questions, like a sincere prayer, fill your cup to overflowing with the Wine of Divine Grace. Nothing, NOTHING, is impossible in that space.


Energy rich makes breakthroughs. It has got the inner resolve, heart, and love to question patterns and break through them. It can keep its focus in life, even when it feels like there are a whole bunch of distractions. Energy rich abhors excuses and never makes them. While doing this, paradoxically, we accept and love what IS and we have an uncanny knack of accepting others where they are. Our blood pressure is lower. Our spine is softer. Our heart and chest are open. Our eyes are clear. And our skin is bright – naturally.


Energy Rich loves paradox and thrives in it. It embraces the grey between black and white.


Energy Rich can see many different perspectives and can appreciate the intrinsic value of each person. Energy rich may disagree with what a person says, does, or writes but it is wise enough to see through the eyes of the heart and love the Soul. Especially when it does not want to.


It knows that each stage of life has a different set of problems. As we ascend the ladder we just get higher quality problems. No big deal. Relax, this is what you signed up for before you came here. At least that is what I believe, and its OK if you don’t.


Energy rich has thrown away the spiritual books and false teachers who keep you addicted to magical beliefs that if you just get it right you’ll permanently reside in bliss. Energy rich is simply happy to be alive, and it knows that each “problem” we have is an opportunity to give massive props to the Love that drives this whole show. Each obstacle is a miracle waiting to pop.


Rise Up. Shine on.


Energy rich has a very empowered perspective on time. Like a great boxer it knows that timing, distance, and strategy are everything. Everything is part of a Divine Timing. Energy rich loves time and can schedule, set time-based goals, and it actually thrives on accountability. In this energy resourceful state there is deep trust that resides as an ocean of calm. Just like the ocean, however, in a singular moment of decision and it can create a tsunami of engagement and action that produces rich fruit and profound results. It invites people into its life that will push and challenge it so that it can bear fruit.


Do you think “it” is supposed to be easy if you are nice and spiritual and have a vision board and watch the Oprah network? Reality check: IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EASY. It is, however, EFFORTLESS, when we are energy rich. Heidi Grant Halvorson, an amazing social psychologist, showed in her research (at Stanford, I believe. Smart gal, so listen up) that the people that could express real fortitude, courage, and actually see their goals through KNEW AT THE OUTSET THAT THERE WERE GOING TO BE SETBACKS, PROBLEMS, and CHALLENGES. They actually embraced that BEFORE they started and had a strategy to work through them when they came. They had energy to see it through.


When you are energy rich, your heart says, “Oh yes! Bring it ON! I may not know a way, but I WILL find a way. I may not know what to do next but I MUST do this. I have courage. I am love. Lets do this.”


Energy poor or neutral states have a very hard time manifesting, fulfilling goals, or actualizing real spiritual growth. Because fear is the main emotional driver, they substitute “castles in the sky” and unrealistic expectations for the requisite vulnerability, heart, and authenticity required for a fully “rich” life. It’s a classic way of staying safe by never really having to engage. You can’t fail on a journey you never begin. However, you never go anywhere.


Energy Rich loves mastery and enjoys the process of mastery.


Energy Rich is light-hearted and loves humor. Energy Rich does not take itself, or this world, too seriously. By always seeing behind the veil of illusion what is really happening, there is a spontaneous response to life that is playful, natural, and child-like. Masterful folks who are energy super rich have a natural way of disarming the defensive posture of people by their capacity to see the good and bring a smile wherever they go. “Unless you become like little children, you’ll never experience the Kingdom of Heaven within.”


Energy rich begins when we engage and practice one singular emotion: COURAGE. Courage is the BASELINE that allows us to make a quantum leap, literally, into a whole new energy. We cannot contrive energy, nor can we think ourselves into it. Its always there, we have never been separate. However, we might have THOUGHT we were. And that is just it: the mind and its cacophony of stories, ideas, likes, and dislikes has placed a cover to the ever-present Essence of Primordial Boundlessness that is always there.


Courage avoids nothing. It faces everything.


As long as we are avoiding anything, there is not the energy to jump from the limited vision of our thoughts and stories into the true joy, connection, aliveness, and natural radiance of energy richness. As long as we believe our thoughts, as long as we keep investing in the supremacy of our identity above the Reality of This Moment, we are never truly free in the deepest sense.


So long as our focus is on our private perceptions and perspectives, the effervescent sense of luminous joy pervading all moments and all things remains illusive. To the shimmering mystic, the translucent light of reality is bubbling all the time, regardless of circumstance. Bound by nothing, awake to love, completely in harmony with reality, the energy rich sage weaves her life tapestry. At the end of her days, a luminous work of art lives on forever.


As long as we value feeling certain over feeling connected we are in a prison. As long as we value significance over real intimacy and giving, we will NEVER be happy or feel whole. However, the prison is locked from the inside and the key is in our pocket. There is a way through.


Courage is the radically important ingredient here because it transforms and redirects our focus, stokes and fans the flames of our internal energy, and helps us re-write the meaning of our life and everything that has happened to us.


Each moment we define what Life means to us. The meaning we give anything will then determine the habitual emotions we feel. The meaning we see in life is driven by the “blueprint” and inner map that are our “rules, beliefs, and stories.”


Our meaning determines our quality of emotions. If you really look at what determines our quality if life, it is the quality of our emotions and our emotional life.


These rules, beliefs and stories then define 2 things: our perceptions and our “procedures”- how we do life. They define how we feel about things and, thus, what we do and how we do it. The consistent batch of emotions we feel then influences how we think, what we say and what we do. What we DO is what creates our LIFE, our destiny, and our legacy.


If life is, and always has been, working for you, how would you change the meaning a current or past challenge has for you? What resources do you need to help you see the situation differently? What if you could embrace yourself in your situation with deep compassion and loving courage?


The more solid these beliefs, rules and stories are the more energy neutral we are. The more energy neutral we are, the more the fruit we were born to bear dies on the vine. Your sacred wine, your special gift you were born to bring, never gets out. Your love letter to the world, co-written with God, never gets sent.


We all formed ways of being and living that we thought would get us love, help us feel “enough”, ensure connection, and minimize uncertainty. Whether you know it or not, you have made pivotal decisions in your life at critical times that formed and molded your meaning. We just don’t know those old tired decisions are driving us and blocking us from a real intimacy with life.


After a while, for most of us at least, we get to a point where these concocted personas and masks are not working. In my opinion, if we are lucky, we get to a point where our limited human resources get maxed out. We are forced to tap into the ever-renewable energy sources of our heart.


How do we know if our ‘way’ is working or not? Simple: by the fruits of our life and by how much true joy and fulfillment we feel deep down. By the quality of our relationships. By the positive impact we make on the world. By the legacy of love we leave. By the feeling of well-being and warmth in our heart. By the tenderness of our compassion.


If our ‘way’ is not working, the energy rich heart has the capacity to learn the needed lessons, make changes, clean up any messes it created, make amends, and moves forward. It is grateful to God for the new wisdom. It says, “How can I use this to be more kind, more loving, to help others?”


This blog goes to everyone and anyone whose turn has come, to everyone whose time is now. To anyone who is up against a wall. To any soul who feels the Call, and knows s/he must ride. To anyone called to let your Voice be heard. To any heart that is feeling that “it” is taking to long. To any person that has been shocked with overwhelming news, To any human who feels the hurt of loss and the ache of longing, To anyone anywhere faced with massive uncertainty.


Let us walk together in courage. We will heal these hearts, we can heal this world. Its time. I love this definition of courage:



“Courage is also known as Fortitude. It is the ABILITY to confront fear, pain, danger uncertainty or intimidation.

It can be divided into physical courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, and the threat of death AND moral courage in the face of shame, scandal, and discouragement.

AS a virtue it is covered by Aristotle’s ethics: Its vice of deficiency brings cowardice, its vice of excess brings recklessness.”

Cour-age comes from the latin Cor, which means Heart. It also comes from the Old French Corage, which also means Heart.

Fuse the Heart of Courage with the Fires of Love and you will blaze a trail lit with Grace and infused with all the Support you need. Rise up.


Simple Energy Rich Solutions:


Learn and practice the amazing SRI technique. My wife Lynn is a master facilitator of this life-changing work, and you can be part of this at anytime at our office, whether you are a client of mine or not. Contact us. You can also see Lynn speak about this amazing model at Shift Charlotte March 13 and 14.


If you are a client at NWCC, Network supports your nervous system and energy system to become much more energy rich, much more coherent, and to develop the needed fuel to breakthrough whatever holds you back. We have the boots-on-the-ground experience and massive research to support our certainty in this.


Immerse yourself in one of our retreats. They are incredible. We have 1 slot left for our February 21 retreat. Our Jamaica retreat is completely full, however, we do have a wait list.


Attend a healing event with my mentor Donny Epstein. His work is unmatched, in my opinion, in its capacity to transform human beings. I also think one of the great change agents of our time is Tony Robbins and unequivocally recommend his Unleashing the Power Within event.


Eat in an energy rich way – living foods and good hydration.


Exercise your body for inner resourcefulness. There are a zillion ways to do this.


Spend time with energy rich people. If you surround yourself with energy poor to energy neutral folks, guess where you will average down to? Endeavor to average up by creating a peer group of energy rich individuals. I will have a coaching circle beginning in may that will provide my clients the opportunity to do this deeply and profoundly over one year. Find your tribe and engage.


Pray. Meditate. Engage practices that light you up spiritually and that help you integrate emotionally, physically, mentally, psychologically, AND spiritually.


Begin, and end, with compassion for yourself. All practice, as my friend Fred Lamotte says, begins and ends in the heart. Courage means heart. Live in your heart, live in compassion, and you will have courage. You will thrive, you will flourish. You will be a light in this world. You will be a certified agent of change, helping to create an epidemic of enthusiasm, heart, and wisdom.

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