All good things come to an end, and this blog series is coming to an exciting climax.

I love your feedback, so please let me know what nuggets you got from this series. For you Charlotte, NC NWCC clients, I have indirectly described the energy states of the 12 Stages of Healing and the “3 Levels of Network Care”. Each blog weaves together the energetic threads that you are experiencing at every entrainment, each SRI workshop, and every program you attend. For my coaching clients, know that we are always working to apply the different energy states into different situations so you get to CHOOSE and CREATE from your most optimal and resourced place. If you have been away from NWCC and you are in Charlotte, NC, know we are always there for you with open arms. If you are an existing client, I invite you to dig in even deeper and get all the juice form your care. Lets bring it up a few notches.

Now, put on some inspiring music and lets do this.

There is a sustainable, clean burning fuel source that can light a Fire for life. It can (and does) direct your flow forever. It creates supernovas, it has constructed this whole world, it moves the stars. It grows the trees. It illumines the sun. Its the Diamond of all Energy Sources. It is Source Energy Itself. It is Energy Super Rich. Its your deepest heart, your secret place inside. Be still and know.

Energy Super Rich is not even a state. It is Pure Being. Water may freeze, become gas, or be fluid, but its still made of the same stuff – water. By definition, states come and go, Essence does not. Love does not. This Fuel is the “force” that makes everything up, the “glue” that holds everything together. Over 95% of this universe, as far as we know, is made up of “no-thing”. It is made of this pregnant emptiness we call Dark matter. To me, that is God. To me that is Love. If you don’t like the G word, substitute your own word. And if you don’t like the spiritual leap I make, that is OK, too. Science is showing us that there is an intimately connected, infinitely creative, immensely powerful, and inspiringly purposeful Universe in us, as us, and around us every nano second of our lives. We are the cresting wave of evolution itself. Wow! This is what the mystics of all religions have been saying for thousands of years. We are waves in that ocean, and thus we are made of the same “water”. We are made of the same dynamic, living Divine DNA.

You have felt it in your deepest moments of awe. Your most potent movements of Life. When you first looked in your kid’s eyes. When you fell in love. When you looked at the stars one night and you KNEW that Love was all there was. When you met obstacles and, without knowing how, you found a way. When you reached out for help. When you hit your knees and asked for help. When you chose love over fear. When you forgave. When you helped someone else. When you dreamt a wonderful dream of how to bring your gifts to the world. When you felt most alive. You got this.

In your most passionate, empowered and alive Heart there exists everything you need to meet life with dignity, grace, power, truth, growth, and resourcefulness. You have never been alone, you never will be. You may have felt alone, unloved, rejected, up against a wall, like a failure, or scared (yep, me too). HOWEVER, What you are made of, Love, has already seen it through. A way, in fact many ways and possibilities exist like quantum wavelengths just around the corner of what you can see with your eyes. Love is pouring possibility into every moment, even the darkest ones.

You’ll always find a way. You’ll find a way, because, in truth, you are not lost. You may have forgotten, you may have lost your way, but Love has not lost you. Its radically important to remember this. In our forgetfulness, we may make all sorts of mistakes, and we may get thrown far of course, but this Love will convert even that into strength, into beauty, into something Beautiful. It will convert our faults, our mistakes, and our dreams into the nature Itself. It can use anything to help you, and It can speak the Words right into you heart to you come alive and overflow. Over flow. Over flow. Over flow. All of my darkest moments, all of them, have borne fruit that has served someone else and, as a result, has brought inestimable joy. Love brings the deadness of our hearts back to Life.

I know someone reading this right now is hurting. You may have gotten news that has blown you to bits. Plans you made may have radically changed. Everything you have worked for may be challenged, shaking, and up in the air. Statistically, I know someone reading this may be on the edge of not wanting to be here. Someone reading this may be struggling to find the courage to make a change. To end a relationship. To start a relationship. To end an addiction that is destroying you and those you love. To come clean. To be honest. To make amends. Help always available. Energy Super Rich never gives up, and when in doubt, it always find a way. It always asks for help.

I know there are people reading this who are rocking amazing lives, who want to keep that fire burning brighter and brighter, on and on, world with out end. Whatever the scenario, you are still a child of God, a kid of this Universe made of the amazing vibration of Love. Despite the loud and cacophonous voices of empty materialism like Richard Dawkins and others, there is no evidence whatsoever that we live in a purposeless, meaningless random Universe. It can feel like that, at times. But feelings are not facts. Love is a fact. You do not need blue blood to receive Love’s inheritance. Your badge of humanity ensures it.

Imagine you are this fish, and you keep searching for this mysterious thing you have heard about called Water. You have heard about it in your fish church, in your fish new age books, in your fish yoga classes (down dog is down sea horse), from your fish philosophers. You began to get a concept and idea of Water. And the more of a concept of it you have, the more elusive it gets. Sure you have passing moods and moments of feeling “Oh, yeah, this is water. I just a promotion. I got religious dogma. I got 50 Facebook likes. He texted me. I got money in the bank. I got asked to speak at Shift. I got prestige, baby.” And it never lasts. It never sustains. It comes, it goes. And the older you get, the more cynical, tired, and frustrated you get. Then, a simple fish swims by you, yet you are attracted to her for some reason (and its not her Jimmy Choo flipper shoes that get you). Its that Energy of peace, of Love, and brightness, of passion, of life. There is a joy there, a kindness, an understanding you long for. She looks at you, and with her Jimmy Choo Flipper Flops, says, “Sweetheart, you are swimming in it. You are breathing it. Everything exists in it. You have never been apart from it. You don’t have to look so hard anymore, darling. You do need to wake up that heart of yours, clean it out, and get a new strategy. But, cutie-pie, the way you have been going is never going to work, because its based on a lie. You are swimming in what you have been looking for. Even the obstacles, even the pain, these were all part of Love’s individualized process to bring you back, to enable you to help others remember the Water. On with it. Oh yeah, and no whining, please.”

You can tell a tree by the fruit that it bears. You can tell a life that is tapped into Energy Super Rich by the fruit it bears. Love has an undeniable Signature. When we know and OWN the Signature of Love, you can rock an amazing, immense, beautiful, tender, loving, and meaningful life. You can surmount and transcend ANY obstacle, ANY pain, and ANY condition. More importantly, you can then give from an over-flowing state of Energy Super Rich, and we can turn this world around.

Life will, inevitably, send waves that could not only turn your life upside down, but that can destroy entire nations. If you have enough life experience, and enough honesty, you’ll know this: no one can escape the inevitable uncertainty, pain, and rough-stuff of life. No one gets away from the messiness, no matter how rich one is. Energy super rich meets all of Life with Dignity and Grace. The more life washes it down, the more it surrenders, and the more it becomes the very nature of Love itself. Energy super rich has the humility to say,” I Don’t Know what Love is. Show me. Be Me. Use Me.” And Life shows up to help you fulfill your contract, the hand shake deal you made with the Universe before you came here.

In lower energy states, our trauma can become the seeds of a story of victimhood. In the highest energy state, we don’t need safety as a core value and our trauma sows the seeds of growth, of awakening. In Energy Super Richness we know we need to Grow as a result of any challenge. Our medicine is to Give. Our healing oil of anointment is to love others and GIVE the gifts we did not get. In this Light, we realize that what we did not get in life was just as much of a gift as what we did get. Yes, I can say that. I have seen Hell. I just kept walking once I got there. I have seen abuse. I have seen intense aloneness. Heart wrenching rejection. I was labeled with a bunch of not-so-cool diagnoses. For 5 years as a kid I threw back Prozac because that is what the “doctors” said would keep me together and normal. I thought about not being here.I’ve been broke. I’ve been alone.When it comes to tough times, I have been there.

From where I stand now, those are the chapters of my life that give my work and my person meaning, heart, depth, healing and compassion. Those are the movements that make my Love Song come alive. They blew my heart open to receive Real Love, and Real nourishment. They brought me to my knees, the best place to start anything. They gave substance and illumination to my gifts. Without these experiences, I would be just another babbling fool who thinks its all about them. Energy Super Rich makes that shift in perspective and attitude possible. Energy Super Rich gives us altitude. High Up, in that beautiful altitude of Energy Super Rich, challenges don’t exert the same pressure, and we can see the big picture anytime we want.

In Energy super rich you are a beautiful bright fire. In lower energy states, you are a candle. Candles are great for what they are, but they blow out easily. Cue Elton John, “Candle In the Wind.” That song is deleted from the Energy Super Rich Playlist. Our song is the song of Pierre Tielhard de Chardin: “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of Love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” C’mon someone, please say “Yes” when you read that. I can’t see you, but I want to feel your Yes. Think of any and all obstacles and challenges in your life as wind. Wind will blow out a candle. Gone. Flash in a pan. In Energy Super Rich, wind comes and it actually fans your flames. You burn brighter, stronger, and hotter. You light anything you come into contact with. You illumine the way, and anything that is not made of Love is burnt away leaving the luminous glow of Real Presence. The ashes of that which is burned away become the fertilizer for new and amazing growth – fields and forests of bountiful life. I am not saying you will avoid pain and feel great all the time. At all. I am saying you will be made new and you will flourish. You can be truly happy. You can over flow. Unending Flow.

There is an unmistakable fragrance that follows the Energy Super Rich – Joy. The fragrance of Joy. Its better than any essential oil, better than the most expensive perfume. Joy. A Joy that lights up the world. This is what draws people to the Dalai Lama, whose joy emanates like a blazing fire even the face of some of the biggest loss and injustice. Joy is the hallmark of the great teachers and awakened mystics. Joy is resilient, joy is resourceful, joy finds the humor and brings the good news. Joy is not fake, it knows all to well the challenges of the world, but it will never trade its joy, it will never lose its smile. This joy is the clear and pure fuel that energizes the mystics. Energy Super Rich folks know their joy IS THEIR JOB. They don’t wait for teachers, gurus, books, healers, or therapists to light them up. THEIR JOY IS THEIR JOB and they OWN THAT. They may use healers, helpers, and coaches BUT THEY KNOW THEIR JOY IS THEIR JOB. Any “teacher” or “healer” who wants to claim that for you is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Energy Super Rich may bring with it many gifts such as healing, intuition, charisma, abundance, the ability to see hearts, even miracles. One amazing quality of Energy Super Rich is its quality of Humility. Lower energy rich states hanker after the effects of Love, rather than surrendering to Love to let Love do what Love wants to do. Lower energy states get stuck on the shiny gifts and want them for its own egoic ends, but in Energy Super Rich we simply serve Love for the sake of Serving Love. We say yes to life 100%. The most powerful visionaries and healers I know embody this capacity.They are remarkably simple branches plugged into the big Vine of Love. They know the Fruit is effect, not cause. As a result, they stay an empty channel for Love and Peace to keep flowing. Energy Super Rich is always more concerned with the Love behind all forms, all gifts. Its happy when the gifts are there, and its OK just being a force of kindness to the person sitting next to him on the train. This simple act of surrender amplifies the Joy in any circumstance.

Energy Super Rich knows the role emotions play. We don’t wait “until we feel like it” to take action and live. I did not feel like writing this blog today. Yet, as a servant of Love, I step up to what I am called to do because I promised I would. Now, after the fact, I am feeling pretty stoked. We don’t wait for life to be perfect to serve, to love, to give, to grow up. We don’t wait to finish our so-called “healing journey” to be happy. We make decisions, we make commitments, and we SHOW UP again and again with patience, integrity, passion, and Heart. Our emotions help guide the process but they don’t define the experience. Love is not a feeling. Its a center of gravity that has the maturity, depth, and joy to stay in the game and see it through. Love is fundamentally trustworthy, love is wholly kind. A person lit up with Super Rich Energy is defined by her character, not her fleeting feelings. Paradoxically, this track of thinking always leads to more sustained joy and positivity. It also builds a stellar character and leaves a sweet legacy.

That is it for me, my friends. I love you all, know that Lynn and I are always praying for each of you and sending you waves of Love, wherever you are. If we can serve you in anyway, do not hesitate to reach out. Keep dancing, keep serving, keep showing up. and REMAIN ROOTED in Love.

Dr. Matt Lyon

Charlotte, NC

Chiropractor and Life Muse



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